By Naomi Cindy B.


Lina opened the bag, and explosives came to view, many of them.

She sighed, and Linda came in in tears.

“Can’t believe I klled Oliver myself, he’s gonna die in two days unfailingly! It’s five days action and three days is gone!” She cried again, going on her knees.

Lina didn’t reply like she was expecting, so she faced her and saw the bag on the table.

She stood and rushed to her.

“What the…h’ll.. Lina explosives!” She screamed, shifting back.

“I’ll be right back” Lina used the gloves and carried the bag.

“Where the hell are you going with that bag! Williams gave you an assignment again? Don’t tell me you’re gonna kill someone with that!

I’m already drowning in the guilt of klling someone and you wanna do this too? No Lina, you can’t leave this house” Linda said and made to go lock the door, but Lina pulled her back and pushed her to the bed

“Ivtr gone too far to go back” she said and left the house.

“Lina!” Linda screamed, running to open the door, but she already locked it from outside.

“Lina!!!” She kneeled.

“Oliver. . Oliver please don’t die… please” she sobbed regretfully.



Dolores is the new maid staying with granny Suzy, and it’s surprising that they got along so easily, she even taught her knitting so they’re currently doing it together.

“I’m glad everything closed up so fast, they’re having fun and I can’t ask for more” she said cheerfully, checking out a sweater she just finished knitting.

“Me too, they all need the rest, by the way who owns that sweater?” Dolores replied

“I knitted it for Mima, is it beautiful?” Granny said.

“Of course! She’s vulnerable to cold so this is just the right gift for her!” Dolores checked it out.

“I knitted a gift for all of my kids though” granny smiled, bringing it all out from the bag.

She knitted a sweater for Maxwell too, exactly like Jemima’s own.

She knitted sweatshirt for Warren then a crop top for Cypress.

“A crop top for Cypress? Isn’t she a tomboy? Something like joggers would excite her more” Dolores said.

“I know, but I really want her to dress like a girl for once and go on a date looking gorgeous” granny replied.

“Aww, cute” Dolores smiled, bringing out the last things in the bag

It’s a jacket , gloves and socks.

“Heard I have a granddaughter, so I made her something for our first meeting too” granny said.

“Francesca will love these, thanks so much granny” Dolores said.

“I just wanna keep making everyone of them happy till my last days” granny replied, and the doorbell rang.

Dolores rushed to get it, and her eyes widened when she saw chairman.


“I came to see my in-law, I’m not allowed?” He smiled.

“No no! Please come in!” Dolores stepped aside, and he came in.

“Clinton” granny called him by his name, and he smiled as she stood to hug him.

“Good to meet you here for the first time, I’m staying here till the kids arrive from the vacation tonight since there’s no Francesca to play with” he said, sitting immediately they broke the hug.

“Cool, Dolores please bring some snacks” granny smiled.

“You have to knit me something too, a muffler” chairman said.

“Sure, how much are you willing to pay?” Granny replied.

“Billions?” Chairman said, and they laughed.


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