CRY FOR ME: Part 11 – The End

Written by Franca Uwuigiaren

Inspired by the Holy Spirit

CRY FOR ME: Part 11 – The End

Part 15

Franca Uwuigiaren

The kids were already asleep when madam returned from work. She said the heavy rain caused it. She went to oga’s room to greet him but was surprised he wasn’t home.

“You mean my husband has not returned? She asked.

“No ma.”

“It’s almost 11pm.”

“Maybe the rain caused it too. He didn’t go with his car.”

I ran out to open the gate when I heard heavy knock on it. It was oga Chikamso. I greeted and he responded cheerfully.

“I just went out to chill with my friends” he told me.

He entered the house, kiss madam on her forehead and winked at me.
“I am sorry I entered late.”

“When will you stop this your night movement.?”

“See who’s talking. You’re not better than me. Anyway I went to catch some fun with my friends. You can go to bed now, Susan will attend to me.” He said smiling.

“I will attend to madam as well, she has not eaten.” I quickly interjected.

“Don’t bother Susan. I am tired. What i need is sleep not food.” She said yawning and going straight to her room.

I didn’t know whether it was proper at that time to tell her my decision. I decided to leave it till morning to tell her and leave immediately.

I served oga eba and ogbono soup. He likes heavy food at anytime of the day. The soup must be garnished with all the assorted, if he must eat it. I waited until he finished before retiring to my room for the night.

I was already tired and feeling sleepy. The time was far spent. I struggled to pray. The moment my body touched the bed, I zoomed off.

CRY FOR ME: Part 11 – The End


Oga Chikamso sat on his bed smiling. Tonight was the night. He had gone ahead spiritually to check her and discovered her glory was too great.

The cult he belonged told him to have sex with a virgin in order to be wealthy. The greater the glory the greater the wealth, he was told. The first day he saw Susan, he saw the star on her head shinning so bright.

The light emanating from her head was to bright to look at. He knew he had gotten his sacrificial offering. Whenever he looks at her, he saw nothing else but wealth. He saw her as the gateway to his wealth.

Tonight he was going to take by force everything good in Susan and replace her goodness with suffering and sorrow. He would lay Susan’s glory at the altar of death in exchange for wealth.

No going back. He looked at the clock on the wall, it was 1:00pm sharp. Quickly, he opened his drawer with a key he brought out from the Calabash hidden behind his wardrobe. He brought out a red robe decorated with cowries which he worn. He brought out a red cloth which he spread on the tiled floor. He brought out a small clay pot which he placed on the red cloth on floor.

As he chant, the pot started burning. He smiled and continued with chanting and a life chicken appeared on his hand. He rounded his head with the chicken seven times, then proceeded to Susan’s room. With the chicken, he touched Susan’s door seven times and it died instantly.

He smiled and returned to his room. He dropped the dead chicken on the red cloth on the floor and it disappeared.

He knelt and bow three times before the burning pot and the fire went off. He quickly returned every item to where he took them from. He removed his robe and dropped it on the bed.

“She will sleep an unusual sleep tonight. When I am through with her, I will ask my wife to sack her.

I wouldn’t want to see her face again.” He grinned from ear to ear as he went out to carry out his atrocity.

When he got to Susan’s door, he ran backwards. An angel of the Lord stood there with a powerful sword and a shield.

“What is this?” He asked himself as he ran back to his room. He summoned the grandmaster of his cult called ATROCITY.

CRY FOR ME: Part 11 – The End


Ikechukwu woke up suddenly. Startled he rushed to his Bible with fear.

“What kind of dream is this father?. Susan, Cheta or Blessing cannot be used as a sacrifice. O Lord protect them. Even though these kids are not my biological Children but you gave me the opportunity to hold them in my arms. Father arise and fight for them. But as he kept praying, the Holy Spirit began to minister to him about Susan.

“Whosoever that is digging a pit for Susan must fall inside. Lord Jesus release your host of angels to deliver her. Set your hedge of fire around her. Let the ground open and swallow all her enemies….the prayer went on and on.

CRY FOR ME: Part 11 – The End


I woke up and saw my Bible by my side. I remembered I kept it on top of my box but now it’s on my bed opened. My eyes caught Psalm 35 and I began to pray silently. After oga warned me never to pray in his house, I didn’t stop. Whenever he wasn’t home, I will sing, dance, and pray.

Tonight, there was a great strength upon me and I started to pray silently. The Holy Spirit began to give me prayer points.

“Wherever my name in being mentioned for evil in any kingdom, altar, shrine, Jesus answer them by fire. No evil hand will tamper with my destiny.

I refused to be useless. You my head, refused to cooperate with my enemy. Tonight, set confusion in the camp of my enemies, scatter their conspiracy and gang up against me”, I kept praying in anger.

CRY FOR ME: Part 11 – The End


“Why did you summon me?” Atrocity asked Chikamso.

“You didn’t tell me this girl is not an ordinary girl” he said panting.

“What do you mean?”

“She has power. She has called a powerful being to protect at her door. I can’t go in Atrocity. He has blocked the door.”

Atrocity looked at him and laughed.

“She may have power but I assure you that her power is useless compare to ours. No spirit is greater than I. Give me your mirror.” He told Chikamso.

“She has destroyed it”


“I don’t know how but she destroyed it.”

“Never mind. I will invoke demons to follow us. That spirit being need to allow us passage into her room.

He started chanting and a pot appeared in his hand. He invoked all the demons he knew to follow them to Susan’s room. I will drop the pot close to the being and it will run away.”

“When we’re through with the spirit being, you can have access to her.”

Chikamso smiled. “I trust you grand Master.”

“Let’s go”

Both of them and the demons proceeded to the sitting room but found tall and fierce looking angels with sword everywhere. Even the demons were frightened. They all ran back.

“Aah! Chikamso. That girl can’t be touched. I must confess that the power backing her is greater than ours. Leave her alone and look for someone else. That care is not careless.

“I have gone too far to back off.”

“Back off” Atrocity ordered. Her head is too strong. Can’t you see that those beings are prepared for war?. They can’t allow you touch her. You touch her you touch the lion’s tail.”

Chikamso sat on the bed and looked at Atrocity.

“You have always told me that no power can defeat you but tonight, we have been defeated.”

“We are not defeated. I still remain Atrocity but in this game, you look for those who are far from the lion’s protection. Those who think they don’t need the lion’s protection.”


“But if you choose to continue know that you are on your own” he said it and disappeared. Leaving Chikamso afraid and frustrated…..

CRY FOR ME: Part 11 – The End

Written by Franca Uwuigiaren

Inspired by the Holy Spirit

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