Episode 43

By Kebby NG

“I’m gonna give you just five seconds to get up from that bed or you will see what I will do,” Jasper threatened her with a smirk.

‘What is he gonna do?,’ Sharon thought curiously as she stubbornly refused to sit up or open her eyes.

“One… I’m already counting. It is better you sit up now,” Jasper warned but Sharon didn’t answer. She wants to see what he will do.

“Two… Three… Four… I am still giving you time to sit up now…. Sit up while I’m still in a good mood,” he said. Sharon resisted the urge to roll her eyes. Why does he like bluffing so much?

“Five. Your time is up,” he said and then Sharon could feel the other side of the bed sink in. Her heartbeats quickened cause she knew Jasper got into bed. She almost screamed when she felt his strong hands wrapped around her waist.

He pecked her hair and whisper – yell into her ears,“I gave you enough time. Now time to receive your punishment.” He slowly turned her around. By then, Sharon couldn’t resist from opening her eyes to look at him.

She was a little bit shocked when she saw the strong look of desire on his face. He looked like he wanted to devour her. She gulped in fear. Jasper pat her hair and slowly stroked her cheeks that doesn’t look swollen like before.

He then bent his head and brushed his lips against hers. Sharon couldn’t say a word. She was entrapped by his charm. He smiled as she stared at his lips. She is probably whining inwardly with the way he is teasing her.

Well, this is his punishment to her. Jasper kssed the side of her mouth. Sharon moaned softly in protest as he raised his head again. Why is he acting this way? Jasper laughed softly.

“This is what you get for disobeying me,” he told her and Sharon pouted sadly. He bent down and kssed her finally as he also couldn’t keep away any longer.

When he pulled apart, she was completely breathless. Her eyes half closed as she gasped for air. Jasper waited for few minutes for her to catch her breath before claiming her lips again.

He will continue kssing her until he is satisfied. That is her punishment. Next time, she won’t dare to disobey his orders. Hmm… Jasper, I’m waiting for you to realize how wrong your thought is.



“What do you mean by that? Aren’t you even concerned about my sister at all?,” Ben asked, feeling very angry. How can this fool act this way? What did his sister even see in him in the first place?

“Is the baby alright or not? I just want to know so I won’t worry unnecessarily,” Aiden replied making Ben even more infuriated.

“So my sister isn’t important huh? I made a mistake by calling you. You are an idi©t!,” Ben shouted.

“Yes. I’m an idiot for falling in love with someone like her! And I refuse to be an idiot anymore,” Aiden replied before cutting the call.

Ben almost smashed the phone. This guy is really the worst. He walked into the hospital to check up on Sheila.



“Now, it’s time to take your drugs,” Jasper said, spoiling the romantic scene. Sharon pouted and looked at him pitifully.

“But, I don’t want to take it. The drugs are so bitter,” she whined.

“But on a serious note now, you need to take the drugs so you can get well soon,” Jasper said smiling as he stroked her swollen lips.

Sharon frowned and didn’t answer. She didn’t reject or accept. She only refused to talk to him. “Stop sulking like a baby. Just use the drugs and I will ask someone to get all the chocolates you want,” Jasper promised her.

Sharon’s eyes shone with happiness. “Really?,” she asked him suspiciously. Cause he is a really sneaky fellow. “Yes, I can even give you a natural chocolate right now if you want,” Jasper answered her.

She quickly looked around. “Where is the chocolate?,” she asked him with an anticipating look. “It is right here,” he said pointing to his lips.

Sharon looked confused at first then she realized what he meant and lightly hit him on the chest. Jasper laughed softly. “Doesn’t it taste like chocolate? My lips are the most natural chocolate you can ever get,” he told her.

Sharon only glared at him. Then he made her sit up and he also sat up before taking the glass of water. He threw the drugs into his mouth and drank water.

“What are you doing? Why did…,” Sharon couldn’t finish her words cause Jasper covered her mouth with his. Her eyes widened as she felt the bitter taste of the drugs.

That was how he fed her all the drugs she was supposed to take. Then he finished it with a lingering kss. “No need to ask me anymore. I will just feed you with my mouth. That way we can share both the bitterness and sweetness together,” Jasper told her.

“There is nothing sweet about drugs,” Sharon retorted as she made a gagging sound like she wanted to vomit.

“Well if you didn’t notice, kssing each other is the sweet thing about that drugs. Perhaps you should take drugs everyday so we can get to kiss everyday,” Jasper uttered cheekily and Sharon glared at him.

If he wants to take drugs everyday, he should do it and not involve her in it. Jasper snuggled towards her when he saw the look she is giving him.

Meanwhile in the sitting room, Lena and Jimmy were busy making preparations for the wedding diligently.

“Aunt Lena, if aunt Sharon gets married to dad, does it mean I have to call her mom?,” Jimmy asked and Lena nodded.

“Yes my honey, you have to call her mom. What is wrong? Don’t you want to call her mom?,” Lena asked a little bit worried.

“No, that’s not it. What about mom? How will she feel when she hears about the news of dad and aunt Sharon’s wedding? Do you think she will come back home?,” Jimmy asked and Lena smiled.

“Jimmy, don’t get me wrong but your mother is never coming back,” Lena said and Jimmy looked sad.

“Why? Does she hate me and Tia?,” Jimmy asked and Lena wanted to seriously beat up her irresponsible brother. When he should have told Jimmy the truth, he chickened out.

“Of course not. She loves you two so very much just like Sharon loves you. Jimmy, your mother is dead. She is in a better place now. One day, you will get to see her again,” Lena explained softly.

Jimmy nodded. By the way his dad looked heartbroken that day, he already knew something was wrong with his mom.

“Jimmy, are you okay?,” she asked him worriedly and he nodded with a smile.

Lena received a notification and as soon as she checked her phone, she showed Jimmy the design.

“Wow! Aunt, the design is really beautiful,” Jimmy exclaimed as he stared at the wedding invite.

“Yes, it is just a sample. Once your dad and Sharon fix a date for their wedding, we will get the design. Jimmy once we get the design, who should we send it to first?,” she asked excitedly. She really can’t wait for the wedding.

Jimmy thought of it and his face revealed a mischievous smile. “Let us send it to doctor Ann and her family,” Jimmy suggested. ‘Let’s see how she will react?,’ he thought.

Lena frowned and asked,“Why?”

“Cause she is very kind. She treated aunt Sharon nicely so she should be among the first person to be welcomed to the wedding,” Jimmy replied smugly.

He has always seen the way Ann looks at his father. The wedding invite will teach her to stay away.

Lena nodded to her explanation. She received another notification. It’s from Jasper. It says,’ Where is Cole? I forgot to ask about him?’

Lena couldn’t help but smile. The lovebird completely forgot about him. She quickly replied,’ He left as soon as Ann left.’


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