CRY FOR ME: Part 11 – The End

Part 17

Franca Uwuigiaren

About a year Chiamaka moved in with her kids, Beatrice became pregnant. She had never been pregnant talkless of having miscarriages. Chiamaka saw how Chinonso pampered her.

“Now my wife is pregnant, I don’t want to inconvenience her because of her mood swings. Make always make yourself available for me any time I need you Chiamaka.” he told her one day.

Chinonso sent the maids away except one who cook the meal and he ordered Chiamaka to do the domestic chores. If he must give her money, he must go between her legs first. If she complains too much, Chinonso would hit her even in the presence of her children.

“I need you to cook something nice for my wife. Precisely Ofe Nsala. She isn’t feeling well and hasn’t eaten.”


He kssed her passionately

CRY FOR ME: Part 11 – The End


Then he counted some money and gave it to her.

“For what?” She asked.

“For the soup. Go to the market and buy what you need.”

“Me? Can’t the maid do that?”

“Chiamaka there’s no crime going to the market. Please obey my order. Go quickly” he told her.

She sent her daughters to the market and when the food was ready, Chinonso ordered her to take the food upstairs to feed Beatrice.

“Why should I feed her?”

“She’s weak. I don’t want her to lift a finger to feed herself. She has done enough for you and your stupid daughters. Do your best for her”

“Don’t you dare insult my daughters you monster.”

“I have wanted to ask you chiamaka. Are those kids really mine or because you loved me you wanted to pin them on me. I doubt the paternity of those children now. I agreed initially but I have been thinking alot these days. Chiamaka, I see no resemblance in them. I don’t see myself in them. Can’t you see they don’t look like me?

Chiamaka slapped him so hard.

“True I never did any DNA but mother instinct told me.” She said.

“You’re a foolish woman indeed. Mother’s instinct indeed. I was also foolish to have believed you. Those kids aren’t mine. Please don’t keep my wife waiting Chiamaka. Make sure she eats something.”

She wiped her tears and carried the food upstairs. Beatrice was asleep when she got there. She woke her gently and fed her by herself.

When she returned to her boys quarter, she couldn’t eat. No appetite. She had no personal money. Her parents had tried to support her but they stopped because money was needed to take care of her father’s failing health. Her parents had categorically told her to return to her husband’s house to settle the issue she had with him. This is because she never told them what she did.

“He doesn’t take care of us and on top of it, he beats me and embarrasses me in public” she told her parents. “I can’t continue in such marriage.”

“Are you sure, it’s Ikechukwu that beats you? That man is too gentle for that. I don’t see him lifting his hand to beat you.” Her father said. ” I have collected your bride price and have no power to keep you here. You don’t belong to your father’s house again. You can come and visit but to come here for permanence without concrete reason, it’s unacceptable.”

They tried Ikechukwu’s line but after he sent chiamaka packing, he changed his line.

“Don’t worry I will go back and endure in my marriage.” She told her parents. Rather than telling her parents the truth, she returned to the boys quarter. She couldn’t go to her sister because she and her husband are managing and her brother’s wife will never accept her into the house. His wife is the one taking the responsibilities of the house.

Chiamaka tossed here and there on the bed. She knew her sins had caught up with her. All her sins began to pass before her very eyes. How was she to retrace her steps? She wept sorely. She knew Ikechukwu will never forget her. “Ah, I treated my husband so bad. I was cruel to him when all he did was show me love.”

She picked her phone to dial his line but fear gripped her and she dropped the phone.

CRY FOR ME: Part 11 – The End

Day after day, months after months, she began to think of Ikechukwu and Susan she maltreated. The love she never had for her husband began to build up. The feeling that he has wronged the man began to increase and she missed his pampering.

“Of a truth, she never went for DNA because she felt the kids were Chinonso. He was happy when I told him the kids were his and not my husband’s but look at what he is doing to me now? Ooooh Ikechukwu forgive me. I am sorry.” She sobbed.

Her kids never liked Chinonso.

“I can’t call him my father because he isn’t” Cheta would tell her.

“I will never forgive you for making our father send us away. Me and Cheta are suffering for your sin. God forbid that I should follow your footsteps. You have failed as a mother.” Blessing said wiping her tears. ” Go back and tell that man he isn’t our father. Never! I won’t dare call him father” she said vehemently.

The girls never sit to discuss anything with their mother They missed the father they know and Susan their sister.

CRY FOR ME: Part 11 – The End


The night Beatrice went into labour, Chinonso ran to Chiamaka for help. They rushed her to the hospital where she gave birth to a set of twins – two boys. Chinonso ran out of the hospital like a mad man and ran back. He sat on the floor and wept like a child after so many years of waiting and hoping.

Before she was discharged from the hospital, Beatrice wealthy parents had already organized a party in the house. There was so much to eat and drink.

When the twins were born, Chinonso no longer give Chiamaka money. She would beg and beg before she gets anything from him. It was a tough one.

CRY FOR ME: Part 11 – The End


One night, Beatrice woke her husband for she could not sleep. Not because her kids were disturbing her but because she was visibly shaken and angry.

“What is it Beatrice. You should be sleeping now that the kids have finally fallen asleep.”

“I want a divorce.” She blurted and Chinonso jumped out of the bed.

“You have failed me Chinonso. Before we got married, you had no dime. I picked and cleaned you up. I withhold nothing from you. What did you do in return? You paid me with evil. We were looking for children but you never really bothered because you have children with that woman you introduced as a widow. Chaaiii! You deceived me Chinonso. Don’t ask me how I discovered. I am a woman with ears to the ground. You can’t hide truth forever. That woman was kicked out of her husband’s house. Tell me I am lying.” She challenged.

“I am sorry Beatrice. Don’t divorce me. Forgive me.” He said prostrating on the ground. Infact let me tell you the truth. Before I met you, I dated her and I was still having intimacy with her even after marriage..”

“Gosh! Are you for real?

“But when I met you, my life changed. There was no need to have anything with her again. Just recently, she contacted me that those girls are mine and her husband heard when she was telling me through the phone and sent her packing. Honey, look at those girls, do they have any of my features?”

” Nooo!”

” Then you can see she’s framing me.”

There was silence for a time.

“Then she’s wayward” she said rubbing her palms in annoyance.”

“Exactly my point. Do you know since she entered this compound, she has been seducing me? But the spirit of God in me won’t allow me to cheat on my lovely wife.

I didn’t cheat when we were looking for a child. Is it when God has blessed me with two children I will do it? I am just sorry for not saying all these things on time. Just forgive me.” He pleaded.

“After all I did for her, she still want to steal my husband. Mbanuuuu!”

Without wasting time, she went to the boys quarter and started hitting the door. Chiamaka and her kids woke up alarmed. Cheta opened the door when she heard Beatrice voice.

“You adulterous woman, your husband sent you out of the house because of your waywardness.

Your legs doesn’t stay one place and you think my husband is the right person to dump your bastard children on. Right this minute I want you and these bastards out of my house.”

“Aah! Please it’s late. We can’t go out now. Please don’t do this” chiamaka begged. She knelt down with confusion written on her face. Her kids begged and begged.

All their pleas fell on deaf ears. She called the gateman and asked him to throw their things outside.

“Don’t throw our things. We will leave.” Blessing said going inside to take few of their clothes.

Chiamaka was too shock to move. Blessing got a small bag, picked few of their belongings and left. Beatrice made sure she collected Chiamaka’s two phones.

“I am sure my husband got these for you with my money.”

Beatrice walked back to her room and met her husband snoring.

“Good riddance to rubbish.

She didn’t waste time before closing her eyes in sleep….

CRY FOR ME: Part 11 – The End

Written by Franca Uwuigiaren

Inspired by the Holy Spirit.

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