Sha Ron

Chapter 14

*Next Morning*

Mrs Smith walked to the room with Stella carrying a tray of cookies and two mugs of hot tea.

Mrs Smith had paused at the doorway as she watched the two entangled figures. She was a little bit perplexed. She had been secretly watching over Justin while he was abroad and she has never heard of him being close to any girl or meeting anyone called Sophia.

She shook her head sideways to shake off the thoughts from her head before walking closer to the bed. Last night, Sophia had fallen asleep and she tucked her to bed beside Justin.

Since the doctor said she is going to help him which obviously she did yesterday, then she would do anything to keep her by his side until he finally wakes up.

Stella stood frozen on a spot as she stared at the two figures in the bed. What the fk is going on between them? Stella felt her head ache as she stared at Sophia.

An idea crept to Stella’s mind as she watched Sophia frown and stir slightly on the bed. She turned around to lie on one side, facing them with her eyes still tightly closed. Justin frowned also and moved closer to put his hands round her waist.

She coughed and almost choked watching them. This is literally PDA (Public Display of Affection). She immediately faced what she was there to do, and when Mrs Smith wasn’t looking, Stella brought out her phone and secretly took a picture of them.

She made sure the angle she took the picture from indicated that they are in an intimate position. When Mrs Smith turned around, she immediately hid her phone and smiled.

Mrs Smith narrowed her eyes at her suspiciously ’cause she felt she had heard a camera shutter sound but she waved it away and immediately asked her to leave the room.

Mrs Smith sighed and watched over them like a guardian angel. She has questions to ask Sophia when she wakes up and she hopes the girl will answer her sincerely.

Few minutes later, the whole a$sassins were in uproar as everyone gazed at their phones. They kept on staring at the same picture that was currently trending in their secret groups on all social media platforms.

There were few people that couldn’t help but have mixed reactions towards the picture. Gena had spat out her juice the instant she saw the picture.

She was at the cafeteria with Ivy and Stella. “What the heck! You could have just used a tissue paper, why spill it on our faces?” Ivy complained grumpily as she wiped a stained part of her face with a tissue.

She immediately clicked on the picture and showed them,“See… See this. Isn’t this that bch?” She sneered. Ivy immediately looked at the picture. Her eyes widened when she recognized the two people in the picture.

“Isn’t that the infamous Justin, Ma’am’s son? What the fk is he doing with Sophia in bed?” Ivy shook her head.

“I always knew that she was a snitch. She just wants to se.duce all the good guys in this organization. She’s gotten Justin now, this will serve Alex right!” Gena scoffed.

Stella couldn’t help but feel a little bit envious. Why is it that Sophia has been getting the good stuff since she came here? Why are men just flocking around her like flies?

“Who posted it?” Ivy asked with a curious look. She was pretty sure that whoever had posted this must have been in the room. She has a plan of interrogating whoever posted it so she can know the true relationship between the two.

“It’s from a fake IP address. The person that posted it probably doesn’t want us to know who he or she is,” Gena answered. Ivy frowned with a disappointed look.

If that bitch is indeed with Justin, doesn’t that mean that she has won over them? If she can get the most handsome dude and also their leader’s son even though she is just a newbie in the organization, that is a huge slap on their faces.

“Bae, you aren’t saying anything” Gena asked Stella suspiciously.

“What should I say? I’m her frenemy after all” Stella shrugged.



Sophia opened her eyes gently, and found herself entangled with Justin’s body. She tried to move her body, but it was hard for her to do so because he held her tightly.

She let out a huge sigh and pushed him away with all her might. When she managed to stand up from the bed without straying, she couldn’t tear her eyes off his charming face.

Mrs Smith’s voice snapped Sophia out of her reverie. “Good morning ma’am,” She greeted with her head bowed.

“How are you doing?” Mrs Smith asked.

“I’m okay. I think he is doing well too” Sophia allowed a smile creep into her compressed lips.

“Sophia, I want to have a word with you, let’s talk in the dining room”.

She followed her to the dining room without a word. Of course she will be interrogated for helping out even though that is the last thing she wanted.

Mrs Smith gestures to a seat close to her at the dining table for Sophia to sit. “I like you. I like it that my son is attached to you. Sophia, tell me, do you know my son?”

Sophia avoided the older woman’s intent look and stared at the dining table. Should she tell her the truth? What if she sees her as an enemy when she discloses the truth to her?

No! She can’t tell her that her son raped her and her divorced husband, her son’s father, klled her parents and took away their property, and even gave them a bad name.

“I haven’t met your son before. I think he is like that because he has… maybe a girlfriend that has the same name as mine” she replied.

“The doctor said something about him having amnesia when he wakes up, but I hate to accept the possibility of him not remembering his past. I have failed him as a mother, I never really did anything for him” Mrs Smith grieved.

“Ma’am, why don’t you know anything about your son? Why is the family not together?” Sophia asked boldly.

Mrs Smith sighed and replied,”Well… It’s a long story.” She had a bitter expression on her face.

“Ma’am, you can make it short. I’m all ears. I’ll listen attentively without judging you or anything,” Sophia coaxed.

Mrs Smith smiled when she heard this. She reached out and held Sophia’s hands, surprising the both of them when she did that. She couldn’t help the warm feeling arising in her for Sophia.

From the very first moment Stella had brought Sophia into the organization, she had known within her that the girl is a special one.

The way she had relentlessly faced the coach and focused on the training furthermore indicated to Mrs Smith that she was right. And now… Justin seems to know the girl. And the relationship between them doesn’t seem to be platonic.

As Mrs Smith looked at Sophia that very moment, she couldn’t help but feel sympathy for the girl again after all she knows everything about the tragedy that befell the poor girl’s parents.

Maybe the girl doesn’t know, but she has looked her up. Everyone that comes into the organization, she does thorough research on them to know their background and what might possibly bring them to the organization.

The only thing Mrs Smith doesn’t know is that her son was the rappist and the videos were edited. Also, her divorced husband is the cause of Sophia’s sorrow, he is the man behind the downfall of Sophia’s parents.

She smiled at the young girl and decided to tell her the story of her life. She is harmless and only in the organization for revenge against whoever cracked her life.

“Sophia, Justin’s father wasn’t supposed to get married to me… Why don’t you ask why I’m still using the name Smith even though I have divorced my husband?” Mrs Smith replied with a question of her own.

Sophia had a meaningful look at that very moment when she heard this. She was just about to ask when Mrs Smith suddenly explained everything,”That’s cause it’s my father’s last name.”

Sophia looked confused when she heard this. Father’s last name? Isn’t she supposed to change her last name when she gets married? Why is she still using her father’s last name? Even so, why did Justin’s father agree to use his wife’s last name?

“Justin’s father was originally called Jefferson. His family’s business had gone bankrupt when we met. We were just friends though at that time I had a fiance I was so in love with,” Mrs Smith paused and turned to Sophia to confirm if she’s still listening.


Sophia looked at her with curiosity clear in her eyes and asked,”Then how did you end up with Mr Jefferson?”

Mrs Smith looked angry when she reminisced about the past. “That lying piece of sht… I wish I never met Jeff… Just a few more weeks to my wedding, the bastard drugged me and had his way with me. The worst thing was that I didn’t even know about it.”

Mrs Smith suddenly burst into hysterical laughter. Sophia rubbed her hands gently to get her to calm down. Why is she feeling pity for her enemy’s mother?

“Just as you would have assumed… I got pregnant and I informed my fiance just a few more days before the wedding. Imagine how shocked I was when he flew into a rage and hit me for the first time. He even made me more confused by asking who the father of the unborn child I’m carrying was,” Mrs Smith told Sophia who looked a little bit intrigued by the tale.

“He informed my parents and his that I had cheated on him and gotten pregnant with a bastard. They called off the wedding. Eventually, Jeff came out and confessed to his crimes. My father really wanted to kill him but I couldn’t bear to make my child fatherless so my father had no choice but to get us married immediately,” Mrs Smith explained sadly.

Sophia arched an eyebrow and finally asked the question that’s been brewing in her mind,”But ma’am, did you ever ask your fiance how he knew the baby wasn’t his? Or you guys hadn’t ever crossed the lovemaking stage before?”

Mrs Smith laughed and winked at Sophia before saying,”I was a bit of sx maniac so I was an unrestrained lady who slept with him any chance I got… Of course I asked him. I asked him when I was heavily pregnant with Justin.”

“Then what was his response ma’am?,” Sophia asked immediately.

“Turns out the jerk was sterile. His seed couldn’t mate with my eggs and produce a baby. Imagine the bstard trying to tie me down in a childless marriage,” Mrs Smith told her with a sordid laughter.

Mrs Smith spilled the secret and Sophia couldn’t help feeling sad about it. She finally got to see another side of Mrs Smith aside from the stern expression she’s always displaying.

“I’m sorry. Where is he now?” Sophia inquired.

“You mean Dave, my fiance? I don’t know, I left home with Jeff.” She answered.

“Dave… well, it’s heartbreaking to know your marriage didn’t work” Sophia pressed.

“I hated him for what he did to me. I looked up to him as a good friend and he didn’t think twice before doing that… he is used to sleeping around with anything in a skirt, even in our supposed matrimonial bed, so I filed for divorce when I couldn’t stand that. I mean, I liked sx too, but not to that extent. He got busy making money and squandering on his women while I got busy with this organization”

Mrs Smith insisted that she had breakfast with her before leaving. When she finally left, she thought about everything the woman told her. “If that’s the case, then Justin has the insatiable hunger for sx like his parents, huh?”

A loud crash suddenly snapped Sophia back to reality and she realized that she was standing in front of Justin’s room with her hand on the door knob. She was completely lost in thought of her conversation with Mrs Smith.

The noise came from the kitchen. She wanted to go see what was wrong, but Mrs Smith came in time and told her to keep Justin company while she checks the kitchen herself.

Sophia spent the day taking care of her enemy. She cleaned him up and helped feed him with food, and medicine when the doctor came. She was exhausted before night fell, she dozed off while massaging his legs.


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