DADDY’S GIRL – By Faith Lucky: Episode 51-60

Daddy’s Girl.

(Getting Her Pregn@nt)

By : Faith Lucky

Episode 53

Chloe’s POV

“Jace! Jace!” I yelled painfully as I watched him bleed. I bent and carried his head on my hand. His eyes were closing.

“Dad, call the ambulance!” I said and he nodded. He ran away and came back in few seconds.

“I’ve put a call across to them, they’ll get here soon.” My dad said..

” Jace, stay with me. ” I said as I watched him battle between life and death.

He was struggling to keep his eyes opened.

The ambulance finally arrived and he was carried to the hospital.

At the hospital!

I sat beside Jace who had all the medical gadgets connected to him on the sick bed . I did not know if he can see me or not. He looks unconscious despite the fact that he’s breathing.

“Jace, I hope you will be fine soon.” I said and he answered with his fingers.

I cleaned the tears that dropped from the corner of my eyes, I sincerely hope in my heart that nothing will happen to Jace cause he defended me.

The bullet would have hit me but he protected me with his life.

Few hours later, Kian walked in. He stood shock as he saw me.

“Kian!” I called wondering what he had come to do.

“Erm… Chloe!” He said and I stood to hug him.

“How is he?” He asked referring to Jace.

“Do you know him?” I asked.

“Sure, but we are not that close.” He replied.

“Oh! I never knew that you know Jace. Well, he seems to be getting better.” I said.

Kian walked up to Jace and examined him.

“Let’s see.” He said and we both walked outside.

“How did he end up like that?” He asked.

“Some people came to kill me and in the process, he engaged in a duel with them, the person shot and the bullet was almost hitting me but he saved me. The bullet hit him instead.” I said.

“Really? Jace saved you?”

“Yes, with his life.” I said and he kept quiet.

He spoke after a while. “Choe! You need to be careful around Jace…I was stunned when your dad fired me as your bodyguard and employ Jace…for what?”

“I tried to talk to dad but he wouldn’t listen. But Jace really earned my trust by saving me. I could have died but he saved me. What kind of friend will risk his life for his friend. Jace is one of a kind.” I praised Jace before Kian and he lowered his head.

“Alright. I just needed you to be careful around him. ”

“Why?” I asked.

“I don’t know but…let’s hold that. I need to confess some things to you.” Kian said and his face turned into a serious one.

“Really? What could it be?” I asked standing akimbo

“Hum!” He hummed and breathed out heavily. “You know I’m a twin right?”

“Sure… ” I asked wondering what the question was for.

“In the past…” He paused and swallowed. He looked up and robbed his palm. “Erm…Do you have a memory loss?”

“Memory loss! No. I did not.” I replied.

“I think you did, Chloe! You use to be a girlfriend to…” The door creakes open before he could finish his statement and someone entered.

It was Kaden. I’d seen him at the party before and he kind of look alike with Kian , just some little differences between them.

Kaden looks more beautiful to me than the first time I saw him and strangely, he looks more familiar. I suddenly felt like I’ve known him before.

His pinks lips were so exquisite, at that point , I couldn’t tell who is more beautiful between him and Kian.

“Hi Chloe!” Kaden said as he starred into my eyes. I couldn’t take my eyes off his too.

“Brother, sorry for interrupting you…I came to check on Jace.” He said and walked inside the ward that Jace was.

I traced him with my eyes till he fades out of sight.

I turned back to Kian and he was starring at the floor.

Have I known Kaden before? He looks familiar but I can’t really place where else I have met with him apart from the party.

I then realized that Kian was speaking to me. “Go ahead , Kian.”

He sighed and look into my face. “Do you love me, Chloe?”

“Love? I…Maybe , but I can’t really say now. I’m confused lately about many things happening around me. ”

“I want to know if you will accept me the way I am or you will feed me to the dogs.” He said.

“I do not understand what you meant, Kian. Tell me…is anything the matter?”

He nodded lightly. “I’m the head of the sinners…”


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