DANGEROUS LOVE: Chapter 31-The End

šŸ’Ž Dangerous Love šŸ’Ž

šŸ“˜ Chapter 36šŸ“˜

Written by : Tamara Blair.

šŸ§” Gerald’s P.o.všŸ§”

Brandon just told me that they have found out the whole truth.

The truth i have been keeping for 19 years, am sure Philip is coming after my daughter but i won’t let him take her.

“Okay,i got 20 more bodyguards and 10 bullet proof cars and vest”Elias saif as he walked in.

“No need to thank me, she’s my niece,i would lay down my life for her”

“That stupid b@stard called Philip is going to die, that’s for sure”

šŸ˜ Brandon’s P.o.všŸ˜

I was taking Nicole back home in a bullet proof car.

She was so quiet and it got me so worried.

“Do you hate me?” I asked breaking the slience.

“I..i don’t know what to feel anymore,am still trying to process the fact that am the girlfriend to a drug dealer”

“No, don’t say it like i chose this life,i was forced”

“Brandon,they are gonna kill me”

“No, don’t you ever say that, they won’t kill you, i would rather lay down my life for you”

“Am just scared that one of us will die” She said almost in tears.

“Then if it has to be one of us,let it be me,you have your family to live for,i have no one”

“Don’t say that,you have me and am not leaving your side”

She hugged me tightly,Nicole still doesn’t know the whole truth about her father and her mom’s death.

Her dad would have to tell him himself.

We disenaged from the hug, then i kssed her.
We put all our emotions into the kss,it was slow and passionate.

” I love you so much,Nicole Avery Norman” I said and she chuckled.

“I love you too, Brandon Drew Bradford”She said and hugged again.

šŸ§” Gerald’s P.o.všŸ§”

“Daddy!!!” Nicole said as she walked in,she hugged me so tight.

“Dad, there is something i need to tell you, it’s really serious” She said almost in tears.

“I know, Brandon told me already”

“Really and you are not angry at him for endangering my life?”

Nicole,you still don’t know the whole story,if you find out that your dad is one of the leaders of the most dangerous Mafia,you would hate me.

“The only thing we can do now is try to protect you at all cost and you know you can’t see Brandon for a long while”

“I know, it’s hard but i know it’s for my safety”

“You will have to stay here, i have ordered bodyguards and more guns,i hope you still know how to use them?”

“Yes, Dad,i still do”

Nicole,no matter what i will protect you with my life, that’s the promise i made to your mother.
2 days later.

šŸ˜ Brandon’s P.o.všŸ˜
The boss called for me so i had to go.
I entered the building and it was the same as always.

People taking drugs, smoking, drinking and gambling.
I hate this life and i really want to leave it all.

“Hey, handsome” Alexa said,i hissed in frustration.
She tried to touch me but i held her hands and pushed her away.

“How many times have i told you not to touch me?”

“Oh,come on, Brandon,you can’t resist me for too long,very soon you will begging me to get in b.ed with you”

“You are such a sl.ut, sl.eeping with every man you come across,you think that i would ever love someone like you.

I even regret ever laying my finger on a f!lthy tr@sh like you, don’t you ever try to touch me” I said and walked away.

I got to the boss’s office,i knocked and was allowed in.

“Brandon,how are you?”

“Am good,sir”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes,i am sure”

“Alexa has been telling me that you act differently these days”

“Sir,Alexa is just a horny btch,she got angry because i rejected her”

He chuckled slightly, then lookef me straight in the eyes.

“But you always accept her so what changed?”

“I just got tired of her”

“Or you stopped because you already have a girlfriend”
I kept quiet and looked at the ground.

“Sir, it’s…

“Brandon,you are my best worker and you know the rules so if i find out you truly have a girlfriend,i will kill her.

Brandon,i will design her body with bullets and you will personally bury her”

“I know that,sir”

“You are my best worker, you have a bright future with the work you are doing”

“I was forced, I didn’t choose it” i said and he scoffed.

“But this job got you a massive house,loads of car,trips around the world and any girl you could ever imagine”

“I would give it all up if i had a chance to”

“Brandon, would be willing to leave this job?”

“Probably” i said and he chuckled.

“You may leave”

I walked out and exhaled deeply,i need to find a way to leave this place for good.
A week later.

ā¤ļø Nicole’s P.o.vā¤ļø

“I love you more, Brandon” i said as i hanged up the phone.

I and Brandon haven’t been able to see each other but we call all the time.

I love him so much and i don’t want to leave him.

I have been in my house for a week,no school,no outing and it’s killing.


“Nicole,you still want to go to school?” My dad asked as i arranged my books.

“Yes,dad,our final exams is coming up in a week,i need to attend school so i can get a perfect grade for college”

“You know you don’t need to do that,i can call any University of your choice and you will be admitted in no time”

“Dad,i don’t want that, I want to be admitted based on the fact that i scored really high”

“Nikky,your life is in danger, they could come for you”

“Dad,i can’t stay inside all my life,you can send 30 bodyguards with me as long as i go to school”

“Okay,but at least go with a gun, for protection”

“You should have stayed like your dad said” Bella said as we walked to class.

“I was tired of staying at home and plus i need to attend final classes before graduation”

“True but…

“Nicole,you came” Zach said as he approached us,he hugged me tightly making me giggle.

He kssed Bella’s l!ps making her blush.

“Yeah,i couldn’t miss the last days of high school”

“Oh,am really going to miss our highschool days” Bella said making us laugh.

“Let’s head to class before Mr Benson starts shouting” Zach said.

We walked into the class together,i took my seat,i looked around but Brandon wasn’t around yet.

I hope he is okay.
The class was almost coming to an end but no sign of Brandon.

What could be keeping him?

Suddenly, the teacher passed out,i was so shocked.

Before i knew it,Bella also fainted, then zach fainted.

The whole students fainted,i was scared and confused.

I started perceiving a particular gas,i quickly covered my nose and ran out of the class.

I got to the hallway and many students had already fainted.

The school door opened and people with mask walked in.

They started shooting,i ran as fast i could.

Still covering my nose,i kept running, then i brought out the gun my dad gave me.

I hid behind a door and managed to shoot 4 masked men down.
The rest kept shooting,i succeeded in shooting 5 more down.

The gunshots stopped,i brought out my phone to call my dad.

“Nikky, what’s wrong?”

“Dad,help me,i….

I felt something hit my head hard, the gun fell down.

The last thing i saw was a girl holding a stick smirking at me.

I passed out.

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