🍷(living the life of my twin sister)🍷

Written by bella writes🙂🙂🙂

CHAPTER 14✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

I sat feeling tensed,just by being near him,i could feel the tension in him

He hasnt even stared at me since we drove out of the restaurant

Well its time i break the silence and make everything running through his head clear

“Ryan i……”

“You still love that guy right,tell me something if you still loved him why stay with me at the hospital,why reassure me that everything would be fine when you are planning on going back to him,why make me feel loved by you?”he said

“Look its not what you think,i can explain……”

“Explain what?i saw you coming out of the restaurant with that guy”he said

“Believe me,i never went there to see him”

“Oh just stop with your lies”he said cutting me off

And that got me angry,why wont he believe me and why am i even explaining myself to him

I dont owe him an explanation,not now or ever

“Fine think whatever you want,i dont owe you an explanation,not after forcing a wedding upon me”i said angrily

“So thats the issue right?because i forced you into a marriage you dont want and the first chance you get,you run to your lover”he said

“Fine since you wont listen to me,then yes,he is my lover and i went back there to tell him about the wedding you forced upon me”i said angrily

“You wouldnt dare do that”he said

“Since am nothing but a liar you can as well believe it”i said

And suddenly i was pulled to him

For quite a while i wondered where he got the strength to pull me to him

“I might be an invalid thanks to you but i wont let you and that good for nothing lover of yours make a fool of me”

And before i could guess what he was about to do

He kssed me,though i tried to push him away but he was strong

“You just finished kssing your lover and now you kss me”he said

“You kssed me first ”

“And you kssed me back,isnt that being two timing “he said

“Am not being anything an…….”

“Its enough,i dont want to listen to more of your lies”he said as the car stopped

While the guards got him out of the car i went into the house,feeling so very angry

Angry at paul for kssing me ,angry at ryan for not believing me and angry at myself for kssing him back

Why did i let that happen,whats wrong with me,i thought as i got into the room only to find a maid packing my stuff

“Whats these?”i said

“Its the order of his highness”she said

“What do you mean by his order?”i said

“I dont know anything your highness,all i know is that i was asked to pack ever of your belonging”she said

I went back downstairs only to see him by the door

The guards were also taking out his suitcase

“Whats going on”i said angrily

“As you can see we are moving?”

“Moving where?”i said

“To my country,where we both belong”he said

“What?isnt that so soon and besides ,i havent even told my parents about it “i said

“Or your thinking of ways to get away so that you can meet that lover of yours”he said

“Why wont you just…….”

I couldnt finish my words when he pulled me and i fell unto his laps

“Let me go”i said

“No nat,i wont ever let you go,iwould rather confine you in a place where you wont ever set eyes on that darn lover of yours because you are mine,mine and mine alone”he said woth fierce possession

And i found myself getting scared and excited by it

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