Episode 8

Max drove Chelsea and Chloe to his first house, that is where Mrs Ava lives.

“Your sister will be staying here and her doctor will be attending to her if she needs to be at the hospital you can take her with that car”he said pointing to a car

” I will let you know your driver once he’s here, and you can call him anytime you want”

” Thank you”she said faking a smile

He nodded and went inside

Chelsea was a bit confused she tap Chloe “what happening here?”

“What do you mean?” She asked

“Why I’m I living here and why do you have a driver? “She asked

” Umm it complicated but don’t you like the changes? “She asked smiling

” I do but tell me the truth Chloe who is that man? “She asked

” My boss”she reply

” Your boss”she called and Chloe nodded “why would your boss take care of my expenses and also get you a driver”she paused ” are you sleeping with him? ”

Chloe eyes widened ” why would you say such a thing? ”

”Because I can’t understand why a stranger will do all this and why isn’t Kyle here? “She asked almost yelling

” Enough Chess, you are not in the position to understand so stop questioning me and do as you are told”she replied angrily

They both scoff, Mrs Ava came outside

” You must be Chelsea” she said smiling at angry Chelsea

” Yes and you are? “She asked

” I’m Ava you can just call me nanny”she reply ” we will be living together now”

” Nanny I have a nanny like those rich kids? “She asked happily

” Yes, do you like it? “Mrs Ava ask touching her cheeks

“Yes” she replied and she followed Mrs Ava in without talking to Chloe

“I’m really sorry Chess but I hope you understand one day” Chloe thought

” Let us go” Max said and Chloe hopped in to the car

They drove to another mansion much more beautiful and big than the one they just left

“We will live here together” he said and walk in while Chloe followed behind

He sat on the couch and Chloe stood in front of him like a child waiting for instructions

“You don’t have to cook or do anything, Mrs Ava will bring the foods and a girl lives down the street she will come every day to clean the house”he said

” Alright”she replied

” And you don’t have to worry about your sister she’s in perfect hand, you can also go visit your boyfriend whenever you want”he said

He stared at her ” you can’t wear that”

She stared at her body “Why what wrong with what I’m wearing?”

” It is dirty and in fashion”he said

He stood up ” I’ll be back you can pick any room you want upstairs,mine is lock so any lock room is mine”

She sighed and look around the house, she went upstairs and pick a room right beside Max’ room

She decided to get some rest before Max returns

“Wow this bed is really soft” she said lying on the king size bed

She was about drifting to sleep when she heard the door bell

She rushed downstairs and opened the door

“Bryan” she call opening the door wider

“I see you are here” he said entering the house

“Yeah” she replied

“Where’s Bryan?” He asked

“Sir Max went out” she replied

”Don’t call him sir just Max” he said

“But won’t that be rude?”she asked

” You are carrying his baby, you can call him whatever you want”he said

” Alright “she reply looking down

“Alright give him this once he returns” he said giving her a nylon that contain something

She nodded and Bryan left,she was going to her room when the door opened again

“Welcome Bryan just left” she said walking towards him

He drop some shopping bags and sit down

” I didn’t see him,did he bring the package?” He ask and she handed the nylon over to him

He took it and gave her the shopping bags”this are clothes for you and this one’s are for your sister you can give it to her when you visit her tomorrow”

” Thank you Max I’m really greatful”she said happily

He scoff ” who said you could call my name?”

” Umm Bryan did”she said feeling scared

” Is Bryan the one paying you? Why are you listening to him?” He asked in a cold voice

” Umm I’m sorry sir”she replied

“Go try the clothes”he commanded and she didn’t hesitate before leaving

She came down wearing a short skirt that didn’t even reach her knee and a armless blouse with needs on it

She was beautiful her curve was showing,her shape were perfect

“Turn around” he ordered and she did “alright”

“Should I try the rest?” She asked

” No need I don’t want you losing a beast”he said and stood up,he handed the nylon Bryan brought to her “here is a cell phone my number is there and Mrs Ava as well as your driver and Bryan, hope you know how to operate one”

” Of course I once had a phone but I had to sell it”she replied

He smiled and went upstairs but halt on the stairs and said without looking back “the dress looks good on you had you can call me Max”

” Does he have a mood swing or something he just told me not to call him Bryan”she muttered


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