🍷(living the life of my twin sister)🍷

Written by bella writes☺☺☺

Chapter 12✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

💭natalie pov 💭
“No ryan,no,you cant just force this upon me”i said starring at him

“Why all this nat,just a few week ago you were willing to marry me”he said

“That was because you were ill and i dont just want a marriage of this kind,i want a big wedding,to be married in church”i said trying to find for an excuse

He pressed his wheel chair and it moved towards me

“I promise you that we will have a chruch wedding,where you will be dressed in white and treated like a royal queen but as of now lets still get married now,i want to know that you are mine for good”he said holding my hand

I wanted to pull away but his hold was strong

“I wont take a no from you nat,its either you marry me or i use force and you wouldnt like it if i do”

“Ryan dont do this,you dont love me and you must certainly know that i dont,lets still wait a bit”i said

“So you can run away again right?well you wont be given that chance and besides we dont need love for a marriage to work,as long as there is good sex and i remember we are quite compatible in that right!”he said

“That wasnt m……..”

“Its enough nat,we are going into that room and we will get married,so now go before i make Chris carry you into the room”he said

Chris was already moving forward ready to do what his highness say

“Its fine,i will go on my own”i said going into the room with him coming behind me

If i should tell him the truth now,am sure that he wont stop at nothing to destroy my parents life and also mine because have been lying to him

So its best that i shut my mouth,that would be for the best,i thought

Soon the wedding began,we exchanged vows and i signed some document which is the prove binding me to ryan for good

“Now you are my wife,mrs lawrence”he said starring at me

Just hearing him call me by his name made me feel trapped

I went out of the room,i had to be alone or i might just do something crazy

💭ryan pov 💭
I stared at the ring in my finger and i felt so happy

Knowing that natasha is now my bride and that she is all mine alone has made me feel so very happy

But where is she?i thought as i pressed the wheel chair button

Chris had escourted the men that married us and so they wouldnt be watching her

“Nat,nat,natasha where are you?”i said as i rode around the house

I found her at the terris,she was seated on one of the chair and had a her earphone in her ears

Just seeing her got me relieved,i moved with the wheel chair and touched her arm

“Cant i just be alone for a while “she said to me

“Are you angry at me”i said

“Why wont i,you just forced me into marrying you”she said looking so hurt

“And whats so bad in doing that,you are my fiancee right ?”

“Yes i am but i was expecting something different and not this”she said

“Are you sure you were expecting something different or you were trying to run away”i said

“I wasnt trying to run away okay i…..”

“dont you lie to me,have tod you already nat,i hate lies”i said

“Then fine,i give up okay,i will tell you the truth,the truth is that i………..”

“Your highness,weve got the car ready “chris walked in

“But i havent told you that am going out”i said

“Its her highness,she asked me to prepare the car for her”he said and i turned to stare at her

“What?do you expect me to stay locked up in here”she said

“Is this some sort of way to escape cause i tell you,if you try it,i will find you no matter what place you hide”i said and saw her flinch

“I wont try to escape and besides arent you going to have your guards watching me”she said

“Of course they will,so better not try anything,i mean it “i said and she gave me a stare before walking and through it all,i could not stop myself from starring at her little shapely bottom

“Chris get the car ready”i said

“Are we going out too?”

“Yes we are,we will be following my wife,i want to know what she is hiding”i said and chris nodded and went to get the car ready

I had a feeling that nat is going to meet someone…..and who it is?i will know soon

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