COLD AND BLANK: Episode 11-20



(Perfect A$$assin)

By Queen Mary

(Author Queen)

Episode 12

Crystal looked up to Xander smiling, Xander smiled back. He was a goner.
Crystal realized both were standing too close, she didn’t realize it because for a while she felt in heaven.

“Am sorry” Crystal tried moving back but Xander pulled her back, Crystal gasped as she touched his rocky chests.

“Loretta I need your help” He said.

“Okay please let go of me” She said.

“I don’t want to” He said and realized he was being cheeky.

“Am sorry” He apologized and let her go.

“Okay am listening” Crystal says, the smile in her face totally disappearing.

“Am sorry I can’t help you” Crystal said folding her hands.

‘Trust me Loretta, nothing’s gonna happen to you” Xander said trying to convince her.
Crystal knew if she went to the party, there might be people who know her there. It might ruin her cover as Loretta Gates and that’s the last thing she wants.

“Fine then I’ll go myself. Thanks for your help” Xander said disappointed and headed out.

“Wait” Loretta called him back, he stops but doesn’t looks at her.

“Which dress would I put on” She said, she was ready to risk everything.
Xander smiled and walked to her, both stood looking at each other without saying anything.

Dina watched Crystal as she regained consciousness.

“Where am I” Crystal asked as she looked around.

“You’re in a safe place dear” Dina said and touched Crystal’s hair. Crystal remembered everything that happened before she blacked out, her mom ab0rted her child and a man tried r@ping her then this kind woman helped her.

“I wanna go home” Crystal said sitting up.

“Really” Dina asked surprised.

“Yes thanks for your help, I’ll love to go home” She said.

“Fine, would you love to eat something before you go” Dina asked.

“No” Crystal replied respectfully.

“Okay” Dina said and took her car keys.
Dina drops Crystal under the oak tree near her house, Crystal walks down from the car.

“Thanks” Crystal said and heads home, she meets Stella and Carlos coming out of her house smiling.

“Stella” She ran to meet Stella.

“Wassup” Stella says smiling, Carlos grins at Crystal.

“Why” Crystal asked, tears flowing down from her eyes.

“Why did you guys have to hurt me so bad, have never done anything bad to you before” She said crying.

“Seriously Crystal you didn’t do anything, it’s just for the money and also I never really liked you, I mean who would want to be your friend. Besides it was really annoying to know that you were the only vrgin in town but that’s in the past dear Crystal” Stella said and laughs at her mockingly.

“Carlos” Crystal says facing him, her eyes were streaming painful tears, her heart burdened with hurt.

“Hey don’t look at me, don’t give me that look. Do you think I would actually have feelings for you. This was all just a plan for me to get into your sweet pants. And if you feel cheated you can go meet your mother we gave her some cash for compensation” Carlos says and pushes her out of the way. Stella laughs and walks over her.

“Innocent vrgin” She mocks her and walks away, meanwhile Dina watched all that was happening from her car.


“How do I look” Crystal says as she walks in the living room, Jimmy widens his eyes while Xander drops his phone on the table.

“Woh! ” Jimmy exclaims earning a knock from Xander.

“Ouch” He groans.

“Face your work” Xander said and stood up.
Crystal was wearing a lemon short dress, with no straps and also exposing her clean fresh th!ghs.

“You look…..” Xander said admiring her heavenly made body.

“She looks wonderful, danm my Jeans are ripping” Jimmy says cutting Xander off.
Xander glares at him and he continues facing his work.
Xander stared at her like a child staring at his favorite toy, the thought of ripping that dress off made him go hard. He then stops liking the dress immediately, he didn’t want anybody in the party looking at her the way he was at the moment.
The thought of somebody trying to even touch her made him mad instantly.

“I don’t like this dress, it’s too short go change it” He said and Crystal frowned at him immediately.

“Why, like you told me. We’re going to a party to se.duce right”

“Yes, you don’t need to seduce them this way, besides where did you get this dress”

“Jimmy got it for me” Crystal said and Xander glared at Jimmy.

“Hey don’t look at me like that, she said she needed something se.ductive” Jimmy said.

“Go change” Xander ordered.

“No” Crystal replied stubbornly.

“Woman, don’t be stubborn go change and you don’t need makeup. ” He said.

“Yeah, Loretta you are already an angel. I wouldn’t think twice about dating you but I already have my own woman” Jimmy said referring to Dina as his own woman.

“Jimmy fk off” Xander said and faced Crystal.

“Will you change or not” He asked but Crystal refused.

“Nope” She said and turned to leave, Xander surprises by lifting her up her feet.

“What are you doing, put me down” She screamed angrily.
Jimmy laughs..
Xander and Crystal enter the club were the party was happening.
Crystal looked really angry because Xander changed the dress for her.

“How dare he, I’ll teach him not to mess with me” Crystal said to herself. They were able to pass the tight securities and Xander was amazed at the way Crystal changed from an innocent girl to a seductive Queen. He knew he asked her to do it but she seemed too perfect like this wasn’t her first time.
Entering the club, Xander and Crystal pretended not to know each other and that gave Crystal the opportunity to turn the long gown into something short and turning the spaghetti strap into no strap, even more sexy and dangerous than the previous one, she removes the band from her and her drops to her shoulders.

“Wow” A guy exclaimed and as usual almost everyone focuses on Crystal.
Xander looks back and realises she had turn the dress in a stylish way and make it short.

“That wtch” He said and headed to her but a hand pulls him back.

“Hi, I like you care to dance” The little $lut said pulling her hair in an irritating way.

“He wouldn’t waste his time on you” A lady said and pushed her out of the way. Two girls stood behind her like her bodyguard, Xander knew it was the twin. His plan was working.

“Am Fiona” She said clinging to him.

“Am….” Xander said but she interrupted him by putting her fingers on his lips.

“I don’t really care, let’s go to the VVIP, let’s get wasted” She said and pulled him away.
Crystal smiles as she headed into the crowd, men wasting themselves on her.

“Where’s the birthday boy” She asked one of the guys.

“Am here” A guy replied and Crystal turned back to look at him.

“Are you my present. God bless daddy”

“Am no one’s present” Crystal replied.

“Am sorry, can we talk. This lower side doesn’t fit you, Let’s go to the VVIP” He said and pulled her up leaving the men disappointed.
Crystal walks in the VVIP with Finn and sees Xander afar, a lady was tweaking on his l@ps and Crystal felt the urge to pull the $lut off him.
Finn introduces Crystal to his twin sister and Fiona does the same.
He takes Crystal to a table and pours her a glass of wine.
Finn and Fiona are extremely drunk already and that means their plan is working already.

“Should we take this upstairs. Let’s get wasted” Crystal whispers in his ears, he agrees and stands up in a staggered manner.
Xander watches as both leave the hall.
“I hope she’s not planning on really having sx with him” He thinks to himself and pulls Fiona up.
**HEY HOW’S IT GOING, YOU GOOD??” CRYSTAL reads the text message Xander sent to her and dips her phone back into her pocket without replying.
She locks the door and faces Finn.

“Hey” She yells at him. He stares at her and smiles.

“You want it rough or slow”

“I want the secret code” She asked.

“What are you you talking about about” He asked.

“You know for you to enter here and Fk me bad, you’ll need a secret code. What’s the secret code” She asked again.

“How do I know, it’s your p$$y not mine” He said..

“Well let me give you a hint. The secret code of your dad’s hideout is this sweet p$$y’s secret code. I know the code already but I want you to say it”

“You mean 546641” He said and Crystal smiled.

“Yeah” She said.

“Okay now have said the secret code let me in”

“Sure” Crystal said and laid on the b.ed.
She clenched her fists and as he climbed her she punched him so hard he fainted.

“Done” Crystal said and walked out of the room, Xander also walks out of his own room.
He walked to her and looks at her dress.

“Why did you tear it” He asked.

“Is that important, I got the code”

“I don’t care, why did you have to tear the dress ” He said

“I wanna go home” She said and turned to leave.

“Don’t turn your back when am talking to you” He said angrily.

“Why’s he angry” Crystal thought to herself and continued walking.
Xander became even more mad as he walks to her and pulls her then pins her to the wall. He was drunk.

“You know I hate it when you disobey me” He said, his hands on the wall caging her between himself and the wall.

“But I got the code”

“Fk the code, I want you now” He said and touched her bare back making Crystal shake under his touch.

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