It was a Sunday hot afternoon, we just came back from church and were in the dinning having our lunch. My daddy wasn’t around, he had an urgent call from one of his business partners. We were still having our lunch of coconut rice and chicken, combined with fresh fruit juice when we heard a loud thud on the gate.

‘’who could be that hitting the gate??’’ my mum asked looking surprised

‘’mum maybe it wasn’t in our gate’’ cindy said drinking from her juice

‘’I hope so, because knock doesn’t sound friendly’’ my mum said

‘’hahahahaha mum you fear a lot’’ I said to my mum

We continued eating our food, we suddenly heard the gate keeper usman shouting seriously.

‘’ahhh ahhhh ahhh kai walahi no killi me, madan, madan, I want to killi me’’

‘’whats happening outside’’ my mum asked running out of the house while we all followed her. Getting outside the building, we saw some group of soldier men dealing with usman without mercy. Immediately we saw chelly entering the compound with a soldier man.

‘’where are the laconic lacuna’s living in this poultry’’ the soldier man who was with chelly asked.
I could see tears in chelly’s eyes, and she was looking deem and exhausted …….

‘’enough boys’’ the soldier man ordered on seeing us approach the scene.

‘’good day sir, how may I help you??’’ my mum asked with fear.

‘’where is that buffalo that impregnated my daughter, not just impregnating her but also took her for an ab0rtion now she is bleeding uncontrollably’’.

I quickly looked at emeka while fear was written over him for the first time. My mum looked at emeka and I in surprise.

‘’which one of you did that??’’ my mum asked in anger.

‘’emeka did’’ I replied.

‘’what?? Emeka how could you do such a thing’’ my mum barked dashing towards emeka and started beating him.

‘’you people should thank your stars that despite my rank in the army, am still a gentle man. I will leave chelly here for you to take care of her but where am going to deal with this family is if anything happens to my daughter. Guys lets go’’ he instructed as they all matched to the hilux parked outside the compound.

Unfortunately my dad was just coming back, he quickly made way for the armies to pass while he got down from the car heading inside the compound.

‘’whats happening here??’’ he asked adjusting his babaliga.

‘’chief lets quickly take her to the hospital’’ my mum shouted trying to raise chelly who was almost giving up.

‘’who is this girl??? Usman what are you doing on the floor, by the way who were those army men??’’

‘’emeka impregnated a girl and ab0rted the pregnancy, that was her father who just left saying if anything happens to his daughter , we are gone’’

‘’what??? Emeka oh my God…. Quickly take her to the hospital, I will be there shortly’’ my dad told my mum

‘’jake are you not coming with us???’’ Cindy asked

‘’no am not, am not the guy responsible na’’ I said with little smiles while my mum drove out of the compound

‘’emeka don’t tell me you are this useless’’ my father said in disappointment

‘’am really sorry uncle, it wasn’t my intentions doing that’’ emeka pleaded as he went on his kneels with little tears in his eyes

‘’there is no need begging me because you are living my house now and I have withdrawn to sponsor or take care of you’’ my dad spoke making his way into the house.

‘’ahhh uncle please, please, please, don’t do this to me am very sorry’’ emeka begged and ran after my dad with tears while I followed


‘’please uncle, don’t withdraw from me please.. ok let me serve you so at least you can still take care of me’’ emeka said out and his words really touched me.

‘’dad please forgive him, for the sake of his mother your sister. Remember what she told you before her death, dad please forgive him’’ I said going to raise emeka up from his kneeling position.

‘’hmmm’’ my dad sighed ‘’emeka, stand up but please let anything of this kind never repeat again’’ my dad said

‘’thank you very much, I will not do such a thing again’’ emeka said while I consoled him.

Emeka and I went to visit chelly at konami specialist hospital two days after and she was already looking very healthy and was about to be discharge. She was already conversant with my mum, emeka on the other hand showed her maximum care, she really deserve it because about three days ago the chelly I saw wasn’t the chelly I use to know………


Watching movie together as a family was very fun and interesting as we laughed aloud and other thing that included. I looked at the seat emeka was sitting on but he was no more longer there ‘’where could emeka be??’’ I thought. Soon he ran from upstairs with full speed….

‘’oh uncle, aunty guess what, oh my God am so happy’’

‘’emeka what happened,??’’ my dad asked

‘’I just saw my admission letter and I have been giving admission to study electrical and electronics engineering in UNN’’

‘’are you serious, this is very exciting come and give me a hug’’ my mum said

‘’congratulations man’’ my dad said giving him a hand shake

‘’jake what about you?? Haven’t you seen yours’’ my mum asked immediately

‘’let me quickly check’’

I logged into my jamb profile and also saw admitted medicine and surgery
‘’wow wow mum, dad, am also admitted medicine and surgery’’

‘’that is my boy, also making me proud’’ my mum said giving me a warm hug.

‘’congratulation man’’ my dad said shaking me while cindy hugged me and also hugged emeka.

‘’chief, this comes for a celebration. What do you think??’’

‘’yea exactly everyone go and prepare we are going out’’

‘’yes!!!’’ cindy shouted…..

‘’bro am happy for you’’ I told emeka who smiled and replied me

‘’same to you bro am really happy for you and for being with you’’ emeka smiled while we hugged eachother


Emeka and I were in same hostel, same room in one of the most expensive rooms in the hostel…

‘’guy university life sweet die’’ emeka said putting on his shoe

‘’bro no be say you talk, just this few weeks see grooving’’

‘’kikikiki hahaha but guy I no know say chioma razz like this oo’’

‘’how you take mean?’’

‘’you no dey see her dressings now, hot babe’’

‘’lol I dey see am na no be same department we dey’’

‘’but na nursing she dey study na’’ emeka said

‘’eh yes na medicine and nursing still dey under health science’’

‘’Oh I grab… but na malaysia money she dey chop na’’
We suddenly heard a knock on our door

‘’who is there ????’’ I asked

Oh I quickly went to open the door …

‘jake the joker’’ Paulo hailed immediately I opened the door

‘’pauloooooo…. Howfar na’’

‘’oga you never dress finish remember say we get Bio101 test today’’

‘’I know, I don finish sef oya lets go’’ I said to Paulo

‘’wait wait jake are you coming to becca’s party today??’’ emeka asked

‘’becca becca , who is becca’’

‘’mtcheew otondo you don forget anita cousin’’

‘’oohh ok I go try , if I get chance’’ I said and left with Paulo hurriedly.

Paulo is one of my closest pal since I came to UNN, he is also a medical student but studying radiography and also lived in same hostel with us. Paulo is fair just like me, gentle and smiles a lot, he isn’t that worldly but very fun to be with. He has a girlfriend chimma as we fondly called her tho they had been dating since junior school…

Paulo and I sat confortable on the 6th row since we came a bit early. Suddenly a figure entered into the lecture hall ‘’geez’’ everyone attention was on the person as her perfume perforated the whole stratosphere, with the heels she was putting on that lifted her height about 6inches coupled with her Indian gown and glasses and a brazilian wig. To my greatest surprise the person was no other person than Chioma.

‘’jezz is this really chioma??’’ I asked no one in particular as her skin were glowing

‘’morning morning morning’’ she greeted some people close to where she was about sitting when something dropped from her pause and she bent down to pick it.

‘’oh when next will I hold this a-s and rock it’’ I said to no one salivating

‘’jake what did you say?? are you alright??’’ Paulo asked bringing jake back to consciousness.

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