By Naomi Cindy B.


“Cypress!” Maxwell ran after her, but she already drove away before he got to her.

She left for the cops station and barged into the building, pushing away all the cops that tried to block her.

“Where’s Linda? Bring her out to me right now!!” She screamed.

“She’d be transported to the central jail today, so…

“Do I look I care? I must see her right now or I kll myself right here!” She interrupted seriously.

She was led to Linda’s cell, and she grabbed the metals, gritting her teeth as she stared hatefully at Linda who stood slowly.

“Cypress” she muttered, and she smirked.

“Oliver… What did you do to him?”

Linda went silent.

“The only bar he visited before our vacation was the one boss took us to for the celebration of high sales, and I can still remember going to the restroom.

Immediately I came back, Oliver drank the remaining alcohol in my cup cos he didn’t want me to get drunk, you must have poisoned the alcohol when I went in with the aim of making me drink and die, but the poor guy drank it!

Another evidence is when I met you at his place, you were literally begging him to go to the hospital with you!” She shouted, and Linda sniffed gently.

“Yes, I poisoned him”

“What!” Cypress muttered.

“It’s just like you detected, it was me” Linda continued.

“Kller!!!” Cypress screamed, trying to grab her from the cell, but her hand isn’t long enough, so she began kicking it.

“How could you bch!! He did nothing wrong!!! All he did was crush on me!!

He loved me and not you so just why!!! Why!!! Wtch!!!!” She cried loudly, trying hard to open the gate.

Even the intervention of the cops couldn’t make her stop, she’s too strong as they tried to grab her away from the net.

“File another case right now, she didn’t only kll her twin, she klled Oliver too!!” She shouted at them.

“What!” The cops said astounded.

“Yes, please kll me” Linda cried inside the cell, going on her knees as tears of regrets fell from her red eyes.


7PM, A BAR**

Cypress was already reeking of alcohol when Maxwell came into the bar, she’s insanely drunk.

He stood by the door and watched her from there for a minute before going in.

“Oh! My bro! Mell is here!” She laughed, looking up drowsily as she held a bottle of alcohol tightly. It’s her fourth.

Maxwell tried taking it from her,but she hugged it tighter.

“It’s mine, mine!” She glared, and he sighed before taking it forcefully from her.

“My bottle!!” She shouted, and he dropped it on the ground before trying to make her stand.

“Oliver” she muttered, and he stopped to look at her eyes. She was already crying.

“Cypress” he whispered.

“I miss him” she cried, and he hung her arm on his shoulder.

“I know, let’s go home for now” he said, and she resumed crying as he took her out of the bar.

Just as he was about to walk past the driveway of the bar, a car drove in, and his eyes widened as it almost hit him and Cypress.

He swiftly shifted back with her, and they fell heavily on a pile of crates with her on top.

“Fk!” He groaned, and the alcohol cleared off Cypress’s face immediately.


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