CRUSHING ON YOU : Chapter 31 – 40

Authoress Berry Julie📝

Chapter 32.🍂

The early morning sun shine brightly awaking me from my sleep

I stretch my body and laid down again, I’m just too lazy to stand up….the softness of the bed makes me wants to sleep all day but I have to prepare for school

I stood up and put on my flip flop then stretch my body and sat down back on the bed

I ran my fingers through my hair as I yawned, new day new ambition

Standing up once more i dragged myself to the bathroom

The room is so beautiful that I wish I can have one like this for mum

Talking about my mum I should call her but that will be later

I put some paste on my brush and lazily stood on the mirror staring at my self till I was tired then I brushed my teeth

Removing my cloths, I on the water and immediately the water touches me I screamed a little

So cold so cold! I cried and switch to warm water

I smiled happily as the warm water ran down my skins

I put on a black trouser and a yellow top then a black slippers and yellow handbag

Well once I get my first pay I will have to purchase a new clothes, I stared at myself in the mirror one more time before walking out of the room

Since I arrived I haven’t meet any single guard or maids around , I wonder if there’s any too

But there’s no way he can stay in this huge mansion without a maid or guard, well maybe they have their own house or so

I climbed down the stairs slowly running my eyes through the sitting room until I meet Nosh sitted on the dining table Eating

From where I stood I admired him, he’s so handsome and freaking hot that I wished I can at least touch him

Well now I get the reason why girls are rushing for him, well suprisely I’m even living in his house

I pulled out a chair and sat down greeting him good morning but like I expect he ignores me

I serve my self some noodles and white soup then starts eating

Since I arrived he haven’t even raise his eyes to look at me

Each spoonful food I take I always take a quick glance at him but he ignored me totally

So rude! I found my self hissing and that was when he looked up to look at me

“Hey” I greeted trying to start up a conversation but instead he took his eyes back to his food

I was getting pissed, this is not how people described him, they said he’s really caring but am seeing the opposite

“You know if you continue ignoring me like this then we’ll never be able to sort things out” I said to him

He suddenly dropped his spoon noisely and looked at me

“And if you keep being so cheap like this then you won’t ever be possible to find a husband” he said

“Cheap! I muttered angrily but covered it up with a smile

“You know am 18, and am not even talking about husband now , I still have my education to complete” I says to him but he just kept shut

“fine! You can go dumb…don’t even talk okay?” I says and ate my food hurriedly

He stood up and walked upstairs Leaving me at the dining

Well it won’t be easy really! Hard nut indeed

But it won’t be bad getting him pissed and tired of me all day right? I smiled and carried my bag walking out of the mansion

I found my way through the garage and then I stared around

Wow! There are many cars here , all cars just name them

I hadn’t noticed them all when I first came here maybe cause am nervous

Really he’s born with a silver spoon

I stared around and try to search for my own car but I couldn’t find it and I was worried

I was already getting late for school, well i will have to take a cab then

Was about walking out of the garage when a black man dressed in well ironed black suit walked over to me

“Boss demands you go to school with him” he said

His accent was foreign

“Huh?” I muttered staring at him but he already starts walking down

G©sh! Everything is confusing! I hissed and turned to return back into the house when I saw Noah walking to my direction

He was looking extremely handsome with a plain white and black trouser with well combed dark hair

G©sh! He really worth an award of the most handsome in new York city

He brushed past me with about 15 guards rushing over to him to open the car for him, from where I stood I watched him walk into a white car and then the car was closed the guards rushing to other black cars

I stood still confused with what to do. am I supposed to enter the white car with him?

Well I swallowed and walked over to the car, a guard standing there opened the door for and I muttered a thanks to him before getting into the car nervously

Luckily he didn’t say a word but then I started feeling extremely nervous as the driver turned on the ignitor

“What will people say seeing me with Noah Jealvin? Coming out from the same car with him?

What if they found out I was trying to make him Fall in love again? They will use it against me and call me cheap

I turned to stare at Noah who cared less or none at all

This is a disaster”was one thing my head keeps repeating

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