CRY FOR ME: Part 11 – The End

CRY FOR ME: Part 11 – The End

Part 12

My dad struggled to move on with his life. He worked hard and saved money. He later sold his bike and added money to buy a minibus popularly called “Korope” in Lagos. We were living fine.

I have finished my secondary School education. At 17, I look so tall and breathe taking. I told my dad I want to be a neurosurgeon and will not stop until I achieve this.

“Dr Susan” dad would call me teasing me in the process. “Please bring my food” he would laugh. ” I will try my best to send you to school, he would say.

No matter how busy he was, he would still go for evangelism.

One day, we woke up to discover that dad’s minibus has been stolen. I remembered that he parked the bus in the compound. Dad rushed to the police station to report the incident. Policemen came to the compound and carried out investigation but no culprit could be found. Gradually it dawned on us that someone has played a fast one on us.

That the end the matter died and dad was left with no means of livelihood. It was tough. It was truly it dawned on me that mum’s curse might me working against my life.

Dad hasn’t save enough money before the minibus was stolen and the little he saved, he began to use for feeding. The money began to reduce until there was nothing left.

Every morning, after returning from his morning preaching, he would go out to hustle. Sometimes, he would return with little or nothing in his pocket. My hope for taking JAMB form dwindled.

Infact, I was no longer thinking of furthering my education. I wanted to do something to help dad but I couldn’t. I watched as dad sold his television and other electrical appliances he acquired after mum took the former ones.

There must be a way out, I told myself. Any job that will fetch me money was what I was looking for. I went in search of job in earnest.

I just returned from one of my job hunting when brother Ekene knocked on the door. I opened the door and greeted.

“I want to discuss something important with you” he told me

“I hope there’s no problem?” I asked worried.

“Nooo! It’s something that will benefit us both” he said smiling sheepishly.

Ekene is a neighbour who moved into the compound seven months ago. He was nice and friendly. He told me he is a child of God and he was very sure his name is written in the book of Life.

He was a graduate and an electrical engineer. On several occasions, he would knock on the door and request for pepper, Maggie or salt and some other times food. Dad had always told me not to withhold help when I can render it.

So, whenever he come requesting for these items, I give him. Now that he was not requesting for anything, I wondered what must be the problem.

“Let’s sit outside” I told him. I went in and brought out two plastic chairs.

Why would I allow someone who’s not my relative inside the house when Dad wasn’t home. It wasn’t proper, I reasoned. We sat outside and he coughed several times. Maybe trying how best to say what is in his heart.

He cleared his throat again and smiled.

“I have gotten a job Susan.” He said

“Woah! Congratulations then. This is good news” I said shaking his hand.

CRY FOR ME: Part 11 – The End

“I suffered before I got this job but thank God for everything.”

“I desire this testimony” I told him.

“Do you know how much I will be paid?”


“One hundred and twenty thousand naira” he said laughing.


“With this kind of salary, I can give you a good life. Apart from the #120k, I will be paid transport, wardrobe and housing allowances. Very soon you will not recognize me. My steps will change” he said smiling.

Truly I was happy for him.

“You’re a good Christian girl and your dad brought you up so well. I know you want to further your education because you’re intelligent. Don’t worry, I am here for you. I want to marry you Susan. Do you know my mother got married to my father at your age? I promise to train you in any university.” He kept talking. I allowed him talk until he exhausted everything in his heart.

“I know things are tough for me and dad right now but I am not ready for marriage right now. I am too young still trying to differentiate between right and wrong. I am just seventeen. I were your sister, will you encourage me to get married because I want to further my education? I want to make meaning out of my life. No matter the promises brother Ekene, I can’t marry at this age. Sorry!

“You should be happy that I approached you to discuss this with you”

“Don’t you discuss this with me again” I told him. I was already pissed.

Brother Ekene didn’t relent after he left, he would greet dad calling him in-law. When Dad isn’t home, he would try to give me gift but I always reject them. I don’t want to eat what I will vomit through my anus. He kept bothering me until I told Dad.

“I don’t have money Susan but will have money soon. Don’t allow anyone to cajole or sweet tongue you angel. Focus on your vision and how to achieve it. Don’t be enticed because you will give me money more than what he’s promising you.” He said frankly. “You’re beautiful and more men will come trying to deceive you but focus on what is ahead and the gain afterwards.”

Ekene stopped disturbing me. He started avoiding me and I am very sure dad had warned him to stay clear from me.

CRY FOR ME: Part 11 – The End

Written by Franca Uwuigiaren

Inspired by Holy Spirit

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