BELIEVE SEASON 2: Episode 31-The End of SEASON 2

[you’re my heart’s crown๐Ÿ‘‘]

ยฉ adesola adeomowole.m.
Settings; nigerian-drama๐ŸŽบ๐ŸŽป


the queen collected water quietly from Ebere…
oh my god,she watched me from head to toe!.

say something about me…
am really going cr@zy.
do I have infections!!.

Lotanna saw it with his eyes,I just moved back and smiled happily.
finally,my efforts didn’t go in vain.
I almost died fetching water 202times but i remembered no one will bury me if I do.
I smiled.

“huni open up”the queen said and move the cup to his lips.
he didn’t talk,he closed his eyes and did not open his lips.
“but you have to drink water”she said again,
he didn’t open his eyes.
what am I still doing here?.

“thank you ma’am” I still said to the queen before leaving.
Ebere followed me quietly.
“don’t tell me you risked your life for that powerful sacrifice, what if you didn’t make it back”she said.
“now am here” I said.
“you really tried but jokes apart, I can’t really try that” she said,
I laughed.

“and do you have issues with the queen,see the way snubbed you there” she said.
“did she snubbed me? I can’t remember her doing that” I said and pretend as if i didn’t know what she’s talking about.

“and I must commend your voice”
she said..
“Daรกlu(thank you) but first I need to get a sleep” I entered the maids quarter,I felt so refreshed as I covered up myself.

no way to speak with Lotanna,
I forgot my phone in his bathroom.

I enjoyed my sleep until Ebere woke me up,she said the queen calls for me..
“what did I do again??
I watched my face twice
then I left.

I met her in the throne room where she was sitting.
“long live my queen”I hastily knelt down..
“good morning moth…ma’am”
I sturtled,I remembered she warned me about calling her “mother”.

“good morning Ife”she responded.
I got so happy.
aaaah I will smile throughout today cos she replied my greetings.

“I will be asking you few questions” she said avs I nodded.

“firstly,what exactly do you want with my son-Lotanna?”she asked.
I stayed quiet.
“and you were the one at the unveiling party during his runaway show at banana island”she said.

“you still didn’t answer my questions, what exactly do you want from my son”she said.
“nothing” I shakes my head lowly..
“the dream in which you imagine marring him,do you know what it is called–
you know who and what my son is or have you forgotten you’re nothing”
she said.

I took my lips in,
as I look at the ground intently.

“no,I didn’t forget and I do not dare dreaming of marrying your son.My mere presence there is wrong and then touch his cup to give him water…am very sorry my queen. If punishment is my reward then am ready for it but please Ife mustn’t go back to her step mother” I said.

“no one is sending you back to your stepmother-
Lotanna already made a wish for you to remain here but do not trespass”
she said,
I nodded.

“now,you deserve a reward for saving my son tell me whatever thing you want and I will do it for you willingly. should I build you a house,buy you a land–do you want me to get you educated abroad…..whatever”
she said.

“thank you ma’am…but am really okay like this”I said.
“its impolite to reject gifts from elders”she said.
I smiled.
“thank you my queen but you see those things,I don’t need them and I didn’t help your son so as to get all those things and I might not even get comfortable having those things because it’s not my money in used in making them.

if there’s anything I want,it will be for you to always respond to my greetings.If you can do that,I will be very happy” I said.

A maid came in.
“she will attend to you” the queen said and left.

I followed the maid whose name was Amanda.I got many gifts from the queen,I had to take them all since she said it’s impolite to reject things from adults.

I took the gifts in,
chioma was the first person to exaggerate.The girls knew what would happen next so they surrounded me,there were like 15.

I shared everything among them and kept most shares for ngozi.
“thanks”dumebi said.
“I love this” Ebere said.

Jesus,I still need to sleep…the queen even ask Mrs okafor to cut my work short and she said I should always come to meet her whenever I need something.

Adanna’s p.o.v๐Ÿ™…๐ŸŽค๐Ÿ™…
I hastily ran into olamma’s house without knocking,
her mother quickly pulled away from a man…
ohh my god!!! were they trying to make out??

I turned my back avd covered my face…
this is going to hurt olamma so bad, her mom is seeing another man from her father and even had the gut to bring him to her husband’s house!

“Adanna wait!! she said.
the man already tied the rope of his trousers..

“umm where’s olamma?”I quickly changed topic.
“she just left for the market to get new dress for the feast,I heard the prince is healthy again” she said.

“okay” I said avd wanted to leave.
she dragged me back.
“what you saw….wasn’t anything, you can’t tell olamma,will you?”she asked
“I will just pretend as if I didn’t see anything” I said.
then I left..

I headed to the market,
the exact place she used to buy clothes.She was even coming.
“Adanna,hi” she said as she got to me…

“Akuna has sent me to you,it is very urgent—“.
I was still saying,
then something soo dirty landed on both olamma and I..

sooo smelling water!!.
what’s this!!!
we were now both soaked with the dirty water someone poured on us.

we turned,it turned out to be ngozi.
“am sorry,I don’t know you were coming”ngozi said.

“chineke eeeeehhh!!
I smelt my body,what type of water is this that smells so bad!
ohh my goodness we look so dirty.

“my new clothes, ngozi you will buy another one” olamma screamed.

Chinemerem,a very fat girl turned.” you this girl have started again, no wonder your leg bend like what I don’t know….
You were at fault and couldn’t even apologize properly” she said.

“and how does that concerns you oye asiri(gossiper) did the water touch you?”ngozi faced the fat girl.

“ain’t you a wtch already!!
olamma shouted.

“your mother who looks like a masquerade is a bigger wtch, anuofia….oya flush away in front of my mothers store,I won’t tell you what I will do when next I see those two crayfish bended legs parading here..
Jobless goats….” ngozi said.

Olamma fummed,
snapped at her and left,I followed.

Adeifeโ™ฅAdeifeโ™ฅ p.o.v๐ŸŽค

the chattering from my fellow maids made me open my eyes,i had just returned from ngozi’s place not quiet long…

“the seven days feast will be starting tomorrow,its in that seven days the prince who will be our next king will search for his queen….
hmmm but who will be the future queen….” I heard dumebi.

she has started talking to me recently and does not always backbite me like before…I wonder what she sees in me that makes her have a change of heart towards me.

“umm Ife,have you selected what you will wear–“Ebere said.
“I trust her,she always dress best” Vicky said.
“shey you will buy cloth for me” Rhoda the youngest of us said.

I smiled.”cloth for what party?” I ask.

“don’t you know the journey of lotanna’s kingship has begun… although he still doesn’t know, I don’t know how the queen is planning to make him agree” dumebi said.

I checked time,
it was time for me to deliver meat sauce for nkem…why did I slept so much…
I left for the kitchen and hastily prepared it the way he always want it then I dished it into two sets of plates and placed it on a tray.

his wine!!
I opened the freezer and saw the brand,then I carried the tray and headed to the prince empire.

I passed Lotanna’s suite door,
I looked at his door,
female slippers….

The door opened and Akuna walked out like the world his hers,
my eyes widened.

she wore a pink princess regilia but it was very very exposed, she held her phone then deeped her leg into the white slippers.

“do and return from where they sent you….you have something to do for me”she said like I was nothing, even the queen doesn’t talk to me like that in as much that she doesn’t like me.

I bashed my lashes and approached nkem’s door.
“did you just eyed me?”she said.
“and are you just seeing it that my lashes are naturally long” I replied and went were I was going.

I met the queen and greeted her,
she answered wholeheartedly.
I felt relieve,there’s a change in the way she now speak to me.
I will just try more to let her know that not all people who are called abomination are bad,
I still want her to see me as good.

finally,I attended to nkem.
then I went back to Lotanna’s suite door so I can attend to Akuna.
“is that maid?”she asked.
“yes”I replied and opened the door.

She already took off her princess jacket and was left in the inner wears
it was very very short…

is this a simple visit?.

“I want those beads counted,then you arrange my hair”she said.

count beads…is she doing this intentionally?

“did you hear me at all?”she asked.
“what did you say?”I replied.
“are you deaf?”she asked.
“am sure you are not having problems with sights…can’t you see my ears”I replied.

“do you know who you’re talking to?” she asked.
“of course…Akuna! I scoffed.
I could see the queen through the door, cos it wasn’t locked.

I quickly move to Aku back and start arranging her hairs.
soon someone approached from the stairs…Lotanna!
I already know the sounds of his walking steps.

“excuse me”Akuna says and pushed my hand away from her hair.
she walk upstairs until she met with Lotanna who was coming down.

“my love, are you okay now?”
I heard her…
I didn’t get to hear the rest of what the said as Lotanna didn’t come down again.
only Akuna came to sit.

I continue arranging her hair,
Lotanna came down 30mins later, that was when he saw me.

he had a yellow band aid dipped in his hair then wore a gold colored tracksuit with a little glittering earring on one ear,
then a pretty gold slippers.

he watched me quietly from my hair to the nails of my toes,
I quickly look away as our eyes locked and continued Akuna’s hair…

say something obim….
am really going cr@zy.
or did you perhaps realize am not your class???

he moved out and quietly close the door…
oh god๐Ÿ˜ฑ.

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