CRUSHING ON YOU : Chapter 31 – 40

Authoress Berry Julie👯

Chapter 31.🍂
I watched through the window as the doctor checks on my mum

She had been sick lately and though she was good at hiding it away from me but for how long?

“Will she be okay?” I asked the doctor once he steeped out

“Mm, according to what am seeing now she’s not getting any better she really needs the kidney transfer, if you keep delaying it she sure will die”

“No she won’t! I promise to find the money” I says to him but I know I was lying

There was no where I can found 5750 pounds anytime soon

“Mmmm” he humed and walked away

I ruffled my hair sadly and stepped into her ward, her eyes beamed immediately she saw me

“Damien” she called out slowly

“Mum” I held her hand and we slowly cried

“Mum! I told you not to do all these random works! Your condition is getting much bad” I said

“Am sorry but if I stop working we will starve to death” she muttered

“No mum! You don’t have to kill yourself in the name of money, you are all I’ve got I won’t want to lose you too” I cried and slowly she hugged me in tears

“You won’t lose me son!” She muttered as I break the hug

“Tomorrow I will have to report to school, I will try and see if I can find a job so that your weak kidney will be changed” I said

“No Damien! I won’t let you do that” she replied

“That’s one problem with you! You won’t let me work…you always pamper me like am still a child! Can’t you see your health is bad!” I yelled angrily tears scrolling down

I won’t lose you mum!

“Am sorry dam…….” I cut her short

“It’s fine” I muttered and walked out of her ward in tears

There is only one woman worth my tears, that woman is my mum!!


“Dad?? Daddy!!” I called and slowly opened the door then steps into his room

“Daddy!” I called again

“Bathing” he replied

I turned to walk out when his phone on the standing table beeps

“Help me get that” he says and I nodded

I picked up the phone but my eyes catch something else

“See you at High scandal in 10 minutes” the message reads but that was not what catches my attention

The number was saved with “Thy First love”

The bathroom door opened immediately and he stepped out grabbing his phone from me, for a while I was too dizzed to speak

“Dad? Are you cheating on mum?” I asked blinkly

He turned to stare at me then take his eyes off again

“Daddy?” I called but he ignored me and put on his clothes

First day of my life my dad ignoring me

Is this why he was keeping late?? Is this one he always came home complaining to be tired

I know I hate my mum more than any other human but I won’t let my dad cheat on her , never

“Who’s she dad?! I yelled angrily at him

First time raising my voice on him

“You dare not yell on me! Am your papa!” He yelled back and brushed past me shutting the door

I laughed for a while then grit my teeth

“Is he for real??

One thing I won’t take is sharing my dad with another! Either the person dies or I do

My dad is my role model and I aren’t gonna share him

I stared up from the window and see his car drove out

I hurriedly rush to my room and grab my sneakers then rush downstairs

“Where are you going” Mum’s voice stops me

I turned to look at her then sighs

“Why do you act like you care?” I folded my hand

“Of course I care! Am your mum Tracy! I carried you in my tummy for 9 fucking months , 9 months Tracy! Stop treating me like trash” she yells

“You deserve to be treated as one! You lost that respect of a mom a long time ago!! And on no account shall you raise your voice on me or I will have you kicked out! Remember you’re staying here cause I insisted right? One mistake and you will have to face your miserable life!” I yelled back on her


“Just shut up!” I yelled and angrily storm out of the house

I entered my car and soon I hit the road

My destination is of course high scandal ! Need to found out what my dad was dealing with


I parked the car a few meters away from the the bar and stared around

Soon I caught sight of my dad sitting down opposite a lady who was on glasses making it unable to see her face

I took out my phone and put on the camera then zoom the capturing and took a picture of the lady

I stared at it

“much more for today” I muttered and adjusted my black glasses

Then light my cigarette and slowly drove out of the bar

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