🍷(living the life of my twin sister)🍷

Written by bella writes🙂🙂🙂

CHAPTER 17✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

💭natalie pov💭
I felt so angry at ryan for accepting kate offer

Doesnt he see that she is doing all this to get close to him,to take him from me,i thought

‘Was he ever yours ‘a voice taunt me making me realize what i just thought to myself

“He is not mine and for as long as he want,he can have kate do whatever he likes”i whispered to myself

“I wonder what Natasha is doing”he said

I took a deep breath and went inside,they all starred at me as i walked in

“There is the queen herself”kate said sarcastically

I took a seat beside ryan and ignored them

Afterall i was hardly part of the family

“We were just talking about my therapist my dear”he said as he held my hand

“Kate would be his therapist for a while,hope you dont mind”the queen said

“No i dont mind”i said though i felt so angry saying it

“Well then its settled,am officially your therapist and dont worry,i would help make you back to your perfect self ryan unlike some people who likes to ruin things and wont do a thing to restore it back”she said

And i knew that those last words were meant for me but i didnt say anything

Soon the food arrived and i ate in silence while the three chatted

I felt odd,i felt like a stranger who is in their midst

“Whay do you say my love”

On hearing that last part i turned to them,i wasnt paying much attention and i didnt know what they were talking about

“Dont tell us you havent been listening to us”the queen said

“Sorry i was miles away”i said and i could feel ryan gaze on me

“Tell me what you were saying”i said

“There is no need for that,chris am done for the day”he called and soon his guards appeared to take him

“You just love to ruin my son mood”she said angrily

“I didnt do a thing to ruin his mood your majesty,if he is angry,then thats his own problem”i said

“He shouldnt have married you,your not fit to be his wife”kate said angrily

“But he chose me and not you,so face up to it and leave me alone”i said getting up and leaving the dinning room

Angrily i got back to the room to find ryan on the bed

I had forgotten that i will now be sharing a room with ryan for as long as i live here

“Finished thinking about your sweet paul”he said

“Am not in the mood,so quit it ryan”i said

“And you think am in the mood”he said

“If you arent looking for a fight why mention paul”

“Thats because its paul you were thinking of”he said

“I wasnt thinking of paul,when would you stop talking about paul”

“Its until you get him out of your system,until you realise that am the one here and not him”

“While i have to bear with kate right?”

“What does kate have to do with this now?”

“It has everything to do with her,why pick her to be your therapist”i said

“Oh so that is what have been bugging you?jealous right?”

“Oh just forget it,am going to sleep somewhere else,i dont want to be close to you at all”i said

“Come back here natasha,your place is right here with me and besides i need my wife to help me change “he said

“Why dont you call kate,she would be so willing to help”i said as i began to walk off angrily


On hearing him scream,i turned to see him on the floor

I quickly ran to him holding him up

“Are you crazy ryan,you could have killed yourself”i said

“If that would be the only to stop you from leaving then that would do”he said

I got him back on the bed and i was about to get up when he pulled me back

“Dont go natasha,please stay”he said gently starring at me

I saw the old ryan,the sweet ryan that had been charming and caring while he was at the hospital

“Ryan i……”

He pulled me close to him and held me in his arms

“Dont say no nat,please”he said as he helped me on the bed

“Ryan i……”

“No nat,for once in a while,we arent fighting,let it be like that for a while more”he said as he kssed me making me forget everything else and seeking for more of his ksses and probably his love

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