CRY FOR ME: Part 11 – The End

CRY FOR ME: Part 11 – The End

Part 11

Franca Uwuigiaren

“Yes I am not your father” the shock on the faces of my sisters was too much.

“I have done DNA. So ask this prostitute who your father is”

Mum was already up pacing the sitting room. She untied and retied her wrapper several times. All eyes were on her.

“You wasted my time Chiamaka. I wish I can turn back the hands of time. May you reap what you sow. I don’t want to see you close to this house or near Susan.

CRY FOR ME: Part 11 – The End.

Not in this life or after. In as much as I love Cheta and Blessing, I won’t claim what isn’t mine.”

Mum kept pacing the room without saying anything. There was no eye contact with Dad or her kids who were so shocked to talk.

I watched as my sisters grabbed dad’s legs. They were crying hysterically.

“You’re the only father I know. I don’t want any other father dad. Please don’t send me away because of mum’s sin” Cheta said amidst tears.

“We’re not the one who offended you. Who will love me like you dad? Who will check my books? Are you not the one who cared for us since we were babies till now?

Please dad don’t send us away” Blessing lamented. “You know we love you Dad”

I cried. Oh! How I cried for my sisters. The only sisters I Know and love.

“I can’t deceive you kids. I love you no doubt but the truth remains the truth. I am not your father.

I am sure he’s waiting for you.” Dad said disengaging their hands from his legs and he moved to the door.

“I forgive you chiamaka even though you cut me deep. I raised these kids well but please don’t truncate their destinies.” He opened the door and walked away.

CRY FOR ME: Part 11 – The End

Immediately dad left, she started making calls. She told the kids to stop crying and start packing their things to leave this poverty infested house.

She told the kids that their father is wealthy and they won’t lack anything.

“I don’t care whether he’s rich, he will never be my father. Though dad may not accept us again, he is the only one my heart know and acknowledge as father. I will never call him father.” Blessing said.

“Me too! Never will he replace the father that has love me like no other. Mum you’re wicked and I hate you.” Cheta blurted.

I knew mum was going to blow off so I quickly walked to the kitchen to escape but she dragged me back.

“Are you not the one that taught my kids to talk back at me? I knew you are the one that told your useless father everything.

The dad their father visited, my heart kept telling me you eavesdropped. You’re a witch Susan. You’re a bad luck and your future is doomed already.”

CRY FOR ME: Part 11 – The End

I saw her lift her hands but before I could dodge, it has landed on my face.

“Mark today’s date, you will never amount to something good. Whatever you touch with your hands will spoil. May your life be upside down. Just as you destroyed my marriage, that’s how your life will be destroyed. Say Amen.

I didn’t respond.

“Ah mum what kind of curse is this? I expected you to be remorseful and…” She didn’t allow Blessing to complete her words before she shut her mouth with hot slaps. She bounced on me and pounded me like yam. She hit me with whatever that was within her reach. My head and face were swollen.

“I will kill you before your dad comes back.” I ran into the toilet and locked the door.

“Useless girl!” She hissed and returned to the room. When it was bright, she went out and returned with a vehicle to carry her things. She took everything in the house except dad’s clothes and mine.

When she was through, she knocked on the door but I didn’t open.

“As long as the sun and moon exist, you will not experience good things. May your life be full of problems Susan. You’re as useless as your mother who dumped you.” She kept cursing and hitting the door.

“Wetin happen madam. Who you dey curse like this? A man’s voice said.

“Abeg mind your business driver. I no call you to come ask me questions.”

“I don load finish. Oya make we move” the driver said.

I heard mum’s footsteps and the door banged. I heard the door opened again and someone entered.

“Forgive mum” I heard Blessing saying. Dad told us that Jesus has redeemed us from every curse. My mother’s curse will not work against you Susan.”

I opened the door and I hugged her.

“Tell Dad he is the only father we know. We love him so much.” I hugged her and Cheta and I sighted mum coming, I rushed back to the toilet and locked the door.

I didn’t Know it will be like this. As I heard the vehicle moving, I opened the toilet and rushed to the sitting room to discover she empty the house. She took all the cooking utensils. She poured vegetable soup on the sink just because she wanted the pot.

I sat on the bare floor with body ache and swollen face. I wept till I fell asleep.

CRY FOR ME: Part 11 – The End


Dad returned to a empty house in the afternoon. I had not eaten because there was nothing to eat.

My face was still swollen and my body aches badly. He went to the room, kitchen and returned to the sitting room. He sat beside me and wept.

“She dealt me a terrible blow” dad said.
He went out to buy us food but we didn’t touch it for our heart was heavy.

“I don’t know how I am going to start again. I am no longer young. Aaaah! She wasted my time.”

It was the following day that dad discovered mum carried his “KOLO” a wooden box where he drops five hundred naira daily. Dad panicked and started crying. He dialled mum’s number but she never answered her call. He sent sms begging mum to return the box of money but she never responded.

“How am I to stay all over? Jesus help me.”

Dad was gloomy and depressed. He would not eat or go to work. What was happening was too much to bear. My dad didn’t know I wasn’t eating either until I slumped one day. When I opened my eyes, I found myself in the hospital.

“I am sorry Susan. I was carried away that I neglected you. I never noticed you weren’t eating until the doctor told me.

Henceforth I will pay more attention. I will will watch over you.” Few days later, I was discharged from the hospital.

He tried to put everything behind him. He never mentioned anything about his stolen Wooden box.

He never talked about Blessing and Cheta but I have seen him look at their pictures in his phone with tears in his eyes.

CRY FOR ME: Part 11 – The End

Written by Franca Uwuigiaren

Inspired by the Holy Spirit

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