CRY FOR ME: Part 11 – The End

CRY FOR ME: Part 11 – The End

Part 21

Franca Uwuigiaren

“Aaaah father. Welcome sir!” Nneka greeted running to hug the man that came in. She held his hand and helped him sit on the chair.

“What can I offer you sir?” She asked excitedly.

“Nothing my daughter. I am okay.”

“This one that you visited me today. If you know how happy I am. I have missed you so much.” She said as tears trickle down her face. “My husband stopped me from coming to you. “Whenever I try I find it difficult as if I am oppressed.”

The man stood up, went to her and wiped her tears with his hands

“Your spirit man is weak. So weak Nneka. I noticed you stopped coming to me. Everyday, I come to your altar to wait for you but you never came. I called and called you but you never heard me. Look at you Nneka, your prayer altar is dead. Look at the lamp, off, lying waste on the floor. Your gate is even opened for anything to come in.”

He paused, allowing Nneka to absorb what he’s saying.

“The battle just started. Tell me, how do you hope to fight and win this battle when you are weak and afraid. You’re not prepared. You have no weapon. If you don’t stand up now, you will fall in the battlefield.”

Nneka moved away from him and stopped in the dinning room.

“My daughter is even drained. I waited for you to come to me for refilling but you didn’t come.”

He moved to her again, held her shoulders and shook her violently.

“Wakeup Nneka. I want the fire in your altar burning. I want you to come to me for refilling. I want to refreshen you. Come to me for I have many things to tell you. No that without me you can do nothing. If you must win in this battle that just begun, you must depend on me”

Nneka opened her eyes and looked everywhere.

“So it was a dream.” She said sitting up. “I know what it means and I must act before it’s too late.”

For the first time in months, she went on her knees and communed with her maker.

She rededicated her life to God. She rekindled the fire in her and she became strong and God backed her.

CRY FOR ME: Part 11 – The End


Chikamso woke up one morning and charged at her.

“I am tired of this marriage Nneka. You don’t follow orders. I told you no prayer in this house but you turned deaf ears.”

“I am sorry dear, I can’t stop praying. I am a Christian and every Christian should pray” she responded quietly.

“Alright, since you have made your choice, I will make my choice too” he said.

“Which is?”

“I am calling this marriage quit. I am tired of it” he said

“You can leave.” She said quietly.

He turned and looked at her.

“I just said I am leaving this rubbish marriage.”

“And I said you can leave. Please make sure you drop my car keys before stepping out of this house. Good luck!” She said as she walked to her room.

She entered the room and sat on the bed.

“I am through begging him. He can leave immediately.” She murmured to herself.

Chikamso left the house without taking anything. He went straight to Atrocity.

“I don’t understand what her problem is.” He complained.


“My wife. She even flaunts my order. Is it because she’s the one with money and she wants to rubbish me? She begged me to marry her now she’s misbehaving.”

“Calm down. I think she’s seeing someone and she may discard you at anytime for that person. You will be the loser Chikamso. Think.. think..” Atrocity told him.

“What should I do now? I don’t want to miss those things I benefit from her. She has too much money. Do you know she’s paid in dollars? Eeeh! She’s wealthy ooo” he said.

There was silence and Chikamso was just nodding his head.

“I have a solution. Kill her. Use her for money ritual and be fast about it.” Atrocity told him bluntly. “I killed my first wife for rituals and got myself another woman.

Without thinking twice or blinking an eye, he nodded.

“I agree grand Master. I have never loved her. I want her dead and I want her dead tonight.”

“Trust me Chikamso. I am not called ATROCITY for nothing. I will not fail you.” He said with a smirk on his face.

Stay here. . We will settle her case in the night. Tomorrow morning you will find her dead. As soon as you enter her room, cut her hair and nails, put them in a pot I will give you. Remove her pant or any item of clothing you meet on her body and put it in the pot too. Bring to me. After her burial, I will hand the pot back to you. Each time you want money, just call her name and the rest is history. No one will suspect you.” Atrocity told the smiling Chikamso.

“Let’s wait. There’s enough time to prepare. This just morning. Meanwhile let’s have some drinks.”

Atrocity called the maid to get them some drinks and meat from the pot.

CRY FOR ME: Part 11 – The End


After Alex call last night, Claire didn’t sleep. She tossed here and there on the bed until it was morning. As soon as it was morning, she put a call to Alex to expect her. Then in her expensive car drove to his company. He was already waiting for her at the reception. He took her to his well furnished office.

“What can I offer you?” He asked

“I want to hear everything you said last night.”

“Take something first. Coffee.. tea..”

“I don’t want anything. Let’s talk.” She said.


Alex told her everything.
“I am positive it was her I saw.”

“Are you for real” she asked.

“Sure Claire.”

She started crying.

“I want to see her. I want to meet her. I want to confirm what you told me. I don’t want my hopes to be high for nothing.”

“I…I.. didn’t ask her contact.”

“Well ask the receptionist. You should have asked for her contact long ago. Please Alex, ask the receptionist.” She sobbed.

“Calm down. Let me see the receptionist.”

He ran out of his office and spoke with the Receptionist. She concentrated on his lips rather than what he was saying.

“I don’t remember any girl.” She said.

“The girl that stood here the day I almost had a heart attack? How can you not remember?” He asked.

“Oooh that Riffraff? She dropped a letter for Mr Austin but I never gave it to him. What would he do with such a girl” She said sarcastically

“I need the letter now.” He said.

She started searching for it until she found it.

“Thank you” he said after collecting the letter. “One more thing, you’re not the one to determine who is important and who is a Riffraff. Your opinion on this company, is not valuable. Keep it to yourself.”

Alex quietly returned to the office and opened the letter.

“It’s an application letter. She writes exactly like me. Such beautiful handwriting like mine.” He said smiling.

Claire collected the letter from him and stare at it. She brought out her phone from her handbag and dialled the number.

“Hello. Good morning. This is Alexdan construction company.” She said

“How may I help you?” Ikechukwu replied.

“Em..em. someone dropped an application with us.”

“Oh.. that’s my daughter”

“Alright sir. We actually want her to resume with us tomorrow.”

“Ah Susan will be very happy. Do you know how she has combed everywhere in search for a job. She will be happy to hear this news.” Ikechukwu said on the phone so excited. “I will tell her. Thanks for calling.

“I will forward the address sir”


She dropped her phone and cried.

“Her name is beautiful. I didn’t even see it on the letter. I just concentrated on the handwriting.”

Alex hugged her.



” I don’t want her to freak out. She looks so much like you and she may freak out.”

“I get you Alex. I will wait.”

“Let us soft pedal. I want to wet the ground first.”

“One week is all I can give. I want to meet her Alex but I will be patient. Only one week”

She took her handbag from the table and left. Alex look at the door and release his breath.

CRY FOR ME: Part 11 – The End


Chikamso and Atrocity were in a shrine in Atrocity’s house. No one who’s not a member is allowed near the room. Even his wife and children knew they must never go close.

They stood before a big mirror. This particular mirror never show the reflection or image of anyone except the one meant for death. Both of them tied white wrapper around their waists.

Chikamso stood at the front with a dagger in his hand while Atrocity stood five steps behind him.

Both of them started chanting then Chikamso stopped while Atrocity continued.

“Position the dagger for the kill” he ordered. Chikamso raised his dagger.

“Begin to call her name” he instructed.

“Nneka Nneka you won’t escape me. Tonight you die. Nneka Nneka Nneka appear on this mirror.

CRY FOR ME: Part 11 – The End


Nneka was using the bathroom when she heard her name. She rushed to her children’s room but they were peacefully asleep. So she returned to her room. She had not taken her sit when she heard her name again.

“This is not strange” she said to herself and went into warfare prayers.

“Whosoever that is calling my name in any altar or shrine for evil, Holy Ghost answer them with your fire, in the name of Jesus. I will not be meat in the pot of my enemy. Your word says no weapon formed against me shall prosper and every tongue that rise up against me, I shall condemn.

Tonight, I condemn every work of the enemy against me and my children. Let your fire fall in the camp of my enemy.” Nneka prayed on and on

CRY FOR ME: Part 11 – The End


“What is happening Atrocity. I have been calling her name but nothing is happening.” Chikamso said with confusion and frustration on his face.

“Call her again with anger and hatred. Hit the mirror with the knife the moment she appears” Atrocity said. “Her head may want to resist but you need to be persistent.”


He positioned himself and started calling her again.

A hand appeared and strike Chikamso and he fell dead. The same hand shattered the mirror. Atrocity ran out then returned. He felt chikamso’s pulse and discovered he was dead.

He dragged Chikamso’s corpse from the shrine and lock the room. He ran out again and returned with the gate man.

Together both of them carried his corpse in Atrocity’s car. Atrocity badly shaken couldn’t drive, he ordered the driver to drive out of the compound.

The driver drove under the direction of Atrocity for some time before he was ordered to stop the car. Both of them dropped Chikamso’s corpse along the road.

It was in the morning that Nneka discovered Chikamso had died. No one knew what killed him except Nneka who had been briefed at the altar of prayer.

CRY FOR ME: Part 11 – The End

Written by Franca Uwuigiaren

Inspired by the Holy Spirit.

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