๐Ÿท(living the life of my twin sister )๐Ÿท

Written by bella write๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

CHAPTER 19 โœŒ๐ŸปโœŒ๐ŸปโœŒ๐Ÿป

“You heard me kate,as from today i would be attending the therapy session with my husband”she said as she walked in

I couldnt help but to notice her figure in it,she looked so gorgeous but not as gorgeous as me, i thought

“But ryan never told me that ?”i said

“That is to show that you arent important”she said

“Ryan didnt ask you to come,you came on your own free will”isaid

“Think whatever you want,all i know is that i came here to be with my husband”she said as she took a seat

Just then ryan along with his guard came in

I starred at his abs longingly,he was the perfect epitome of beauty

I shouldnt be thinking about that,as of now i should be finding a way to get rid of this girl

“Ryan,why is she here “i said as i quickly moved to him

“She is my wife and she has a right to be here,if you dont like it i can just leave and stop this therapy session “he said

“No ryan,am quite fine with it”i said

“Very well then lets proceed “he said as he ride his wheel chair past me

Natasha walked towards him gently giving him a kss and starring at me

I will make sure i get her out of this place,if that is the last thing i do on this earth,i thought to myself

๐Ÿ’ญ Natalie pov ๐Ÿ’ญ
“Now all you have to do is to straight out your legs”kate said as she held him upright in the water

I couldnt help but to notice that she was using every opportunity to touch his body and that got me angry

But i stood still,not letting any of my anger show

Just a while ago i had shown kate who the real boss is and if i lose my temper and cause a scene she would know that i am insecure and would try to use that against me and i definitely dont want that

I dont want to lose ryan, i love him a lot,I thought as i starred at him laughing to what kate said

If anyone should see them,they would think they are both a couple

“Why dont you come and join us my love “he said suddenly

I starred down at him and saw him starring at me

Kate was giving me a killing look,she was expecting me to say no

“Sure”i said and went into the water

“Tell natasha what to do kate,she would continue from there”he said as he pulled me to him in the water

I gave kate a triumphant smile and held my husband close to me,giving him a sweet smile

Later that day he took me out,i was quite surprised when he came to the room and asked me to get dressed

I did as i was told and we got into the car and drove off

We toured around the town in his car

He told me the history of the town and showed me around telling me that its my duty to know all of this

Afterall am his wife and also the queen,so its expected of me to know about this town

We then went to a restaurant,a posh one as it is

We were treated like a vip,never have i recieved such treatment before,i thought….

“Do you like it”he said starring at me

“Its beautiful ryan,”

“Its only right that you like it,i decorated the restaurant mysef”

“What?dont tell me that apart from being a prince and an entrepreneur your also an interior decorator”i said

“Well decorating things is part of my hobby”

“Wow,i really like that your hardworking,,some other prince would seat back and enjoy their wealth but you….you are different”i said

“And you are different,you are one of a kind nat,that was why i chose you as my wife”he said as he kssed my hand?

For a while i felt so thrilled about what he said and i wanted to spill it out that i love him but i stopped myself,i cant tell him,cause am just a liar and an imposter

Why did i even fall for him?why…….i thought as i starred at our linked hand

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