DANGEROUS LOVE: Chapter 31-The End

šŸ’Ž Dangerous Love šŸ’Ž

šŸ“˜ Chapter 35šŸ“˜

Written by : Tamara Blair.

šŸ‘æ Alexa’s P.o.všŸ‘æ

“She’s the daughter of the almighty Gerald Norman” Damon said and i heard a loud bang in my head.

“What? How’s that possible,he doesn’t have any child”

“Turns out he does,he was very good at hiding her,i even have pictures of her with him, Gerald really took so many measures to hide her”

“So he had a child all this time,for 19 years?” I asked still shocked.

“Yeah,no wonder the fancy car and clothes”

“Damon,if this is true, then this is amazing, Brandon is dating the daughter of the boss’s arch enemy.

Now Nicole has definitely got to die,am going to tell the boss”

“Alexa,you know am doing all this for you,you know right?”

Damon’s such a fool,i can never fall in love with a loser like him.

Brandon is so perfect and i must have him.

“Um..I know Damon and i appreciate you for that” i said faking a smile.

He immediately hugged me,i had to endure it.

šŸ˜ Brandon’s P.o.všŸ˜

“Brandon, what’s wrong,you look so nervous”

“It’s.. it’s nothing..Nicole,do you know how to use a gun?”

“Um..yeah,my dad taught me but why are you asking?”

“I just wanted to know” i said and she looked at me confused.

Nicole has to know the truth very soon because things might start getting dangerous.

“Okay,but you are sounding weird?”

We hugged each other tightly when the door suddenly opened and Emily ran in.

“They know the truth” Emily said, she looked scared.

“Emily?” I asked clearly shocked.

“Brandon,we need to talk, it’s very important”

“Wait..i know you, you are that girl that was about sleeping with Brandon when I walked in that day” Nicole said.

“Nicole, i really have to talk to your boyfriend”

šŸ–¤ Emily’s P.o.všŸ–¤

I overheard everything Damon and Alexa said.
They know the truth already.

“Babe,just give i and Emily a few minutes to talk” Brandon said.

“Brandon,so you seriously don’t want me to hear what she has to say.”

“Babe,i will be quick, i promise” He said.

Nicole glared at me then walked away.

“What’s wrong?” He asked me, then i sighed.

“I overheard Damon telling Alexa that Nicole is Gerald’s daughter”

“What?..how..how did he find out?” He asked in shock.

“I have no idea but Alexa is surely going to tell the boss and you what that means”

“Damon is such a fking b@stard”

“Damon?” I and Brandon turned and Nicole was standing akimbo.

“Do..do you know him?” Brandon asked.

“Yeah, there is this guy named Damon,we bump into each other sometimes”

That means Damon has been following her.

šŸ˜ Brandon’s P.o.všŸ˜

“But babe,why didn’t you tell me?” I asked.

Damon has been following Nicole,am sure it’s that btch Alexa that sent him.

“He didn’t seem important, although he had been asking me about my boyfriend’s name”

“Did you tell him?”

“No,i didn’t, Brandon, what’s wrong?”

I kept quiet and glanced at Emily.

“What. The. Hell. Is. Going.on?”Nicole asked.

I sighed amd ran my hands through my hair.
Nicole’s going to hate me for this.

“Brandon,we have to tell her, it’s the only way she can be able to protect herself” Emily said.

“Protect myself? Brandon,tell me what’s going on?”

I just have to tell her,her life is in big danger.

“Babe,i will tell you the truth but promise me one thing”

“What’s that?”

“Promise you won’t hate me”

“I..i promise,now tell me what’s wrong?”

I made her to sit down and face me.

“Nicole,all my life,ever since i was little,i have been the member of.. a Mafia”

She was shocked,she kept staring at me.

ā¤ļø Nicole’s P.o.vā¤ļø

I heard a loud bang in my head,i thought he was joking at first but his face looked really serious.

He was telling the truth, He’s really in the Mafia.

I stood up immediately trying to process everything.
“Babe,am sorry,i didn’t tell you,i didn’t choose this life,i was forced when i was little and i had to do it to survive,my parents died and no one claimed to be my family member.

So i had to sell Drugs to survive,when i got tired of the job, I wanted to leave but i couldn’t”

I didn’t know when i started crying,am the girlfriend to a drug trafficker.

I faced him with tears in my eyes,he tried to move closer but i resisted.

I still have to process this information.

“That’s not the worse part” he said and i looked at him.
“There’s something worse than what you already told me?” I asked.

He looked at Emily, then back at me.

“In the Mafia,you are supposed to have any r0mantic relationship,they believe that it will disturb the business,if they find out about any romantic relationship,they will kill your partner”

“So you are saying that they can kill me any minute from now”

“Babe,i won’t let them,i swear on my life”

“If you knew about this,why did you come close to me,make me fall for you?”

“That’s why i tried to resist you,but i couldn’t,i just love you too much”

That’s why he never wanted to accept me at first.

“So being with you is no longer safe for me?” I asked and he nodded in agreement.

“I understand if you want to break up with me”

“Brandon,you know i can’t, i love you too much, can’t we just talk to them?”

“Nicole,it doesn’t work that way in the Mafia” Emily said and i looked at her.

“Did they kill your boyfriend?” I asked and her eyes became teary.

“Yes,they killed my Stephen in front of me,it was damn painful” She said and wiped her tears.

“Nicole,you have to leave this place,we can’t be seen together again,i will take you home”

šŸ‘æ Alexa’s P.o.všŸ‘æ
I got to the boss office,he was busy smoking a cigarette.

“Alexa,i don’t have time for sx,am busy”

“Am not here for that,i have something important to tell you”

“Hurry up and say it”

“It’s about Brandon,your best worker”

“What about him?”

“He has a girlfriend and he really loves her” i said and he laughed.

“That’s impossible,he knows the rules very well”

“He broke the rules and that’s not the interesting part, Brandon is dating the daughter of Gerald and the late Stephanie Norman” i said and his eyes dilated in shock.

“You btch,you are lying”

“Am not”

“Do you have prove, like photos of Gerald with the girl, because i know Gerald doesn’t have a daughter”

“Well,am working on getting the photos”

“Get them and if it turns out to be the truth, then i will definitely and personally kill his daughter”

I giggled with happiness,Nicole,your days are numbered.

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