By Naomi Cindy B.


Almost immediately, the whistle indicating the start of the tournament sounded, and everyone walked out of the room including Maxwell who has pains plastered on his face.

? Whoaaaa!!!!

? Limited Mell!

? Mell!

? Mell!

His fans began waving banners of his name in the air, and Lincoln smirked cos the scream of his name swallowed any other scream.

They stood on the starting points beside the pool, all eight swimmers, and they used their spectacles immediately.

The screams continued, and they all concentrated on the pool till the gvnshot sounded, and they all jumped in at once.

Right from the first stroke, Lincoln was already leading while Lincoln followed, another four followed them before Maxwell.

He’s the number seven in the pool!

Jemima and Warren spranged up at once, including granny.

“What’s happening?” Warren muttered.

“Why is he not moving” Jemima said shockingly.

“Is he sick? Huh? Tell me something!” Granny said surprisingly too.

“What’s up with him?” Chairman stood too.

All the fans screaming his name never stopped, though it’s not loud like when it started.

Right now, it’s Lincoln and CleoSpeedy’s name echoing in the hall from the crowd, they’re still leading in the pool.

Maxwell is still lagging behind cos at every stroke, his arms hurts more, like it’d fall off his body any moment from now.

He suddenly stopped swimming, causing almost everyone in the hall to sprang up astounded.

Lincoln, Cleo and the rest started the second round already, whereas he hasn’t even finished the first.

He kept standing, and before he knew it, tears fell from his eyes.

Is this how it’s really gonna end? The trophy he promised his parents to win, the cup he promised Jemima and the rest of his family to bring home, his lifelong dream…is this really the end?

? Mell!!!

? Mell swim!!

? Please!!!

His fans began screaming again, and he removed his spectacles to look at them.

His eyes caught his family in the front first.

Expectant granny.
Anxious Jemima
Nervous Warren
Trembling Cypress
Restless chairman
Francesca and Miguel who looks sad, then Sloane who’s hoping with her face.


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