Episode 6

“She’s here for the job” Bryan said

“Is she sure or she’s just playing with us? “Max ask

” I’m sure sir, I’m ready to do the job”she said almost begging

” You look desperate”he said ” what about your boyfriend? Won’t he get angry?”

“No he agree to this”she said

” Are you sure he’s not looking for ways to abandon you? “He asked

” No he Loves me and he’s supporting for my own sake”she replied

” Whatever”he mutter

” God how am I going to deal with this guy for nine months” she thought, Bryan tap her shoving a paper to her face

” Hey here is the document”

“Can you read?” Max ask

She wanted to give him the perfect reply but she wasn’t in the position to do that “yes”

“Alright Bryan will summarize everything,I got to be somewhere”he said and left

After reviewing the contract she raised her eyes at Bryan “umm sir I can’t do one of the things here”

“What that?” He asked collecting the contract

” I can’t have sx with him”she said shyly

“Then how are you suppose to conceive?”

“I’m not sure sir but I’m a vrgin and I plan on giving my vrgnity to my husband”she said playing with the tip of her blouse

” This is kinda hard”he said “don’t worry we will find another way be sure to come back here tomorrow”

“Alright thank you sir”she said turning to leave

Bryan call her ” wait! Have this”

She stared at the money in his hand “thank you sir”

She was really happy

“It fine and my name is Bryan” he said

“Thank you sir Bryan” she said bowing

“There’s no need to put sir just Bryan” he said and she nodded smiling before leaving


………………at the hospital…………

Chloe walked in happily,she went to the nurse and paid every single penny they were owing

She also paid for the test and she was given the results.

She also paid for advance treatment,the money Bryan gave her really help

She brought food and humm a song as she walked to Chelsea ward,she saw Kyle talking to a girl it was like an argument.

Before she got there the girl already left

“Who was that?” She asked and Kyle flinched

“When did you get here?” He asked

“Just now” she reply “who was that girl that just left?”

“Just a girl I’m owing”he replied

” You got the results”he said

” Yeah,I got the job and the guy gave me this money”she said

” The guy you will be working for?”he asked

” No his friend”she reply ” how’s chess? Is she stable?”

” Yes let us go inside”he said and they walked in together

” Chess how are you feeling now?” Chloe ask taking a seat beside her

“Better” she replied

“Tada I got you sandwich and juice” she said bringing it out of the nylon

“Where did you get the money?” She asked

“I got a stable job”she reply “and I got the test results”

“Let open it” Kyle said and she open the envelope they check it and Kyle was a match

“Kyle is a match” she said happily

“Really!” Chelsea said excited

“We don’t have to pay the donor” she said hugging him

” Kyle are you willing to go into surgery?” Chess asked

“Of course” he reply with a smile and they all hugged



“She seriously said that?” Max asked Bryan who just told him what Chloe said

“Yes” he replied

“I told you that girl is crazy” he said scattering his hair

” She’s not to me she’s unique” he said

“Alright what do we do?” He askwd

“I already talk to doctor Romina,she said she will need her egg and your,$perm,once her egg is fertilized, she’s good to go”he said

” Alright take her to the hospital tommorow I’ll meet you there”he said

” Dinner is ready boys”Mrs Ava said and they both walk to the kitchen

” Mrs Ava guess what?”Bryan said taking a seat

“What son?” She asked

“Max here is getting married but a silent one though”he said and Max hit his head ” ouch”

” Idiot,I won’t marry her”he said

”When will I meet her?” Mrs Ava asked

“Soon” Bryan reply

Mrs Ava went into the kitchen and Max held Bryan’s head “you idi®t who told you I was going to marry her”

” I’m helping you, do you want her to start asking where you got a pregnant lady”he asked

” Seems you have a little brain”he said smiling.


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