CRY FOR ME: Part 11 – The End

CRY FOR ME: Part 11 – The End

Part 24 (Final)

Franca Uwuigiaren

Susan lost her smile, peace and joy. She was angry. Very angry. Overnight, she lost weight. Ikechukwu was worried. She would not eat or talk to anyone.

“What happened to you angel?


“For the past three days, you refused going to work. You don’t want to talk to me or your sisters. Look how worried they are. You have been like this for three days.”

“Nothing sir!”

“If I am your father, that carried you, you will tell me what the problem is. You know I can do anything for you.”

“Mr Alex said he’s my biological father.” She said trying to fight tears but she couldn’t. The tears poured freely.

Ikechukwu said nothing again. He took his blue plastic chair and went outside to allow fresh air touch his head. He sat outside for long before retiring for the night.

The next day, he told his family he was coming while he rushed to Mr Alex office.

“Leave the pleasantries” he told Mr Alex when he greeted. ” You think by announcing that you’re Susan’s father, she will just jump on you or hug you? I was there from the beginning but you weren’t there. Everything she knows I taught her. Where were you? Nowhere to be found. You dumped her. You rejected her but I accepted her. Who are you to choose who to live or die? You think you can just walk to her and she will accept you? Just like that? My friend it doesn’t work like that.

Alex went on his knees. ” I am sorry sir.”

Claire walked in and met the whole drama.

“So you’re the woman that dumped her child without conscience. You’re a disgrace to womanhood.”

There was no doubt Claire was Susan’s mother. The resemblance was too much. She understood the whole drama and went all her knees.

“I am at fault sir” she cried.

“No. It’s my fault. I raped her and refused to take responsibility.” He wailed

“But I had no right to reject her. I would have made a better choice. I am at fault.” She said blowing catarrh in her handkerchief.

On their knees they narrated everything to Ikechukwu.

“Sir help us to beg her. We have realized our mistakes and we’re sorry.”

Ikechukwu said nothing but walked away.

CRY FOR ME: Part 11 – The End


I went to visit mum to see how she was doing. I didn’t tell Dad or my sisters. The pain I feel was eating me up so I needed to leave the house.

I met mum but she wasn’t well. The money I gave her, I discovered she hasn’t spent everything. She couldn’t go out to get anything for herself. I was sad when I met her in the state I never expected. I rushed to get her food. When she had eaten, I called a tricycle and took her to the hospital. She was weak. I paid for all the test that was conducted. After she had been diagnosed, the doctor commenced treatment and I paid for everything. I returned home without telling anyone. I just noticed my siblings doesn’t talk about her. Since I brought them, they refused to visit their mum and dad doesn’t comment or talk about her.

The next day, as I was going to check on mum, I saw where they wrote a room self contain available for rent. I made enquiry and since I could afford it, I paid for it. After checking on her, I returned to the place, bought what I used for cleaning the house. Since I walked out on Mr Alex, he has been sending money through his driver. Not one envelope but two with letters of apologies. The one my real mother sent was 100k. She said she needed me to go shopping. I know all these were part of the apologize. My siblings were always the one bringing the envelope to me. But how can I go shopping when my mum was sick. It was the money I used to rent a house for mum and a small mattress she can manage.

When she was discharged from the hospital, I took her to the place I rented for her. I made sure she was comfortable. I wasn’t worried about money because I know two envelopes are coming tomorrow and I will be able to get her few clothes and slippers.

CRY FOR ME: Part 11 – The End


Dad gathered us for devotion. We always look forward to it. On this day, dad’s focus was on forgiveness. He spoke extensively on the topic, then he asked me to forgive my real parents.

“You can’t pay evil with evil” he said.”Be grateful you have the opportunity to meet with them. Most never meet their parents Susan..

I looked at my dad and my tears threatened to drop.

“I forgive them.”

“Are you sure?” Blessing asked

“Check my heart”

*Ah aaah! We can’t see your heart except your teeth” Cheta told me.

“Truly I forgive them.”

“Watch how things will turn out for you.” Dad said. I rushed and hugged him.

“You’re my big father. I can’t leave you.” I told him.

“I know. I know.”

I had peace after I finally forgave them . Whenever I close my eyes to sleep, I see Mr Alex hugging me.

CRY FOR ME: Part 11 – The End


Alex and Claire with their parents visited Ikechukwu at home. Apart from the two plastic chairs in the house, nothing more. The room was too small to contain them but they managed. Susan hugged everyone then hugged Claire so tight.

“You’re going to give me the love of a mother that I missed. How I longed for you. I have forgiven you both. Even though I was angry I still thank God for the opportunity to meet with my real parents.”

She sniffled tears.

“I would have died long ago if not for my father here.”i said holding Ikechukwu my dad’s hand. I saw his tears.

My biological parents with tears went on their knees to ask again for forgiveness.

“I forgive you.”

It was a happy reunion. My biological parents and grandparents didn’t come empty. They thanked dad for taking good care of me.

CRY FOR ME: Part 11 – The End

A week later, I and my biological parents went on a vacation. We lodged in one of the most expensive hotel. I had fun. There was no dull moment will them. They told me what I needed to know about the family. I had alot of questions which I didn’t hesitate to ask..

“We may not have been there from the beginning, but we’re taking over.” Dad told me.

“I need help for my family” I told them with sad expression on my face. “I have told you things about them.”

“We have made arrangements for them Susan” Claire said winking at Mr Alex

“Yes We will enroll Cheta in a good school to finish her secondary School while Blessing will write the jamb with you. “Dad said

I was just super excited. They looked at each other and laughed.

“You’re not saying anything about dad.”

“I know you love him too much. Anyway, we have bought a house for him. As we speak, it’s being furnished. We will give him the documents of the house after our vacation.” Said mum and I screamed.

“There’s already a car that is parked for him there. We will give him money to start up something for himself. Whatever we are doing for him, is not enough payment. We can’t pay him. Him and his wife had the choice of walking away but they didn’t. God used them to rescue you.”

I hugged them.

“I know my mum and dad are not in good terms but my mum is suffering. Is there anything you can do for her pleasssssss.

“I will do something for her” mum told me.

“Thank you for accepting us.” Dad told me.

I looked at them and coughed to draw their attention.

“I have noticed how two of you keep staring at each other. Why are you not married to each other? I blurted.

“She doesn’t like me.”

‘or it’s you that doesn’t like me.” Claire said

“Do you love me? Say Yes or No before your daughter” Mr Alex teased.

“You’re crazy Alex. Your dad is crazy Susan.”

“You see what I said.? She doesn’t like me. ” He was just too playful.

“Let’s go downstairs and catch some fun.” She said running out.

“Don’t mind your mum. She’s too shy. Thank God you took after me” Mr ALex said winking at me. I laughed and followed him out.

CRY FOR ME: Part 11 – The End


When we returned, I gave the house documents to dad as given to me by Mr Alex and receipt of the car. Dad ran out of the house and ran back.

“So I have a house in my name” He sat on the floor and started weeping.

“So it’s dawn for me. I just didn’t know God will answer me this way.

As we were jubilating, Mr Alex and Claire whom I now refer to as small dad and mum drove in and without taking anything from the house, drove us to the house he bought for dad. Dad stood in awe of the house. It was a large compound. There my small parents wrote a check of twenty eight million naira for dad to start any business of his choice. He rolled on the floor singing and praising God.

“Tomorrow, we will take Cheta to her new school. Blessing and I will start our jamb lesson. Tomorrow morning, I will try and see big mum so I can give her something to help herself. I don’t think dad will have anything to do with her again. I don’t see any connection between them.

I am very happy God worked everything out for my good. My small parents are rich and I won’t lack anything not even my siblings.


I will take turn to spend time with my grandparents and relatives to know them better.

I know my small mum is deceiving herself. She has fallen for Mr Alex but pretending not to care. Just wait until dad ask her the big question and her Yesssssss will deafen everyone.

My small parents now added Onyinyechi to my name. I like the combination. Susan – Onyinyechi.

The End

Written by Franca Uwuigiaren

Inspired by the Holy Spirit


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