By Naomi Cindy B.


The street is having a fair, so it’s so full that night, with people and various kinds of food and snacks, both national and international, then games and muses.

They started with the foods, having everything they find delicious at every stand while cracking jokes and laughing.

They even fed each other before giving up on foods, having the best time of their lives before moving to games.

They’re both so good, so none won against another till they got tired of games and went to the fireworks spot.

They stood with the crowd and began staring at the sky, waiting for the beauty show to start.

Cypress was focused earnestly on the sky, smiling as she stared.

Oliver changed his view to her, and she did too, smiling wider.

“What?” She chuckled.

“I love you” he said, and she turned fully to him.

She held his face and kssed his lips lightly.

“I love you too” she smiled, and his eyes became drowsy as she held her face this time, kssing her deeply.

She immediately felt his hot temperature on her skin, but she counted it as a sign of his tiredness.

She knotted her hands on his sides, kssing him back.

At the same time, fireworks began popping in the sky, beautifying everything.

The kss barely lasted for a minute when Oliver suddenly broke it, and tears slipped out of his eyes.

“Oliver” Cypress muttered shockingly, and when he made to talk again, bI.ood escaped his mouth instead, and her eyes widened.

“Oliver!” She quickly grabbed his arms.

“I’m….so..rry” he muttered as his eyes became bloodshot within a minute.

” Oliver what’s happening? No, tell me what’s…

” Take…good…care…my tomboy” he muttered, going down on his knees.

” Oliver!!!” Cypress screamed, kneeling with him.

That attracted the attention of others, and she held his face gently, crying already.

All this is like a nightmare to her, a horrible one she wants to badly wake from.

What’s happening? She has no idea.

How come he’s vomiting blood? How come he’s…

“Oliver, let’s go to the hospital” she said, and that was when his eyes closed slowly.

He began bleeding from the nose and ears too as he went down flat, falling lifelessly on the crowdy ground.

Cypress’s eyes widened again, and as if fate is against them, it began raining, causing everyone to start rushing out.

Oliver’s bI.ood began staining the ground badly.

She held his body to herself as she sat on the bare ground, facing the rainy sky with a wet face.



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