CRUSHING ON YOU : Chapter 31 – 40

Authoress Berry Julieđź“ť

Chapter 39.🍂

“What!!” The twins shouted in disbelief

There is no way that can be happening, what sort of contract involved having a wife?

“Esther, I need you to bring in your dancing crew to me by next week unfailingly, And you two…introduce your bride to me before this time next week, any question??

Noah shakes his head in disbelief then turned to his father

“You’re kidding me dad” his voice was low

“I guess there’s no question then, see you all by this time next week” and with that he walks away

“Mum…..”Kelvin tried saying but his mum waved at him and walks away too

“Seriously!? He muttered

“What should we do now”? Esther asked

“No! What you should do and not us!” The two twins yelled together

Noah signed and walked out of the sitting room taking the elevator he finds himself in the last flat

He opened the glass door and walked into his car the driver speeding off

His mind was not in peace, there was no way he was doing that sht

His dad knew how much he despise being in a relationship, and now he didnt even come up with a girlfriend but a wife

He shakes his head sideways, there’s no way he’s going to do that!

Kelvin Rodriguez Jealvin sitted at the back of his car as the driver drove through the road

Is his dad trying to tie him up with a lady? He know he was a player who just uses girls like they are nothing and then dump them

Now how is he going to pick up a suitable wife out of them?

He was still a student, yes he know he will be finishing high school within next month but getting married have never been in his plans

Not after he get dumped by the one he needed to be by him

He knew his dad, there’s no way he’s going to change his mind not when it’s a contract

Really he isn’t just ready for that…not now, he isn’t ready to be tyed down in one lady’s bed

He can’t do it, not now but of course he have no options

Esther bounced on her bed weakly, her day have been ruined

Her dancing career was one thing she treasured so much and she feels so happy whenever there’s a new dancing competition but in this she isn’t Feeling herself at all

She once have her own crews but Tracy took them all away from her and of course she gives up in having a crew

Tracy’s dad was her daddy’s right hand man and so that makes Tracy always want to competite with her which she founds irritating

She sighed, she doesn’t even know where to start, if she announce she needs some crew many unexperience fans will fill in making it difficult for her to chose

She sighed, she was over thinking and needed just to rest

Back in the family house Mr Kelvin hugs his wife and carried her up dancing

He bring her down and held her waist then looked into her eyes

“You know you’re getting more beautiful than you were when I meet you?” He gives her his best smile

“You’re starting to flirt with me Jealvin” she pouts

“You know am not lying, am really doing a good job with you” he laughs

“Stop it please!”

“Because it’s true? You know you should thank me because I picked you from the waste bin and cleaned you up”

“Hey! Thats a lie” she pouts just like someone was was ready to cry

“Uh uh my darling wife….what do you need? Am sorry” he hugs her and she smiled

“Jealvin” she called slowly

“Yes my wife”

“Do you think we’re doing the right thing? Telling them they need a wife before they get the Contract” her voice was troubled

“Don’t tell me you’re still thinking of that, listen that’s the only way to tye them down,Noah can’t still be doing this to himself and Kelvin can’t be a player forever, my only daughter can’t continue giving up that Tracy is better than her” he explained

“Hmm” she hummed

“I don’t want them to get hurt, just hope they can do it”

“Don’t be too bothered, they definitely can do it, come here I miss you already” he grabbed her hand but she slipped off him running out of the room

“Catch me if you can!” She yelled


“Please doctor… more chance I promise to complete the payment” I pleaded but he just sighed

“Am sorry Mister Damien but I really have tired, I won’t touch her again until the pay is complete” he said

“Please doctor”

“Am sorry” with that he walks out

I sighed and led on the door, I have tired my best but the money I got wasn’t even half of the payment

I can’t let my mum die in my arms, she’s all I have and leaving her will be a disaster

I cleaned my tears and walked to her ward , she was sleeping peacefully

She meant the world to me….I shakes my head negatively

“You’re not dying on me mum” I kssed her palm and slowly walks out of the ward exiting the hospital

There might still be hope


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