Episode 59

By Kebby NG

Sharon quickly moved away from him and adjust her clothes while Jasper raised his head to see the person that just ruined his golden moment.

“Holly Molly” Jimmy exclaimed as he held Tia. ” Learn to knock Jimmy” he scolded

“I did but you didn’t hear it, I don’t blame you anyway” he said. “What are you doing here in the first place? You should be in your room trying to get some sleep or already asleep” Jasper scolded

” I was trying to get some sleep when this little devil so loud that earthquake almost happened” he said raising Tia a bit but quickly brought her down since her weight was too much for his little arm.

“The earthquake didn’t happen did it?” He asked and Sharon glared at him but he was too busy staring at Jimmy who was struggling to hold the baby properly.

If the earthquake happened would they be in the house or alive.

“Thanks to me it didn’t, and while I was trying to calm her down to were busy getting frisky with aunt Sharon” he said and Sharon’s cheek flushed red.

How could she have let him touch her in that manner? She even mo@ned, goodness. she said she will never mo@n for him but it didn’t take long for her to break her word.

Now Jasper will have something to tease her with, the last time she cried because of wedding rings, he made her remember that moment every possible chance get gets.

“Frisky? Who taught you that?” Jasper ask. ‘like father like son, I guess’ Sharon thought.

Jimmy lost balance of Tia and she started crying. On hearing her voice Sharon turned around, she has been facing the bed board ever since Jimmy barged in.

“Give her to me” Sharon said as she moved to the edge of the bed. Jimmy gave her the crying baby who stared at Sharon’s farmiliar face with a smile which didn’t last long before she started yelling again as her way of saying ‘I’m hungry’.

Sharon was about to bring out her breast to feed her when Jasper sent Jimmy who was watching Sharon out of the room.

“What are you staring at? Go back to bed” he said and Jimmy rolled his eyes before turning to leave but stopped half way.

“Dad when next you want to go down town, inform I and aunt Lena in advance that way we will know that Tia is our responsibility for the night” he said ran out of the room before his father can scold him or anything of sort.

“Where on Earth did he learn those things?” Jasper wondered out loud.

” From you” Sharon answered, “I am sure you are worse than him when you were young” she added

” I was the most responsible kid then” he said, proudly while Sharon scoff. He noticed it and ask. ” You don’t believe me?”

“No I believe you were responsible for your parents hypertension” she said and his jaw dropped finding her unbelievable

“I…” He stopped when he was short of words.

Sharon gently remove her bb from Tia’s sleeping mouth and she reacted to the act by shaking her head but Sharon quickly cooed her back to sleep.

She stood up and walked towards the door. “Where are you going? Don’t tell me you are now scared of being alone with me” he teased

” No way, I am taking Tia to her room” she replied before walking out of the room.

Jasper smirk as he remembered what happened between them few minutes ago.
Sharon walked back to the room to meet him smirking all alone.

“ Are you possessed?” Sharon inquired. “No why will you think like that?” He demanded

“Why are you smiling all alone? You look like a possessed person” she said and he groaned inwardly. This woman just can’t keep her mouth shut, can she?. Even I doubt that.

“So now that you have gotten your kss using force, mind giving an answer to my question?” she utter as she sat on the bed

“What do you mean by ‘I used force’? I didn’t force you, you even mo@n” He reminded

She guessed right, he will torture her ear for a few days. Anyway, she should just get him to answer her before going to sleep.

“I didn’t, something must be wrong with your hearing” she replied and he chuckle. “Is it with my hearing or your memory?” he query

“I don’t need you too” she snapped. “Okay. Bit I definitely heard a mo@n, Jimmy could have heard it too, should I call him as a witness?” he ask

“Do you have to go that far?” she wondered. “Yes wifey, I should clear your doubts” he said

“whatever” she rolled her eyes and he chuckle. He yawn streching his arm wide, “I suddenly feel sleepy, let’s talk about it tomorrow morning, wifey” he said before getting under the duvet.

“What are you talking about? You can’t suddenly be feeling sleepy” she said and he raised his head to stare at her.

“Why can’t I sleep? ”he ask. “Because you haven’t answered my question” she answered.

“Ohh that” he pretend to forget. “I will give you an answer tomorrow morning, good night wifey” he blew a kss at her which she moved out of the way as a way of telling him, she isn’t interested in his kss.



“Good morning sir” Janiece greeted Aiden whose gaze was fixed on the screen in front of him.

“Morning” he replied quickly, he seems to be doing something important. He has been trying to find Sharon since he returned from Ben’s house.

He isn’t sure if she is in Jasper’s house and not to cause commotion if he happens to go there. He is trying to find her first then he can use that as an evidence that he isn’t in the wrong place.

“Are you okay? Didn’t you get enough rest? You still look tired, you can take the day off I will handle things” she said with concern and he shook his head sideways as a way of saying no

“But you don’t look okay sir? Do you need to visit the hospital? If you are scared of hospitals we can just call a doctor to come over” she said

“Thank you Janiece, I am fine. There are some files on your table. I need five copies of it, so get to work” he said before returning his attention to his laptop

She was just worried about him and he is acting as if she is behind his predicament. It is not like she asked her to listen to Sheila and not use his own brain.

After staring at him for few seconds, Janiece turned around and walked away to her table.



Sharon was alone with Tia in the living room when Jasper wheeled out of the room. She was busy playing with the baby that she didn’t notice how he dressed, he was dressed in suit which indicates that he is going somewhere.

“ Boss the car is ready” one of his guards said and Sharon raised her head with a puzzled look.

What car? Is he leaving the house? He’s got to be kidding her.

“Going somewhere?” Sharon asked, sarcastically. “Yes” he answered and Sharon chuckle.

“ You have no right to leave this house” she said. “ And why is that? Or are you going to miss me that you don’t want me to leave, you shouldn’t worry too much, I will be back before you know it and then you can stare at my face all you want” he said

“ Stop jumping into conclusions” she snapped. “ I am not going to miss you and I don’t care if you don’t return today” she added

“ How sure are you? It will be cold at night without me, you know” he wink and she stared at him with disgust

“ With a lot of duvets, I doubt that” she said, “ Don’t be too sure. You needed me the last time you were cold, duvets couldn’t help” he said

“ Whatever you aren’t leaving unless you give a reasonable answer to my question” she said standing up to block his way.

“ I can’t believe I am getting married to superwoman” he said judging from the way she’s standing

“We are going together but you should remember to bring an invitation card” he added

“ Why will we need…?” she stopped talking when she realized what he meant, he won’t tell her the person but take her to him/her.


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