CRUSHING ON YOU : Chapter 31 – 40

Authoress Berry Julie📝

Chapter 38.🍂

The driver parked the car at the garage and helped me open the door

I muttered a thanks to him and slowly walked into the mansion, my body was on fire I just left the hospital because am scared that the doctor will inform Noah about my sickness..

Luckily I was able to convince her not to, maybe that’s a secret between us then

And Sofia and Linda luckily didn’t get to over heard about it

Gosh, I really need to led my head somewhere

The quietness In the house since I moved in still befile me, like no maids can be seen expect when they want to serve breakfast or dinner

Maybe it’s an order Noah placed, he likes a quiet life I think

Successfully I unlocked my room door and stepped in, dropping the bag on the nearest chair then I sat on my bed

“So much for a day” I muttered weakly and just then my phone rang

I wasn’t expecting any call and really I wasn’t in the mood of taking calls but not when it was from Vanessa

I sighed and pressed the answer button and her subbing voice came up

“Hey baby what’s up? I asked

“Ami….. I need to talk to you, please come over”

Okay! Not when am so weak and feels miserable, but I can’t turn her down not when she needed me most

“But you know I can’t fly to Australia now?

“Am not in Australia, am in new York! Am at No 47 Foreign street.. Room 36” her voice was down

Like someone who have been crying

“Okay! See you there” I ended the call and walked weakly to the mirror

The bandage on my head makes me look like shts, and the injury on my cheeks didn’t help matters at all

How am I supposed to walk round the street with this bandage on my head? So….. I guess a pink hoodie will do


A car drove into the family house of Jealvin’s and as the guards rushed and open the door, someone came out from the car

Kelvin Rodriguez Jealvin looking extremely handsome

This time his hair wasn’t dyed in blues but in dark red making him look extremely hot

He was dresses on a simple white T-shirt and a fitting black trouser

On his neck hung necklesses worth a billion dollars and on his fingers we’re different colored ring

He doesn’t have time to admired himself, he was two minutes late to the meeting and he know his dad won’t go easy on him

Mr Jealvin was well known in new York as a well disciplined man who hates lateness

To him he sees who ever that came late to an occasion as someone who doesn’t know the reason they’re there and of course he doesn’t fall to compliment

Kelvin hurriedly opened the glass door and stepped in then rush to the elevator and pressed flat 3

He kept counting how long it took the elevator to stops, he breathed out immediately the elevator opens

He rushed in just in time to meet his dad’s burning eyes

“You’re late” he’s voice was deep

And mostly scary, Kelvin nodded slowly

“I know, am sorry sir” he says and hurriedly sat beside his mum who he know will protect him

“I won’t want this to happen again else I will have you punished, you should set good example to your followers! ”

“Yes sir” Kelvin replied bad eyeing his twin brother who was giving him a mocking face

A minutes of silence finds it way into the gathering before Mr Jealvin finally cleared his throat

“A new contract came in” he announced

Esther Caldwell Jealvin who was sitting next to her brother sighed

Of course she knows the meeting has to do with a new contract

“But it’s different from other contract so far” he stops and stared at them just like teacher will do

Of course no one dares move an inch so he continued

“I already accepted the contract…. A singing and dancing competition is coming up next month, like I said earlier it’s different from other contract so far ”

“Hmm” Noah hummed

“Did you said anything Noah? His father asked and he responded negatively

“This contract is worth more than any other contract… Before we sign the final file about the contract here is the rule ” he looks at them

“From you Esther Caldwell Jealvin, you must have your own dancing crew before you’re signed in”

Esther’s eyes widened… She have always been scared about having her own dancing crew, she prefer her alone after Tracy took her crews away from her

“Kelvin and Noah before you’re signed in…… You must have a WIFE! ”


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