Episode 42

By Kebby NG

Jasper received a notification and checked his phone. He immediately looked at Sharon. He stared at the phone again and stared at Sharon. “What did you do to the files on my table? The ones in my office,” he asked with a slightly annoyed look.

Sharon froze. Oh no! When she was bored in his office earlier, she had messed with the files on his table. She immediately laid on the bed and pretended like she had fallen asleep.

“Dmn it! Sharon, I know you are not sleeping. What did you do to my files!? Do you know important they are?,” he asked her.

“What are you talking about? I don’t understand,” Sharon asked. Just then Lena came in and looked suprised to see the current situation.

“Jimmy, what happened? Why is brother looking so worried?,” she asked.

“Well, they were arguing about wedding cakes. Aunt wants to get a chocolate cake but dad wants a fruit cake. I don’t know how wedding cakes turned into what happened to my files,” Jimmy explained.

Lena looked at them. What did sister in-law do this time? Jasper sighed. Why is she so troublesome, rude and yet attractive at the same time?

And the worst thing is that he can’t even do anything to her cause of her current condition. But he can still punish her indirectly. So he stirred his wheelchair to the bedside drawer and poured a cup of water for her.

“Get up and use your drugs,” he told her as he moved closer with the tablets of drugs in his hand. Sharon opened her eyes slightly and almost fainted when she saw the amount of drugs in his hands.

She immediately shut her eyes tightly and even began to snore so he can think she is really sleeping. Jasper smirked and said,“Those fake sounds won’t work. But I would love to hear your bedroom voice instead.”

Sharon’s face turned red with blush immediately. This stupid, shameless man. How could he have said that in front of Lena and Jimmy?

“I hope my future wifey bedroom voice doesn’t sound like that of a frog,” Jasper continued as soon as he saw that her face is turning red with blush. Meaning she isn’t sleeping.

Sharon felt so embarrassed. She really wanted to sit up and slap some sense into his blockhead. But she can’t risk it when there are drugs involved.

Jimmy looked confused. He looked up at his aunt Lena and asked,“Aunt Lena, what is bedroom voice?” Lena almost choked on her saliva. She couldn’t help but glare at Jasper.

How dare he say that out loud when a child is in here? How is she gonna explain this to Jimmy cause the boy is extremely smart. He won’t just take any explanation.

‘I think this is the point where we leave the couple in their love bubble. I can’t risk Jimmy hearing more words like bedroom voice from his shameless father,’ she thought.

“Honey, your father will explain it to you later,” she told Jimmy. Yes… Since he is the one that started it, he should be the one to answer.

“But for now, let’s leave. Come with me. I want to show you something,” Lena continued as she led him away.

“I’m gonna give you just five seconds to get up from that bed or you will see what I will do,” Jasper threatened her with a smirk.

‘ What is he gonna do?,’ Sharon thought curiously as she stubbornly refused to sit up or open her eyes.



“Mom! Dad! Why is the house so silent? That stupid security guard will be sacked for not greeting me when I came in. I will just tell dad first,” Ben mumbled to himself as he walked around the mansion.

He checked his parents bedroom and was surprised to meet no one. He didn’t even see a single servant. What the heck is going on? This is so scary.

He was just about to go to the second wing of the mansion when he suddenly heard a cry. He walked towards the direction of the sound and was surprised to meet Sheila crying.

He was even more shocked when he saw her face all swollen and red. “Oh! My! God! What happened to you? Where is mom and dad?,” he asked as he tried to help her up.

“Sha… Sha… Sharon,” Sheila stuttered still crying. Ben frowned and asked,“Did that b*tch show up? Is she the one that did this to you!? That crazy bch is really daring.”

Fool! He already jumped into conclusion. Sheila hurriedly grabbed his hands and shook her head sideways. Ben now looked confused.

“She didn’t do anything. But you mentioned Sharon just now. Sheila, why don’t you just tell me what is going on!? I can’t help you if I don’t know what is going on,” he told her, looking so puzzled.

“Jas… Jasper Madon was here,” she dropped the bombshell and Bell looked stunned for a while. But then he quickly recovered from the shock.

“Why didn’t anyone tell me? I could have been able to sign a deal with him,” Ben said but as soon as he said his last statement, he remembered the company no longer belongs to him.

Sheila sighed and explained everything to him. As soon as she finished, Ben looked even more stunned than when he heard that Jasper visited the house.

“You guys abducted Sharon and beat her up! How the heck did she become Jasper’s wife!!?,” Ben exclaimed. The news is very shocking. Wasn’t Sharon in love with Aiden so how did she meet Jasper? How is she suddenly his wife?

“But why will Jasper take away our parents just because of that wench?,” he uttered. He felt extremely bitter at the fact that Sharon must have known Jasper even before she left.

So all this while that he has been finding a way to get a contract with Jasper, she just kept quiet. Why is she so cruel? If she already had Jasper, why was she hell bent on destroying Sharon and Aiden’s relationship?

“He was very angry. I’m scared he might kill our parents and it will be all because of that b*tch. What does he even see in her?,” she asked. That question has been resounding over and over again in her mind since they left.

“First, let’s go to the hospital. We need to treat your face. Then we will deal with that bch,” Ben said.

When they got to the hospital and the nurses were attending to Sheila. He was a little pissed off by the fact that he is the one here and not her useless fiance.

So he brought out his phone and called Aiden’s number. When he didn’t pick up, he called his office line instead.

Janiece looked at the telephone that kept on ringing. Boss isn’t in his office right now. He just left the office now. She waited for a little while but the phone didn’t stop ringing.

So she walked to Aiden’s table and picked the call. “Hello,” she said so sweetly. Ben froze as soon as he heard the familiar yet distant voice. His heart beating frantically.

“Who is this?,” he asked hoarsely. He suddenly felt his throat tightened. He doesn’t know why but he suddenly had difficulty talking.

“Hi, this is Janiece. I am Aiden’s secretary. He is not in the office right now,” she said. Ben couldn’t speak. He stood still, completely stunned.

Just then Aiden walked in and Janiece smiled when she saw him. She stretched the telephone towards him and said,“Boss, someone wants to talk to you.”

She gave him the telephone and walked out of the office. He smiled in return and collected the phone.

“Hello, this is Aiden Kings. How can I help you?,” Aiden asked.

Ben immediately frowned. “Who was that lady?,” he asked, ignoring Aiden’s question.

Aiden also frowned when he heard Ben’s voice. What does this guy want? “Are you talking about Janiece? Why are you asking about her?,” Aiden replied.

As soon as a nurse passed by, he remembered why he had called in the first place. “I called you to tell you that your wife is in the hospital,” Ben told him.

Aiden’s frown deepened. What is he talking about? “What are you saying? The last time I remembered, I was never married so which wife are you talking about?,” he replied.

“Sheila is in the hospital.”

“Hospital! What happened? Is the baby alright?,” Aiden panicked. Ben couldn’t help but frown. This fool is only concerned about his baby. What about his sister?


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