By Naomi Cindy B.


“Wow! You always defend my sis at every chance you get, how did she manage to catch the attention of a cool guy like you?

Seriously I like you” Maxwell said, and he smiled, taking a glance at Cypress who was still busy snapping Sloane.

“She’s… she’s just Cypress, she’s not fake, that’s why I like her this much” he said.

“Cooler! I like you too, just continue treating her well, she’d say yes trust me.

She might look tough but she’s actually the softest, Mell is stubborn than her” Warren winked, and Maxwell his his head.

Oliver laughed as Warren rolled eyes at Maxwell, and Maxwell giggled.

“By the way I can’t wait for the tournament, is it in a week and two days now?” He said.

“Sure, I’m anxious too” Maxwell replied.

“You haven’t started practicing” Warren said.

“Why talking like you don’t know me? I’ve been practicing for that day all my life, so I’m starting warm ups in two days” Maxwell replied.

“You’re so sure, I like your determination” Oliver said.

“That’s my bestie for you!” Warren h!t Maxwell’s head.

“Warren!” Maxwell glared, and Warren laughed.

Oliver made to talk again, but he suddenly held his chest, leaning on the table.

“You ok?” Maxwell and Warren asked at a time, and he faked a smile, standing straight.

“I’m fine” he said.

“Brothers!” Miguel finally joined them.

“Yo! Big boy where have you been?” Maxwell carried him.

“Devouring some ice cream inside” he winked, and Maxwell laughed, bumping fists with him.

Twenty minutes later, everything was already set on the round table, so they sat surrounding it, cracking jokes and laughing happily as they ate.

For each and everyone of them, it’s one of the best nights of their lives.



Darrell’s eyes flipped open at once, and immediately he saw he’s tied to a chair, his eyes widened, and be looked ahead to see three men parading the slightly dark room he’s in.

“Who the fk are you guys! What do you want from me! Why did you take me!! Motherfkers talk to me!!!!” He shouted, and one of them came closer to grab his hair, bending his head back before bringing his face closer.

“If you don’t wanna die before Williams comes out to kll you himself, then shut the fk” he muttered, and his eyes widened.

“Will..iams?… The Williams I know? Don Williams?” He said, and the guy let go of him.

“Did that bstard tell you to do this to me? I ran away from him once but now he captured me again?

For what? Let me go I need to get my sister before he gets to her!” He yelled hotly, and the guy came closer again.

“Wait…is it like I’ve been suspecting? You’re Larry, the bstard?” He said, and Darrel smirked stubbornly.

“Yeah, I’m Larry Williams, the bastard who ran away from him when I was thirteen” he muttered.


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