Story by Adesola

His gaze on me was very intense and unbearable”
I bowed my head”

Here! I said to Sonia who sat beside Jeff”
The next thing, she slapped me

Can’t you add any title….”
You’re just a worthless maid”

She pushed me aside”
The glass slipped and shattered on the floor”
I didn’t say anything….

I bent down and started picking the broken glass with a broom…..

Hey bch!! Jeff shouted…
Use your bare hands” he said coldly..

It’s gonna….”
I have not finished my statement,Sonia Landed me another sIap….
You dare not question his audacity”She said…

What can i do???
I started picking them with my bare hands”
Some of them struck my hands badly…
I only cried inwardly…

Finally,i packed them finish but the bIood won’t stop coming out…
I stood up”

Where do you think you’re going to??Jeff voice broke my heart apart…
You’re not done”

Follow me!! He ordered….

My eye popped out”
We walked down the hallway…
Any work to do! He asked one of the gaurds…

No Sir”
Everywhere had been cleaned”That same husky man replied him with his head bowed down ..

Follow me!! He said to me again…

He opened a large door”
The tile were sparking white,everything in there were neatly arranged…

Stay here! He ordered with his left hand hanging in the air…
He closed the door behind him….

After about 30 mins, he opened the door back!!!

I was shocked
My bones weakened….
He had spilled sticky oil on the sparkling white tile….

My face become pale”
Clean that!!
Everything! He said and turned to leave …

My eye became sunken”
All that was in there was just sorrow and pain”

When he got to the hallway door,he turned back,making our eye locked…
I looked away and went in and started the Job”

My index finger was still bIeeding,
I managed to do the work…
I can hear the sounds of music that was been played downstairs”

The feast had started….
I’m here cleaning;;!

2 hours later,
I was happy!!!
I’m through…
I breathed in relieve….
I turned back only to see the d’vil himself”

Another work!! He said…
I swear,i felt like fainting…
Hun?? I retorted…

I’m pretty sure the cells in my body are already weakened….
My knuckles are also weak…

I gasped”
Okay”I said weakly…
Since I have no audacity to question his authority…

Just for 6 months”I mumbled under my breath….and followed him again
We’re walking on the stairs”
I followed him behind…

My foot mistakenly hit the edge of the step”
I dare not shout….”

Walk faster! He shouted..

I can’t, my foot really hurt”
Just tell me what to do and i will do it” i said weakly…

Your foot hurt you”he smirked…

Mariel, you have not seen anything… It’s very fun ordering you around…

Now, walk here and paint the edge of these fans”
I mean the edges”
It must be a neat job” he said and walked out….

I limped to where the fans were”

I managed to stand on my toe”
My hands are not reaching there at all”

I picked the nearby stool and climbed on it”
I don’t just knie anything about painting”
I was wondering how i would start the painting…

My feet was not well balanced on the stool, I grabbed the brush weakly”….

The stool started shaking”
That was when i noticed the legs of the stool were not stable”

Ohh my goodness”
I’m falling….
My eyes were tightly shut”
I’m flooding balance….

A masculine arm grabbed me”””

Jeffrey Point of view**

The truth must be told,
I didn’t move out”
I hide behind the door and watched her do the painting”

My eye drifted to the stool she was standing on,
It was not stable”
I knew it, that she’s gonna fall any moment.

I quickly moved closer to her back,
She didn’t see me”

She loss balance,
Then i grabbed her”
I watched as her long curvy lashes flapped together…..

I won’t lie,
She’s such a beauty”
Her face looked calm and innocence, just like that of an angel….

But I will still t©rture her”,…..


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