BELINA (Tender Beauty) Episodes 6, 7 & 8

BELINA (Tender Beauty) SEASON 1

*****EPISODE 7*****

She was terribly worried cos she had
promised to call around 10pm when she was sure that her father would be asleep to
conclude on d time they would carry out their plan
Belina had explained everything to Prisca and even though Belina
didn’t like being a burden, Prisca had been able to successfully
convince her that moving in with them was the best option. She
had always wanted her around since she was the last born and also the only unmarried child of the house. She had become lonely and Belina being her best friend had visited a couple of times and she had enjoyed her company immensely.
She had
talked to her parents and they had supported their plan. She looked at d time and
noticed that it was almost 12midnight and she became more
worried. She contemplated
calling Belina father in order to stylishly ask for Belina’s whereabouts but cancelled it immediately, then she picked up her phone and dialed Tony.

I opened my eyes and the
building I found myself started changing colour. It was after some minutes that my sight
regulated. The room was very dark that it took sometime for
me to see anything important. I remembered my abduction and made sure I was completely still.
I heard a snoring sound ahead of me and carefully as I could, I traced d sound and was not surprised when I found two guys.
I remembered that I was drugged but it is either that d drug was not so powerful or that
God made me with extra tire for a time like this.
I noticed that they were fast asleep and I tried to stand up but
my legs were unstable. I gathered all d will inside me and pushed my weight up. I swayed but didn’t dare fall for
fear of giving myself away. I noticed that my shoes were gone and I didn’t bother about it. As I tip toed out, I saw my bag extremely close to one of d guys and making a cross sign, I
bent to pick d bag. As I was lifting d bag, it mistakenly hit d guy lying beside it & I
froze. The guy turned and to my relief, he changed position and continued his sleep.
I creaked d door open and it made some funny sounds that I
expected that someone would have woken up but I did not hear
anything. I sneaked out of d place with my heart in my mouth,
hoping that there was no one outside and glory be to God, I found myself running towards
the road within seconds bare footed.

Tony walked around d hospital checking on patients. After he left
Richard, he had gone to d hospital cos he was doing night today. Thanks to d little sleep
he had gotten during d day, he wasn’t feeling dizzy.
As he was going round, he saw someone that looked like Richard but dismissed it. When he passed by Richard’s office and met d light on, he knew he must be in there. He opened d door
without knocking and saw Richard sitting on his chair going through some books.
“what are u doing here?” Tony
asked clearly surprised.
“Exactly what you are doing here”, Richard replied and said,
“I need to check on the patient in ward C. I was just coming from
there and would be going there in the next one hour to ensure that he is still stable”
Tony stared at Richard for some minutes, sighed and sat down.
“You are putting yourself into too much stress Rich,why are you doing this to yourself?” he
“I am not doing anything Tony”
Tony stood up and walked up to Richard; “you need to stop blaming yourself for what
happened to Tonia. Look at yourself, you look drawn and stressed out. You need to sleep”
he said sympathetically.
Richard hated sympathy so he flared up,
“I don’t need to sleep. I actually need to remain awake cos closing my eyes would
only compound my problem, and please, stop fussing around me, I
am not a kid. I can take care of myself”
Tony sighed and made to leave.
“Tony” Richard called.
Tony looked back at Richard.
“I am sorry, I am just tensed up”
Tony nodded and just as he made to leave again, his phone rang, he looked at d caller.
“Prisca?” he said looking
surprised. He looked at d wall clock and noticed that it was almost 12am. He sat down back and picked the phone.
“Sweetheart?” he called
“Tony, I am sorry to disturb you” Prisca said.
He sensed something odd in her
voice and asked, “Are you ok?”
Prisca explained everything including the fact that Belina
would be forced out of the
country by dawn if they did not
do something about it. Tony
listened attentively and when she
was through, he said, “Can you
sneak out of the house without
being seen?”
She replied in affirmative and he
said, “ok, I would be there in
fifteen minutes max. I would call
you when I get to your street.
Please honey stay inside your
compound and not outside, I
would pick you up and we would
go to her house. We would
discuss how we are going to get
her out on the way”.
“Thanks darling, I am sorry for
the inconvenience”, Prisca replied greatly relieved.
Tony dropped the call and
Richard started his own round of
questioning. Tony explained
everything to him and Richard insisted on following him. After convincing him that his would be more useful in the hospital, he set out.

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