CRUSHING ON YOU : Chapter 31 – 40

Authoress Berry Julie📝

Chapter 34.🍂

As I and Amily walked towards the classroom I noticed she wasn’t happy as usual

It was like she was scared of something or someone

Well! I soff off the feeling as we entered the classroom

“So Amily? How was your weekend” I smiled at her as we take our sit

“My weekend? I will tell you about it once Linda arrive for school” she said and I nodded

•Ms Redford•

“Matthew I don’t want to do this, it will hurt your wife” I said over the phone

“Listen I don’t care if she’s hurt or not, I just want you back” he replied and I sighed

“Even if I forgive you I don’t think Samar will” I sighed

“With time he will realize I did it for reasons”

“Matthew you should quit saying you did it for reasons, obviously there’s no reason for your mistakes”

“Am sorry” he muttered

“You should focus on finding your lost son, he’s your heir” I said sadly

“Listen babe! Even if he’s my heir I will make sure all my children gets their share equally I promise” this time my face lighted up a little

“I will talk with you later” without waiting for reply I ended the call

The tears that I holded up for long keep rushing as I finally let go of them

I won’t deny the fact that I missed him and really want him make in my life but I was scared

Scared of the unknown! Scared of the future

Amily accepting back his father won’t be a problem because she’s so fond of him but the problem is Samar

He grow up without his father and then someday I will come to tell him that this man is his father

How will he take that? I really wish this hadn’t get all messy

I really want to say yes that i will marry him again but a lot was holding me back

I don’t want to ruin the life of my children in the name of love

Their happiness comes first to me! I picked up my phone and tap on her number

I really want someone to speak to but she will be in school now

I dropped the phone back on the bed and run my fingers through my hair

Such a complicated life! Will things ever get any better?


We walked into the canteen laughing and chartering as we took our seats

“So you mean he’s the opposite of what people defined him” Linda asks

“Well.. I don’t really know maybe its because it’s in the case of love” I said

“Hmm! You’re really playing your heart amii” Sandra muttered

“What? Why will you say that?”

“I don’t know, but what if after three months he didn’t fall for you so?”

“She’s going to die” Linda Completed

“You’re our friend ami and we really care! It’s better you quit now it’s not late, we don’t want to lose you right Lin?”


“Thanks so much friends but i Can’t, I don’t know why but I feel right, I Want to do this” I said

“Noah jealvin is not the only guy! There are others out there who can even treat you right and love you without a so called contract” linda interrupts

“But it’s him i want! I don’t want to give up on him , come on friends you have to support me” I whispered and they both sighed

“Well! All the best” Linda says

“Thanks babe! Sandra…” I called and she hissed

“Just be fine” she pouts

“I will, i promise” I smiles

“Let me get some lunch” I said to them and stood up walking to the canteen counter

But I bumped into someone making whatever the person was carrying to pour on me

Nope! I didnt bump on the person! The person bumped into me!”

I look up and meet that wicked smirk plastered on Tracy’s face

“Oops! Didnt mean to am sorry!” She says and brushed past me

“Bitch! She whispered

I badly wanted to pull her by her hair and give her some red face but I hold myself back

“You okay!” Linda and Sandra says rushing up to me

“That bch! She did it right?” Sandra says staring angrily at the retreating back of Tracy

“It’s fine girl! I will just go and clean up” I muttered and slowly exit the canteen

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