CRUSHING ON YOU : Chapter 31 – 40

Authoress Berry Julie📝

Chapter 33.🍂

I rushed towards him and circled my hand around his waist as he tried pushing me away

“Please don’t do this!” I cried not wanting to let go

“Am just not ready back then!” I added and he sighed and slowly turned to me

“Vanessa, let go of my cloth or I will have the guards through you out!” His deep voice says

“K please! Am back now” I cried more

“Do you realize you’re making me late for school? I thought you said you can’t deal with me right? So what now!” He yelled and of course i trembled

“K I can explain! It isn’t my mum, mum wants us to travel out of town and……” I stop not finding anything else to say

Really it’s all my fault

“Go on! Am listening” he says

“Tell me all your already cooked up lies! As you can see am fine now! Very fine!! At first I never thought i will survive it after you made it clear you don’t want me but suprisely am doing good so why are you back? To hurt me again?”

“K no! I promise i won’t ever leave your side again just please” tears roll down my cheeks

“K please” I muttered

“Oh Vanessa! Am already late…bye” I watched him walk to his car and the guards opened the door for him

“K please!!” I yelled and he stops to stare at me

I missed him! I can’t deny the feelings that i still want him ever since I meet his sister again

“Please” I muttered but he shakes his head and entered the car

I watched as the car drove out one after the other, my legs feel so quick to carry me

More tears cuddle my eyes! “Please k!” I yelled but am sure he didn’t hear me

“Please k” I muttered to my self ask finally let go of the tears


The drive to school was very quiet and boring that I almost slept off

No matter how much I tried to start up a conversation with him he always keep quiet like am a fool which frustrated me but there was nothing I could do

Soon I start hearing loud voice both chattering and laughing voices and I immediately knew we are in school already

I don’t really know how I feel, nervous? Happy? Confused? I just don’t know

But really i don’t want to come out of the car with him

“Please is there any way I can go out from here? I don’t want to enter the school with you” I says nervously

He turned to stare at me for a while then take his gaze back to his phone

“Eric pull over” he commanded the driver

Wow! He granted my wish! I muttered happily

“Get out” his voice was deep and did he just tell me to get out?

Is he angry that I didnt go into the school with him

“Huh? Am sorry but if you’re upset that i didn’t go…..” He cut me short

“Get out of my car” he muttered again

“Fine fine I will! Grumpy” I muttered the last part and slowly get out of car shutting the door angrily

Thank goddess students didnt notice the car cause am sure they will recognize Noah’s car whenever they see it

I breathed out heavily immediately I heard a scream signifying that students have noticed his presence

Uhmm! Such a crazy fans” I sighed and start walking into the school compound but as I walked i noticed someone’s eyes on me

I turn slowly and meet a male figure standing far away from where I stood , his face covered with mask

“We need to talk” his lips read

I shakes my head and hurriedly rush into the school compound

Someone held my hand and I trembled turning slowly i meet Sandra

“You scared me” I sighed

“No I didn’t! You look extremely scared yourself what happened?” She asked

“Nothing, let’s get to class” I said and looked back at where I saw the hoodie guy

He was gone!

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