By Naomi Cindy B.


“Oliver…ahhhhhhhh!!!!” She screamed so loud, and the rainwater reached her throat as it dropped repeatedly into her widely opened mouth.

“Please call an ambulance! Oliver!!!” She cried again as people kept running away from the rain.

Maybe someone among the running crowd called the ambulance, it arrived shortly.

Oliver was taken from her and placed on a stretcher which was pushed fast to the waiting ambulance.

Cypress left with the ambulance, crying throughout as the medics tried hard to resuscitate Oliver, but he never responded…

“Oliver please… please don’t leave yet…Oliver!!!” Cypress shouted tearfully again when she saw that.

He remained unmoved till they got to the hospital and moved him in so fast.

Cypress had to stay by the door, crying so loud as he was attended to.

Her hair and clothes are greatly wet, and and her makeup is gone with the rain.

She looks so devastated as she held the door, hoping for a good news from the doctor.

All her life, she has always shut herself away from romance, not because she hates it, but because she saw all men as jerks who only know how to make girls cry, but now…now that she found a different one, this had to happen.

She was still crying when the door opened, and the doctor came out.

Judging by the pitiful look on his face, she could already guess what it is, she she fell straight on her bvtt.

“No!!!! Tell me he’s still alive! Oliver is not gone right?” She cried louder, and nurses rushed out to help her up.

“I’m so sorry miss, but he stopped breathing even before he got here, we only tried our best to revive him, but…” The doctor said.

“Oliver!!!” Cypress screamed again, rolling on the floor like a mad woman. The nurses couldn’t grab her as she kept it up, crying hotly.

Another doctor appeared with some papers, and when the doctor took it and read, he sighed.

“Test revealed he was poisoned days ago, and his bones got crushed already” he said.

“Poisoned?” Her eyes widened.



It’s a silent one since his family consists of just his dad and mom, he’s the only child.

The boss at the jewelry store is present too plus the other attendants.

Maxwell and the others joined too, and it was so brief but sorrowful.

His mum couldn’t stop crying, and as Cypress watched, it only made her cry more. He’s gone…for life.

“I noticed at the vacation, he was obviously not ok” Warren said sadly.

“Yeah, I remember asking him if he was ok, but he kept it in” Maxwell replied.

“I wish he spoke up then, I wish we were able to help before this happened” Jemima sniffed.

“He’s the only child, how would his parents survive this h!t, I don’t wanna imagine” Sloane said, trying not to start crying again.

“To think that it was Cypress’s first trial at love” Maxwell said as tears escaped his eyes again.

“Gawd, this is painful, he’s too nice to just die like this” he said, wiping the tears.

“Where was he poisoned?” Warren suddenly asked.

“According to the doctors, the poison can only be taken with liquid, someone must have tampered with his water or drink” Jemima said.

“In his place of work? Or did he probably go to a bar before going on the vacation?” Sloane said, and Cypress’s eyes suddenly widened when she remembered something.

She spranged up, surprising them all as she ran out of the site.


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