By Naomi Cindy B.


The doorbell rang again, and Dolores rushed out of the kitchen to check.

“It’s the plumber” she said when she saw the masked face and gloved hands plus bag then face cap.

“Oh, lead him to the bathroom” granny replied, and Dolores led her in.

“Plumber?” Chairman said.

“Yeah, Cypress’s bathroom shower head is misbehaving, he’s here to change it” granny replied, and chairman nodded, giving the plumber a suspicious look.

Dolores got to Cypress’s bathroom with the plumber and faced him.

“Here, you only have to work on the shower” she pointed at it, and he nodded.

Dolores left immediately, and he removed his mask, turning out to be Lina.

She looked around and unzipped her bag, bringing out two explosives which she planted in the bathroom.

It only took twenty minutes to fix the shower head.

She wore her mask again before leaving the bathroom, planting the explosives as she walked out of the room.

Granny and chairman are still chatting downstairs while Dolores is still busy in the kitchen, so she had all the time in the world to do everything, reaching every corner.

She planted everything then stuffed the bag with clothes from Cypress’s closet before leaving going downstairs.

“My son transferred the pay to your account before he travelled” granny said.

She only nodded before leaving the house.

She drove away in her car that was parked far from the house, and she stopped it after driving for three minutes.

She removed her mask and inhaled, waiting to hear the blast.

After exactly ten minutes, the sound of the explosion reached her ears, and she sighed, getting her phone to go online.

Within twenty minutes, the news of the explosion filled Paris.



“Max you clocked 45M! Max!” Jemima rushed to the beach to show him her phone screen.

“Just 5M left” he smiled, and she jumped on him, hugging him tight.

“I love you more! I love you more! I love you!” She gushed, and he giggled, hugging her back.

He carried her and swayed her, making her scream.

“They don’t get tired of PDA” Warren said beside Sloane.

They’re sitting together at the beach.

“I love PDA too” she replied, and he faced her.


“Yeah” she smiled, and he returned it, staring back at her eyes as the air blew her hair.

“Do you wanna go on a date with me after this vacation?” Oliver suddenly asked behind Cypress, and she jumped.

“Oliver! Stop scaring me at every chance!” She held her chest, and he chuckled.

“So…I asked a question” he replied, and she smiled.

She was about to answer when the kids came running in tears.

“Granny! Grandpa!! Dolores!!!” Francesca cried madly, scaring them all as she ran to them with Miguel who was also crying.

“The house!!! Fire!!!” Miguel screamed too, and their eyes widened at once as their hearts jumped into their throats.


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