Episode 47

By Kebby NG

“Asher! Do you hear me? You don’t have to act like you heard them. Just ignore. One day your dad will come back home,” Janiece told him.

Asher just ignored her again giving her that familiar cold attitude. He probably got that too from his real father. Why did this naughty boy inherit so much bad habits from his father and couldn’t even inherit just one good habit from her?

He might be sweet. He might act sweet sometimes but he is actually the definition of a little devil. He can actually be a little devil when he wants to be.

“Okay, I got it. But please can you just condone yourself today. I don’t want to receive any news. Please pity your mother and behave like a five years boy for once,” Janiece said.

“Mom! I told you it’s six. I’ll be six years old soon. Just in a few days. Why do you always forget?,” the boy whined.

Janiece sighed. What earth have she done to deserve a mini version of d’vil like this? Don’t get her wrong. She loves her son. She really loves him but the way he behaves sometimes makes her really frustrated.

Hmm… I think this is like Jimmy’s second. Am I right? Jimmy and this boy will really make good friends. Hehehe, I just had an idea. Let us make it happen but in a funny way.

Janiece led him to his class and then waved goodbye at him. As she left, she sincerely hoped he would behave for once and not get into any trouble.

As soon as Janiece left, Asher looked around with boredom in his eyes. He looked at the children crying, screaming, shouting and talking lazily.

He yawned in boredom and lazily walked into the class. The other children parents couldn’t help but look at him and compare their children to him.

‘Why can’t my son just be like him for once?,’ one of the mothers said.

‘Yes, I don’t know why he is always crying anytime I bring him to school,’ another said.

‘His father got angry yesterday that his son is being lazy about going to school,’ someone spoke up.

On and on they chattered and soon the children could hear what their mothers are saying. The few wise ones among them understood what their parents were saying. They all turned to look at the new boy with a glare.

How could he make their mothers praise him like that? Meanwhile the girls in the class all looked at him with dreamy eyes. Look at these small children. Already having crush at their age.

Some even started bringing out chocolate bars to give him. Seriously! Where did these small children learn this from?

The class diva that is currently the most beautiful girl in the class went to meet him with a beautifully decorated chocolate in her hands.

The boys in the class that secretly likes the girl all glared at Asher. “Hello, are you new here? You are welcome,” the girl said with a sweet smile. Asher looked up with a frown and looked at the girl standing in front of him.

She looks short… Well he is also short but the girl is slightly shorter than he is. He looked at the chocolate in her hands and his frown slowly dissipated. He acts loves chocolate since chocolates are his favourite.

She smiled when she saw that he is staring at the chocolate in her hands. “I… I brought this for you,” she said and he smiled revealing the deep dimples in his cheeks.

Really! I think the kids in this story are much more wiser and matured than their age. Are there really children like these in the real world?

“Thank you,” he told her sweetly before collecting the chocolate. The girl just stood there staring at him as he peeled the chocolate wrap.

The other boys immediately formed an angry association as they glared at him. They made plans of making him pay in the playground later.

It seems like Janiece wish for Asher not to get into trouble won’t be fulfilled. Asher scooted over so the girl could sit beside him completely oblivious to the glares he was receiving in class.

Other girls stared at the chocolates in their hands wishing they were the first ones to walk to him and offer him chocolate.

Asher and the girl who later introduced herself as Carrice automatically became friends just because of that chocolate. She was fascinated by his cute dimples cause it is rare to see someone with two holes in the cheeks.


Later during a break period, the teacher took all the children out to the playground to have fun. Asher sighed as he followed them. He thought that perhaps is there way to write an exam and get double promotion or triple promotion cause this class is too childish for him.

On the way with the other children to the playground, some boys blocked the pathway preventing him from moving forward. Asher looked at them and recognized some of them as his classmates.

While others looked unfamiliar and even older than him. Can you imagine the naughty children went ahead to call their brothers who are on higher classes?

“Is this the boy?,” one of the older boys asked and his brother nodded.

Asher looked at them coolly wondering what the he¢k is going on. He whispered,“Mother, don’t blame me if I get into trouble. I was just on my own and they came asking for trouble.”

The boys heard him murmuring but didn’t hear what he was saying. They thought that perhaps he was saying something bad about them.

“How dare you!?,” one of the older boys shouted and Asher looked at him confused.

“How dare I what?,” he asked coldly. The boys even became even more infuriated with the way he was speaking. Why is he acting so haughtily to his seniors?

“Which family are you from? Who is your father?,” one of the children whose father is a minister asked.

Asher sighed. Why are these kids so nosy? “Why should I tell you that?,” he replied.

“Are you scared to talk cause you are a nobody,” someone said and others burst into laughter. Asher’s small hands rolled into fists. He tried to control his anger cause of his mother that had pleaded that morning. If it wasn’t because of her, he wouldn’t tolerate this sht.

“Can’t you talk?,” the boy shouted as he poke his chest roughly. Asher gasped in pain as the other boys laughed heartily.

“Hey! What are you doing!? Why are you bu.llying a junior?,” the boys abruptly stopped laughing as they heard the arrogant voice.

They all turned to see Jimmy who had a huge frown on his face. Do you all remember one time when Jimmy had gone home and complained to Jasper that a boy had him up?

Yeah! The boy is also the son of the minister who is currently bu.llying Asher.

Jimmy frowned as soon as he saw the boy. That stupid troublemaker. What is he up to again!?

“Why are you being so nosy? Mind your own business and get out,” the boy told him rudely. Jimmy ignored and went over to Asher. He looked at the shorter boy and asked,“Are you okay? Did they do anything to you?”

Asher smiled and replied,“They won’t dare.” Jimmy chuckled at the fierce look on his face. He looked at the boys surrounding them and thought that even if they want to fight back, they are clearly outnumbered.

“When I say run, make sure you run with me. Let’s get to a safe place where teachers are?,” Jimmy told him. He isn’t willing to get beaten today.

Asher looked at him coldly. He actually thought this brat came to help him. Who knew he is also a coward? Well if he can’t help, he can fight them all by himself.

“Why do we have to…,” he tried to talk but Jimmy suddenly held his hands and shouted,“Run!”

The next thing he knew, Jimmy already pulled him and he had no other choice but to also run.

The boys of course chased after them but Jimmy and Asher bumped into a teacher who looked at all them suspiciously.

“Why are you all running? Why are you pulling him Jimmy?,” the man asked with a narrowed eyes.

Jimmy quickly released Asher’s hands and faced the teacher,“Mr Justin, we were just playing hide and seek.”

Asher looked at him. So the coward’s name is Jimmy. What a good name that suits a coward like him!.


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