DANGEROUS LOVE: Chapter 31-The End

πŸ’Ž Dangerous Love πŸ’Ž

πŸ’ž Final Chapter πŸ’ž

Written by : Tamara Blair.

6 Years Later.

😁 Author’s P.o.v😁

It’s been 6 years now since Nicole and Brandon talked to each other.

They both carried on with their lives,Nicole attended college in Australia.
Graduated with an excellent degree, then settled to become a fashion designer and Model for one of the biggest Modelling company in the world.

Brandon also graduated with a good degree,he built his own construction company.
He became the biggest business man, every one in the business world knew his name.
❀️ Nicole’s P.o.v❀️
“Nicole Norman” The owner of Vogue’s Magazine called me.

We hugged each other and exchanged pleasantries.

“Am so happy you decided to pose for our magazine” She said smiling.

“It’s not a problem,i find it interesting”

“I was so surprised because you have become such a big fashion designer and Model that i didn’t think you would have time for us”

“I really love your magazine and i have been dying to pose for it”

“Okay, let’s get to work”
2 hours later.

I was back home to see my dad and my uncle watching a movie.
The last 6 years has been a healing process for all of us,at first i was having so much trouble forgiving my father for keeping the truth but now it’s different.

“Hey,Dad,hey Uncle” i said and kssed their cheeks.

“Hey, honey,how was your day?” My dad asked.

“It was fun but stressful”

“There is food in the kitchen and Bella is waiting for you in your room”


I got to my room and Bella was busy eating down a whole burger.

“You know for a a model you aren’t supposed to eat food that has too much fat” i said and giggled.

Bella is a model for a fashion company called Fashion Nova.

“Oh,Nikky,i can’t help myself, it’s so good”

I sat beside her and started going through my phone.

She suddenly collected my phone and put it on the table.

“Hey,what was that for?”

“You are just start working on your phone and i won’t be able to tell you what i came here for”

“Okay,fine,am all ears,Bella”

“Okay, I want us to go on a vacation to Hawaii”

“Hawaii? Why?”

“To catch fun, obviously,we have been working too much lately”

“Bella,i still have alot of appointments”

“I also still have but i cancelled and you can do the same, there is no better Fashion designer than you so they will wait for you”

“Okay, I will think about it”

“Nikky,we are going to Hawaii”
A week later.
Bella finally suceeded in dragging me down to Hawaii and she has been so happy lately.

At first i thought it was because Zach proposed to her but i was wrong.

“Nikky,you are gonna have the best time of your life” She said happily.
😍 Brandon’s P.o.v😍
“Okay,i don’t understand why you all dragged me down to Hawaii,i had to leave my company” I said and sighed.

“We are here to have fun” Jason said.

For some reason,Jason, Micheal,Zach insisted on coming to Hawaii and i have no idea.

I had to leave my company to my assistant and they also seized my phone.

“Don’t worry, soon you will thank us for this”Zach said and winked at me making me roll my eyes.

We got to a garden decorated with lights.

“Guys,what are we doing here? Let’s just book our rooms,i am so sleepy” i said getting frustrated.

“You wait here,while we book the rooms” Micheal said and I looked at them suspiciously.

“Relax,bro”Zach said and they all left.

I used the opportunity to look around the garden,i was looking at some flowers when I heard the voice i haven’t heard in six years.

“Brandon?” The voice called out again.

I turned around and my heart started beating a thousand times faster.

The only person who makes me go cr@zy just by smiling.

Nicole Avery Norman,she was wearing a floral gown and she had flowers in her hair.

She looked even more beautiful,she was so matured and g0rgeous.

❀️ Nicole’s P.o.v❀️

After Bella ditched me for what i have no idea about, I started looking around the garden.

Then that’s when i saw him,my heart nearly exploded.
I called him and he turned around, he looked breathtaking, more matured and so handsome.

Brandon Drew Bradford was right in front of me,it was as if time has stopped and we were the only ones in the world.

“SURPRISE!!!” All our friends shouted as they came out.

They all planned it, that’s why Bella was so bent on taking me to Hawaii.

“We surprised you two so bad” Bella said excitedly.

“You all planned this?”Brandon asked,his voice was deeper and extremely s*xy.

“Yeah,bro,we told you that you would thank us later” Zach said.

“Let’s go have dinner” Jason said.

Bella dragged me along,i looked over to Brandon,he was also looking at me so i looked away.

We got to a big dinning table still in the garden.

“Why is the dinning table so big,we are not so many” Brandon said.

“We are expecting more guest”

😍 Brandon’s P.o.v😍
Suddenly Nicole’s dad and uncle walked in.

“Dad?Uncle? You knew about this too?” She asked shocked.

“Yeah,i thought it would be fun and it is” Gerald said.

“Brandy” Someone called out.

I turned and it was my Aunt and my niece and nephew.

“Aunt May? Natalie? Bryan? What are you doing here?”

“I brought them” Damon said as he walked in.

“Damon?” Nicole said looking so shocked.


“You survived”

“Yeah, i tried to convince Alexa to come with me but she said she rather die than be with me,so she died in the explosion.

My feelings for her also died so i changed my life,now i work with Brandon”

“Wow, that’s so nice”

“Brandon,you didn’t tell us you had a family?” Bella asked.

“I found them recently,Aunt may is my mom’s sister and Natalie and Bryan are her kids”

We all exchanged pleasantries,we had dinner but my eyes couldn’t leave Nicole.
3 days later.

❀️ Nicole’s P.o.v❀️
It’s been three days and i amd Brandon haven’t been able to talk properly.

Am just so overwhelmed by everything.

I was in my hotel room,i decided ti take a shower.

I str!p out of my clothes and turned on the shower.
I was enjoying the warmth of the water that i didn’t notice that someone had already entered.

I felt a hand wrap around my waist,i was shocked.

“It’s just me”

It was Brandon so i was a bit relaxed but nervous because I was n@ked.

He made me face him,then i noticed he was also n@ked.

“How..how did you get in here?”

“Let’s not ask those questions amd let’s stop pretending,Nicole,am still cr@zy about you,i love you..do you love me too?”

I starred into his beautiful eyes.

“Yes, Brandon,i never stopped loving you”

We smiled at each other,he immediately claimed my l!ps.

I responded quickly because i have missed his touch.
He kssed my neck leaving so many h!ckeys,then he kssed my cle@vage before descending on my npp.les.

I went cr@zy with ple@sure,my hands were in his wet hair as i m0aned.

He lifted up my left l.eg and wrapped it around his waist,then he pen.etrated me from there.

I m0aned out in ple@sure as he came in and out of me.

“Brandon, please .. don’t stop”

Our m0ans was echoing in the bathroom.

“Your m0ans are driving me cr@zy” he whispered in my ears.

He turned off the shower,then carried me to the bed,he positioned himself properly in between my eyes then he continued thrusting in and out.

I was dying in pleasure,we kept on going for several hours.

“I love you so much, Brandon” I said as we cuddled each other.

“I love you too,Nicole”he said and kssed my forehead.

Few Months later.

😍 Brandon’s P.o.v😍
I and Nicole were taking a walk around our house.

We got married a month after we left Hawaii and it was beautiful.

I got married to the girl i had a crush on in middle school and i don’t regret it.

“Honey, let’s sit down for a whil,my feet are aching me” Nicole said.

I took her to a bench so we sat down.

“I can’t wait to be a mother”

Nicole’s a few weeks pregnant and the doctor confirmed that she was carrying twins.

“Me too,if it’s two boys,we will name them Austin and Mason but if it’s two girls we will name them Brie and Nuella” i said and Nicole smiled at me.

She held my palm and kssed it.

“If it’s a boy and a girl,we will name them David and Cleopatra” She said and i smiled.

“Those are the names of my parents” i said.

“I know,it will be my way of thanking them for bringing someone as amazing as you into this world, i love you”

“I love you too” i said and we hugged.


Always know that if someone loves you,he or she will love all your flaws and not judge you about anything.

That’s a wrap on this story,i hope you enjoyed it as much as i did.
It’s still under construction so i need a little time.


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