Chapter 4

Story by Adesola

Take her to the other maids”He instructed…
I walked amidst the scary guards to the other maids”

Ma’am Sariel”
Here we’ve gotten another maid”the tall scary husky guard said…
Okay, the woman said and took me…

What’s your name pretty? She asked
I’m Mariel”i said sobberly…

Mariel! She gasped on shock…
Anything the problem”I asked because I’m really shocked at her reaction.

Never mind”
I would call you pretty okay”She said..
Yes ma’am” i nodded slightly….

So tell me what can you cook”
Because Lucas’s son is returning back home,i mean he wanna stay in his father’s house for a while, so we’re arranging a feast”She explained…

Okay ma’am”
I can prepare anything” i replied her

Old pig”A lady came into the large kitchen…
Her skin were so bleached….
The mascara she used on her face made her really looked like a mon$ter…”

I wanted to laugh”
I just tried to control my laughter.

Perhaps she didn’t noticed the makeup was so bad…..

Can’t you hear me calling your name hun!!! She half yelled at Sariel

Though i was crying before,
I don’t know when i started laughing at the lady”

I laughed like there was no tomorrow”
I laughed pointing at the way the eye linner made her face looked”

I swear there’s no difference between her and a pinky doll”

How dare you laughed at Me? She shouted at me…

I kept mute and bowed my head instantly…..

You this wretched brat! She called and tried to pull my hair…
I jerked away”

Perhaps,you should go check your face in the mirror pinky doll”I fired back….
She brought out a middle sized mirror and checked herself out…


She gasped and ran outta the kitchen.

Immediately she left,
Sariel and i bursted into another round of laughter….

You should see how she looked like when she checked herself out in the mirror”I told madam Sariel while standing like a zombie who just saw a ghost”….

She laughed….
But pretty,
To be candid, you ought not to have laughed at her”She said….
Why??? I replied…slicing some lettuce. .

She’s so wicked and she will surely get back at you”She said…

Ma’am you’re being unfair,
We both laughed at her,.
So she will surely get back at us”I said.

She’s Sonia”
She’s Jeffrey(Lucas son) girlfriend”Sariel said…

Even if she’s Lucas wife,she should definitely not try nonsense with me”I said and looked up,only to find the She in her hand akinbo….

You’re moving closer to h’ll”She roared loudly….

I wanted to speak up….
But thank goodness one of the guards came in….

He bowed before Sonia”
Sir is back”
He needs to see you”he said and left.

Get me a glass of water”She said arrogantly….
I felt like $tabbing her at the back..

It’s just there beside you”I replied..
Are you not a maid”She said forming an American ascent…..

Madam Sariel pinched me”
I understand the message,
I took a glass and filled it with water from the dispenser”……

Follow me”She grimmiced….

I don’t wanna pick a fight with her, so i just had to feign innocence …..
I followed her behind while she catwalked in my front…..


⏪Jeff POV

What is he doing in my fathers house?

He stretched his hand to me”
Take it back into your pocket,i don’t need it”I said coldly to him…..

I walked away….
He’s such a bada$s”
He loves competing with me”
I know the reason for him to be present here was not just ordinary”

He just came here as a spy because i know i had many enemies”

Hi Darling! Sonia ran to me….
My eye drifted to the girl at her back…..

Our eye locked”
She Shaked in panick”
I know she remember me well”
I’m just gotta deal with her a little.


⏪Mariel POV
He’s the guy.
He’s the Jeffrey….
I’m in h’ll already.

I feel very uncomfortable now,because his gaze on me became very intense…..

Dear Mariel,
You just walked into double h’ll


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