🍷(living the life of twin sister)🍷

Written by bella writes🙂🙂🙂

Chapter 18✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

💭natalie pov 💭

Never have i let any man get close enough to do this to me

He will be the first and i definitely like it,no wonder natasha had given herself to him

He began to unbutton my shirt when reality came

I suddenly pulled away from him,getting up from the bed

“Whats wrong nat?”he said as he starred at me

“I cant?i just cant do it”i said not starring at him,i didnt have the courage to look at him

I knew that if he saw my face,he would know that i still want him and he would try to use that against me

And i dont want,i dont want to sleep with him when i know that his heart belongs to someone else and that person is my twin sister

“Why cant you do it,we had both done it before,remeber right?you and i in the gard……”

“I dont want to remember that”i said

Just thinking about him in natasha arms got me feeling so furious and jealous

Knowing that he slept with natasha first got me feeling so heart broken and jealous

What is wrong with me?why am i feeling jealous ,i thought as i kept starring out of the window

“Okay nat,we wont do it if you dont wat to,just come back to bed,please “on hearing him say that

I felt my heart melting,all i want to do now is to stay in his arms but i know that if i do it

He might lose his self control and sleep with me and then he would find out that am a still a virgin and the whole secret will be out

“No ryan,i would rather sleep on the couch”i said

“For God sake nat,just come back to bed,i wont touch you if you dont want me to,i just want you close to me,is that too much to ask”he said

I turned and stared at him,i knew he meant his words,he wouldnt touch me if i didnt ask for it but i was much scared of myself

“Please love,come to bed”he said those last words and i found my will dissolve

I went back to the bed and layed on it and he pulled me to lie on his chest

“You fool,you think i would force myself on you?”he said laughing gently

“That goes to show that you hardly know me “he said with a note of saddness in his voice

“All we ever do is fight,i wonder when we would ever be able to talk freely abd tease each other “he said

“You can tell me more about yourself”i said

I found myself wanting to know more,have virtually married a stranger and he is right i hardly know the real ryan,time i get to know him more


He talked about himself for quite a while and at some point he made me laugh and i also got to know ryan a bit

“So tell me about yourself,i would love to know what makes you tick “he said as he kssed my forehead

If he knew just what that kiss did to my whole body

“There is nothing much to tell”i said not wanting to talk about myself ,i wonder what natasha had told him

If i told him something Natasha never did then it wouldnt match and he wiuld suspect me

“I agreed for Kate to be my therapist because she needed at student to work with,so if your thinking that i agreed for her to be therapist to spite you then your wrong”he said suddenly

“Why are you telling me this?”i said

“It is because you are my wife and before anyone else ,you should be the first in my life”he said

I felt so overwhelmed by his words,it was then that i knew it,i love this man,have fallen inlove with him,i thought to myself

“Can we start again nat?”he said suddenly

“Start again?”

“Yes,let us live and accept each day as it comes,i wont think of anyone and you wont think of anyone too,i will be your first priority and you would be mine too,i will make you happy and you will make me happy too,can we do that for each other ,lets both forget the past and begin the future together “he said

I so much love this man,i thought happily and without thinking further,i agreed to his plan

“Yes ryan,lets start over”i said and he pulled me close

“When i start my session with kate,i want you there with me,is that alright with you”he said

“Yes it is”i said feeling so very happy

Hoping with all my heart that it would all go well

dressed in only my swimming trunk ,i waited by the pool for ryan to arrive

Am quite happy that i would get to have this time alone with him

That lousy natasha keeps on having fight with him and am sure that she wouldnt show her face at his session with me

And so i would use that chance to get close to ryan,to show him that he is missing a lot by choosing to be with that foolish girl than by being with me

I plan to seduce him with everything have got and within time ryan would be eating out of my hand,afterall no man have ever resist and ryan wont be the first

The door opened and i turned around hoping to see ryan but i saw nat,she was also dressed in her swim trunk

“What are you doing here?”i said

“Its quite simple,am here to be with my husband “she said


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