CRUSHING ON YOU : Chapter 31 – 40

Authoress Berry Julie📝

Chapter 40.🍂

“So girls you all know as usual, a new dancing competition have been set and we all won’t want to be losers right?” I announced to my dancing crew

Just receive a call from my manager about the new dancing competition that was to be held in a month time

Dad hardly have time for me anymore and it makes me lonely

My dad never uses me for joking, and no matter how busy he is he always makes out time for us

But recently it have become an old story, when I complain he always tells me work have been tight and so I give up complaining

One thing I know for sure is that he’s cheating on my mum but sadly enough I haven’t meet the woman cause once I do I will make sure she pays for taking my dad’s attention away from me

“Yes ma’m!” They replied and I nodded

“Okay then, practice starts tomorrow don’t dare be late or you’re out!” I yelled then watched them walks out

Well Me and Esther always competite on who got the dancing skills better but I bet she’s of no march to me

We hardly get along but she’s less of my problem anyway, she will still learn to get along with me once I become her brother’s wife

I smirked and slowly walked out of the practice room


I knocked at the door slowly and waited for Vanessa reply but I got none so I pushed the door open

The weird stinking smells in the room made me to cover my nose

My eyes landed on Van who was sitting on the floor beside the couch

Bottles of whisky shattered everywhere and so much of wet tissues

“Gosh Van what are you doing” I walked to her

“Oh Amily you came” her voice was broken ,then she took my hand and pulled me closer hugging me

“Is okay babe, am here” I patted her

“It’s not okay Ami, he hates me now he doesn’t want me around but I still love him..I want him back” she sobbed


“Kelvin, kelvin jealvin! He’s the only one I love but I disgust him now” she cried more

She was saying shts, is she one of kelvin whores or what?

Maybe she is drunk and saying just her thought

“You should clean up and rest van, you’re such a mess…we will talk about this once you have gotten rest”

“Will you help me talk to him? Please amily”

“I will, just go and bath while I cleaned this place” I told her and she nodded dragging her self out of the sitting room

I sighed and stared round the room, where do I start?

I guess my pains are all gone now


“No way Vanessa are you for real?” I asked her and she nodded

She had woken up eleven minutes ago and I had helped her have some white soup before she starts the unbelievable story of hers

“Yes way Amily, we dated for 2years but he was always a cheat and whenever I complain he told him I could help him stop it” she stops and cleaned the tears threatening to fall


“And at a time I have to let go, I can’t do it anymore seeing him have sex with other ladies and still tell me am the only one he loves…I was not yet ready for that back then so I have to traveled out of new York”

“Wow! I really can’t believe a girl like you once dated kelvin, is that… that why you and Esther ….?

“Yes, she hates me now after it happened” she lowered her head

“Oh! But she told me you guys were just college friends who didnt get along”

“You don’t expect her to tell you am her brother’s ex” she sighed

“Hmm” I hummed

“So what are you going to do now?” I added and she sighed

“I don’t know”


I entered into the hospital feeling extremely tired, I have only $5 with me but of course it won’t even complete the payment

I dragged my weak body towards my mother’s ward but as I walked the way other nurses and patient look at me makes me feel uneasy

I increased my step and hurriedly rushed into mother’s ward but everywhere was calm expect the fact that my mum was not laying on the bed

I ran out of the wards straight to the doctors office

“Doctor what happened? I can’t find my mum in her ward!”

He stared at me for a while then shakes his head sideways

“Where is my mother!” I yelled at him

“Take heart Damien, it’s not the end of the road” he simply replied

No! I don’t want to believe it! My mum is a strong woman

“what….what do you mean?

“Your mother gave up the ghost five minutes ago and she left only this”

I stared at him as he handed me a envelop , I collected it and stared at it before reality strucked me

No! My mum can’t be died!!” I yelled in tears rushing out of the doctor’s office

No! She can’t leave me alone in this cruel world!

She promised…

she promised to be with me



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