Episode 45

By Kebby NG

“But the ring is too expensive. I can’t let you buy something as expensive as that for me. The guilt won’t let me enjoy wearing it,” she told him.

“Don’t feel guilty. I can’t let you wear inferior things. The nation’s husband wifey shouldn’t be looked down on by other people,” he told her.

Sharon blinked back the stupid tears almost spilling out. This is stupid but she actually feels touched. When Aiden had gotten her a ring, she was extremely grateful that he got her something simple.


After their breakup, that night…. No one knows about this but she actually google searched the prize of the ring.

Imagine her shock when she found out the ring was a fake. A fake ring! He actually thought so low of her. As if he knew she would accept anything as long as it is from him.

He really played with her emotions well. He thought of her so low that… that he couldn’t find anything else but to propose to her with a fake ring.

She couldn’t control her emotions so she burst into tears. Jasper looked at her feeling suprised. He quickly dropped his iPad not even caring where it landed as he rushed forward to pull her into his warm embrace.

“Ssh… Sssh… Stop crying. What did I do? Is it about the ring? Hey! Stop crying… Wifey…. Don’t blame me. That was the least expensive ring I saw,” he tried to pacify her.

This is the first time that she has ever received such genuine kindness. That too from someone she doesn’t expect it from.

Jasper felt totally helpless. He is completely clueless on how to pacify a crying woman. He doesn’t know how to pacify her but he knows that his heart tugs painfully with every sad sound she makes.

“Thank you… Thank you,” she cried as she clung onto him. Jasper was puzzled. Why is she saying thank you for making her cry?

“Will you please stop crying now?,” he pleaded as he planted kisses on her hair. “I can’t stop. The tears just keep coming… I don’t know why,” she cried.

Jasper felt like if she doesn’t stop crying, he might soon join her in the crying game. Just then Lena knocked and walked in with the wailing Tia.

Jasper was stunned. Please you two just stop crying! His ears are gonna burst soon. Lena looked at the crying Sharon then at Tia. Did this two plan it?

“Brother, why is sister in-law crying? What did you do to her?,” she asked Jasper who shivered when he saw the dea.thly stare she is giving him.

Hey! Don’t look at me that way. I’m innocent.

“I did not do anything. I was only showing her our rings and she burst into tears. I swear I didn’t tell her anything,” he said with a sincere look.

“Sister in-law please stop crying. You shouldn’t be crying in your condition. Get well first,” Lena said as she walked closer to the bed.

Sharon nodded and Jasper immediately gave her a handkerchief to wipe her wet face.

“I’m sorry I made you worry. I was just grateful,” Sharon told Jasper with a cute pout. Jasper immediately pleaded,“Next time when you are grateful, show me with a kss instead. No need to cry. I almost had a heart attack.”

Sharon looked at the cunning man. Kss… What a stylish way to ask for a kss? She just ignored him and turned to Lena.

“Please, bring baby here. Thank you for taking of her,” Sharon said and Lena gave her the baby.

“Sister in-law, don’t talk that way. I’m just doing my job as a good aunt,” she answered.

“You are welcome to leave now,” Jasper immediately dismissed her rudely. Sharon and Lena glared at him.

“Shut up,” Sharon told him before turning to Lena,“Please, I’ll have to trouble you again. Don’t let that little brat go to bed on an empty stomach. I’ve realized he falls asleep easily. Let him eat something before going to bed.”

Lena nodded to indicate okay with a smile. As she turned around, she thought of it. Was this what Jimmy was talking about? Sharon is one of a kind. She couldn’t imagine anyone else other than Sharon as her sister in-law.

As soon as Lena left the room, Sharon cooed at the baby but Tia didn’t stop crying. “Hmm… Seems like she is hungry. Jasper would you please help me pull off my shirt so I can feed her,” Sharon requested.

Jasper swallowed as he nodded even though she couldn’t see him. He gently help her remove her shirt and couldn’t help but wish this was happening in another situation.

You know? That situation whereby the couple want to do some sensual stuff. I don’t want to go into details. That time is gonna come.

Jasper stared as one of Sharon’s plump and beautiful bbs escaped from her b.ra. His eyes bulged as he watched Tia who latched her tongue tightly on the tip.

He couldn’t help but wish he is the one sucking the beautiful pink tip instead of Tia. Sharon looked at him when she noticed that he is silient. She surely wasn’t expecting to see the strong desire in his eyes.

“What are you doing? Jasper, why are you staring at my bbs that way?,” she asked even though she already know the answer.

He looked at her and just spouted what came into his head,“Let’s get married tommorow at the registry office.”

“What!!?,” Sharon was shocked by his request. What is he saying?



Alex stared at the phone. So many minutes have passed but he is still staring at the message. He walked to the window of his penthouse and stared the busy city below.

He has everything he has ever wished for but why is there this empty space in his heart? What is the thing that he has been hoping for, wishing for, longing for but can’t have?

He closed his eyes and immediately opened them when he saw his old self been beating by Ben all because of her. Just because of her. She didn’t leave his heart all this while.

She stole his heart and now there is no place to occupy another woman. He knows she and Ben separated due to some unknown reasons but where is she? Where has she escaped to?

Does she know… Does she remember that there is this one person that would never ever stop loving her?

He looked out with determination in his eyes. He has enough influence now to find her and ask her out properly for a real relationship.

He brought out his phone and immediately typed back. ‘Boss, I need your help. I want to search for someone. I need to find a missing person. That is my only request.’

He laughed as soon as the phone showed sent successfully. He could have requested for something much more better. Something that is worth it but he would rather look for her than acquire something he doesn’t need.

“Alice, wherever you are, I’m gonna find you and bring you here. I’ll show you the haven I have carefully built just for the two of us. I will pursue you properly this time without any hindrance,” he mumbled as he looked out and down at the fast moving cars.



Meanwhile somewhere in the same city, Alice rolled and tossed on the bed. She finally sat up with frustration in her eyes. Why the he¢k is it difficult for her to sleep tonight?

She walked to her mini kitchen and took out a cup and made coffee. She drank it and thought,“Really, Janiece… Why this night of all nights? Why did you suddenly develop insomnia tonight?”

She drained the cup and walked to the tiny room next door. She walked into the room and went to the bed. She smiled as soon as she saw him sleeping so peacefully.

She brushed his raven black hair and kssed him softly. He slowly opened his eyes and murmured,“M..Mom.”

She smiled and hugged him as he stretched his hands towards her. “Baby, go back to sleep. Mom didn’t mean to wake you up.”

“I love you Mom,” he said before falling asleep.

“And I love you too. You are my little hope. The one that kept me going all these years. Go sleep honey and have sweet dreams,” she told him.

Seriously! I’m gasping in suprise… A boy child! A freaking child! Alice has a child! A secret child apparently. Will the mysteries in the story ever end?

She put him back to sleep. Now that I’m looking closely at this boy. He should be like Jimmy’s age or just a little bit younger than Jimmy.


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