CRUSHING ON YOU : Chapter 31 – 40

Authoress Berry Julie📝

Chapter 35.🍂

The classroom door opened and kelvin hurriedly stepped in sitting down immediately

“Dmn! Those crazy fans won’t kill me” he hissed and I smiled

“What do you expect?”

“Really but that is much! At least they always see us any day we come to school and they watch on television and sees us on news so what?

“They do all this but they didnt touch us right?”

“Dmn! I hate these shts” he sighed and rested his head on the desk

“You okay?” I asked taking my eyes off my book

“Am okay” he muttered slowly

“Hey! I won’t accept it if you lie to me, come on why that face? You look like someone who get dumped” I laughed

“Really it would have been better if I was dumped, at least that will never be possible” he say

I stared at him for a while then laughs and took a glass cup beside me and pour myself some water

“So what happened then?” I asked

“Vanessa is back” his word made me drop my glass cup

The glass braking and shattering on the floor


“Vane visited this morning, she wants me back” he said sadly

°2 years Ago°

“Vane this is the time my brother needed you the most!”

“I don’t care! I can’t do this anymore”


“Noah am sorry but am never coming back to him, I can’t deal with him”


“She can’t be back now” I muttered

“She just ruined my day” Kelvin muttered sadly as the guards packed the broken glasses

“Let’s hang out?”


I poured some water into my hand and washed my face then sighed

The stains were really bad and can’t be washed off easily

God! I don’t even have an extra cloth in my locker, what type of day is this?

“looking for some new outfit?” A huge deep voice startled me

I turn to meet a man dressed on all black staring at me

“Who…who ar…are you? This is ladies restroom and you’re not supposed to be here!” I stammered but he smiled instead

“forgive my manners but you see my boss sent me to you” he took off his glasses

“Who’s your boss?” I asked nervously

How can I be tripped in a restroom with an unknown man?

“Well you won’t like to meet him but I will just tell you why he sent me”

“Mmmm” I hummed

“Actually…..he said Noah your boss took something from him and he want you to help get it back”

“What?” I widened my eyes

“He wants you to work for him until he regains what is his……he’s paying you triple of your pay here” he stops and stared at Me

For some seconds I was dazed and when I regain my stand I laughs

“Go tell your boss he’s a coward, if he need anything let him get it himself” I yells

“And if he sent you to visit me in a ladies restroom then he’s much more of a coward”

“You!!” A slap landed on my cheeks

“No one speaks to the boss that way!” With that he kicked me on my stomach

I spat out blood immediately

“Fk you!! Let go of me!” I yelled

“Seems like you want it the hard one little lamb” and with that he dragged me up and smash my head on the mirror

The mirror broke and I fall on the floor gasping for breath

“Let go of me!!” I yelled tears rolling down

“All I need is for you to accept the job”

“I can nev…….”

“Okay then!” He laughs and dragged me up again this time hitting my head on the wall

I felt so weak! Like my head was bigger than me

I crawl near the broken glasses as he walks to me, I picked up a glass and turned to him

“Arrrgggggg!!! I Screamed rushing to him and next we were both on the floor

Bl©©d coming out from his mouth, I fall weakly on the floor


“Doctor will she be okay!”

“You can’t enter mam we will have to take it from here”

“Amily!! Amily……am….ily!”

“Gather the equipment, it’s an order from Sir Noah that we gave her the best”

“Clear out all patient in ward 21 and arrange it”

“She needs blood transfusion!!”

Slowly the voices trilled off as I shut my eyes again

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