Sha Ron

Chapter 19

Sophia’s school friends and classmates sat back in the classroom and silently watched others go out for lunch.

Molly sighed for the upteenth time under thrity seconds. Vicky and Eve glanced at her sadly.

“I think I’m going to go crazy! I can’t believe this is how our team Qs is going to end. It’s almost six months since we last saw Pretty Goddess” Eve murmured.

“Ever since she stopped coming to school, it’s been very boring here. Well, I hate to think of all that happened to her on her birthday night and to think of what that ungrateful Rebecca said to her on the phone, she wouldn’t have any reason to want to get in contact with any of us” Molly added.

“Yeah, Team Queens is d.ead. That bch, Rebecca, has been avoiding us and teaming up with other girls to make fun of our fall. I always feel nauseous whenever I think about that night and everything… That video hasn’t been taken down and Justin is nowhere to be found after that night. I suspect he’s done that on purpose, I hate ever advising Sophy to give him a chance” Vicky muttered.

“He and his father are my prime suspects over Sophia’s parents mysterious de.ath, he actually planned it with his son and he got wealthy overnight. I don’t know what the law is waiting for before it takes its course! And Rebecca, Sophia was really blind, she was her best friend!!” Molly groaned.

“Hey, keep it low, girl. You talk as if you don’t know how the law works, he’s not ever going to be termed as a mvrderer without proof” Eve said looking around to see if there’s anyone eavesdropping.

“The law is useless then, they even paused the investigation and I know that’s because they have been paid an awesome sum to quit searching and shut the fk up!” Vicky contributed.

“I agree with you, it hurts. Other students now make fun of Sophia and her parents, they crack jokes with such serious matters and still feel they are human, wolves are better than them” Eve said.

“Anyway, I learnt just one lesson from this…” Molly started.

“What lesson is there to learn from such ill luck?” Vicky interrupted

“Let her die before you bury her. You are always in a rush, I am also curious too, but I didn’t hurry her” Eve reprimanded.

“I wasn’t talking to you, just mind your business and don’t yell at me, you are not my mother and so you don’t have any right to scold me!” Vicky retorted

“Oh, I forgot it’s a family trait, poor people always make the most noise like a barking dog!” Eve insults and Vicky rushes to push her.

“Guys, don’t start! Not today again, please. I didn’t know you two had taken the argument to this extent, I haven’t even said what I wanted to say and you two are being fussy” Molly blocked Vicky from going close to Eve.

“How dare she talk to me like that! I never brought up her family and she insulted mine!” Vicky was drawn to tears.

“Well, you started it. You should have just minded your business and stop talking to me as if I am the bad one” Eve returns.

“It’s okay, Eve, you have to apologise” Molly said.

“Sorry!” Eve said.

“Too fake” Vicky snorts.

“Fine, I am very sorry. Are you okay now?” Eve apologizes again.

“Better” Vicky accepts.

“As I was saying before you two interrupted, I learnt a good lesson. It is not good to throw stone at the people that live in a hut just because you live in a glass house” Molly said

“Yes, very true, because if the people in the hut throw it back, the glasses will shatter. Eve, take note” Vicky said glaring at Eve.

“Molly, did you hear that?” Eve reports.

“I think she’s right, you just displayed that moment ago when you insulted her family background” Molly supported Vicky.

Eve glares at her, rolls her eyes, hisses and walks away angrily. “Suit yourselves”

“Whatever!” Vicky breaths.

“What do you think about Tyler?” Molly asks.

“What? Don’t tell me you are reciprocating to that thin guy, he’s a friend to our enemy, remember?” Vicky asks in surprise. Molly only shook her head, sighed and left. “Incredible!”



Miss Lola admired the housekeeper that Cynthia just introduced to her. She’s does not have a pretty face, but she has the sxiest body and her lips are kssable.

She took her extended hand and shook lightly. “Glad to meet you, miss Pearl. I look forward to spending the night with you Miss Lola grumbled, smiling at Cynthia for not being selfish.

“I have heard quite a lot about you, from eavesdropping Mr Smith and discussing with your partner. I could tell you perform magic in bed. So, do you do men at all?” Pearl asked.

“No, I… I don’t do opposite sex, they are scum bags! I have you now, and Cynthia too, rest assured, I won’t have any need for them” Miss Lola stressed.

“Wonderful! Then I presume you must be very good in bed. I will come around tonight, I have to deliver some messages to my boss” Pearl said and bid them farewell, then left.

“How do you see her?” Cynthia asked when Pearl was out of earshot.

“To my taste, thanks to you!” Miss Lola kssed her and they went back to their hotel room.

“Don’t mention. I have been meaning to ask you something” Cynthia mentioned.

“Yeah, free to ask, I am listening” Miss Lola urged.

“I’m becoming more worried about that Sophia girl, I hope she hasn’t run into any form of danger, that girl might be arrogant on the outside, but she is not that strong inside” Cynthia said sadly.

“Yes, I think I know what you mean, she’s too emotional, I observed that her stubbornly raised chin really collapses when no one is looking” Miss Lola said thoughtfully.

“Well, then… I pray she gets refuge. I do pity her. Anyway, let’s get down to business since we are here alone” Cynthia said, wearing a sly smile.

“There will be a show on Friday night, so many rich and famous men will come, I hope we extort more money from them” Miss Lola invented

“Great! I can’t wait”



“Boss, we didn’t find any documents inside here. I heard he had the proof, and I am very certain he won’t keep it here. It’s either he has given it to the lawyer to submit, or he has a secret safe somewhere” Flying dragon, one of his guards reported.

“There’s no way he would have given it to the lawyer, if so, that lawyer would have known who I was by then because my passport is attached to one of the documents. But he looked surprised and asked who I was and what I wanted. Remember that girl mistaking me for Mr Mc Millan which explains that he’s expecting him” Mr Smith said.

“Yeah, that’s true. Anyway, that aside, boss, what about the other assumption? How do we know if he has any for sure? I think this man knew what he was going into from the onset that he prepared himself. We couldn’t even track his primary and secondary families’ ‘ Flying dragon informed.

“That’s because you all are incompetent! You stand before me and report so casually that you couldn’t complete a simple task, you sit behind and watch other people capture him, he’s the answer to it all!” Mr Smith scolded angrily.

“Sorry sir, I will make sure we find out every bit of information about his capture and get our hands on the documents before you will be implemented” Flying dragon said with a bow.

“Sorry for yourself, id!ot! You had better be fast or I will personally send you off to your Maker! Get lost!!” He shouted angrily at him.

Flying dragon bowed slightly and turned to leave.

“Make preparations, we have a mission to complete tonight!” Mr Smith said to his retreating back.

“Sure sir” he mumbled an acceptance and was gone before he found him faulty again.



Sophia gazed at space. Everything looked blurry in her eyes, she thought she was losing her sight bit by bit until a hot tear fell on her wrist.

She looked down at it and ticked it off. She wanted to cry, but there was no shoulder to lean on while she poured her heart out. She wanted to talk to someone, but there was no one trustworthy, or good enough for her to confide in, so she could only cry silently.

Mrs Smith had taken them to her office and given them another mission. She also took them to the training ground and awarded them in front of so many people. She had given her two different ranks to the astonishment of the other a$sassinators.

If it were in different cases, today would have been her happiest day to be honoured so greatly above others that came before her.

Mrs Smith had said; “I promised you all that anyone who completes this mission without failure or leaked holes, I would reward the person. The secret reward is here, I had another kind of reward in mind until now.”

“All of you, bow to Sophia because she just won the Special A$sassin Award and she now has the right to visit the VIP sections of this organization without any form of restrictions. She is, from today onwards, the leader of the Special A$sassins Team!”

There had been a roar, a standing ovation for her and claps from many of them. But she noticed many mumbling amongst themselves and sending her fake love.

She is now the envy of so many people. She also sympathizes with them because she just got special treatment while they are looked down upon. It doesn’t sit well with them, but there’s no way she would decline the offer.

The others that went to the mission with her were only commended greatly, but they looked unhappy. Was it her fault that favor found her? She debated with her mind.

Sophia knew she wasn’t supposed to be shedding tears, even if she should, then it must be tears of joy and not of anguish and sorrow.

Mrs Smith had pinned two golden badges on her t-shirt. She also gave her an ID card that will save her from some other dangerous forces, she had said. Sophia wondered what sort of forces she referred to back there.

Time Will Tell…

She looked heavenwards and wished her parents would just appear from there, because she believes that they are upstairs with their Maker resting in peace, of course, they are good people…and they will tell her that they are proud of her and love her so dearly and would never depart from her but, she isn’t doing such a good job.

If they are alive, they would never approve of her to do such a bI.oody job, they don’t even let her wash plates, let alone do their laundry, she was their princess, she’s afraid they would be disappointed in her for doing something they as good people would never advise her to do.

“Mom, Dad… I hope you know I am doing this for you. I must kll that man for what he did to you and I promise to be the good girl you have always wanted me to be, your princess, afterwards” She murmured to herself.

She didn’t notice Justin entering, when she found out someone had invaded her room without invitation, she tried to hide her face and wipe her tears to avoid cross questions, but it was too late, he already saw it.

“Sophia, what happened to you? Did anyone h!t you or say something bad about you? Did that woman that said she’s my mother scold you?” He asked worriedly and went closer to hold her.

“You shouldn’t be here. What are you doing here?” She queried and moved away from him. The last thing she wants is sympathy, especially from this guy that contributed to her pain.

“I asked you first if anyone bvllied you, what happened to you? Please, tell me and stop avoiding me, it’s not like I will b!te you” He commented sadly and stuffed his hands into his pockets.

“You have done more than biting me and it hurts to even think about it!” She flamed up and bit her tongue when she learnt she had said more than she was supposed to say.

Well, she doesn’t care anymore. He should just leave her the fuck alone and stop pestering her after all he had put her through.

“What did you say? Did I do anything wrong to you? Sophia, have you known me before? Please, talk to me, stop keeping me in the dark… I remember calling your name when I was in pain, and your image haunts me in my dreams. I feel like I knew you before and maybe we shared something…”

“No! Don’t get thoughts into your head. Don’t mind me, I was just angry because you didn’t knock before entering my room and I just thought… what if I was nked or something like that, you ladies impulse, that’s all” Sophia tried to get his mind off it.

It’s better that he doesn’t remember anything, she must be fast in learning and run away from this God forsaken place before he regains his memory, she might not be able to face him if he remembers everything.

“You just lied to me” he stood his ground firmly.

“How would you know that? Anyway, I don’t know you except the day your mother brought you here from the hospital and I was assigned to take care of you because you kept calling my name, maybe there was another Sophia in your past… probably your girlfriend” she had to design and package another big fat lie.

“No… There’s a face, I just can’t figure out who it belongs to, but the voice is yours and…”

“Please, I need to rest. I think you should go now, it’s late” she cut him off.

“I’m not going anywhere until you tell me…”

“Then I will leave” she said quickly, she just wants to go far away from him, she doesn’t understand herself when he’s being so nice and…so…close that she could swear her heart is pounding.

She turned to leave, her hand was already on the door knob when she heard him grunting in pain. She turned to see his hands covering his ears, and he fell on the floor wincing in pain.

“Aaaaaaahhhh!” He shrieked and she ran to him. She forgot about getting away and held him tight and she forgot about crying for all that had befallen her, and cried because he’s hurting… he’s fighting to remember.

“Is there anyone there, please, help!” She called for help when she noticed he had fainted, there’s no way she could carry this tall and heavy guy alone.

Two boys ran into her room immediately and carried him to his room. Mrs Smith called the doctor, he said he can not come out because it’s late, but he told them what to do for him to regain consciousness immediately.


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