DIARY OF A POP STAR: Chapter 21 – The End


😪(Can you keep a Secret)😪


✍️Chapter Twenty Three✍️


“Stop… ” I gasped trying to get Christian off me before he could take off my top, stuck in dismay I try to figure out what just happened and we were almost going to.
I could feel my cheeks burn up In humiliation we almost..

Christian pinned me down gazing instensely at me with a snickering grin.

“I’m not going to touch you I promise… ” he said huskily on purpose and my senses just shut down willingly complying to his statement, his hands made it’s way to my top yanking off a button, I heave a sigh of which turned out to be a silent whimper.

He pushed down to the side of my neck, I felt him breathing heavily against it which send shivers down my spine and made my cheeks burn up in a familiar red, his lips stuck on my nape grazing his lips down and teasing my neck with his k!sses and then I felt him bite down but gently at first I wanted to jerk away from his grip but then I felt trapped as his body pressed a force against mine.

He k!ssed my neck down to my collarbone pinning me down as my heart was left fluttered yearning for more k!sses.

He withdrew from the k!ss staring at me with a mischievous smile pushing his face towards me.

Again our nose were slightly brushing and our gaze locked in a stare, he loosened his grip on me slowly with a subtle expression.



I yawned kicking away my sheets and grinned like a maniac, I looked to the bed next to me, Kiara wasn’t there again I yawned.

Did she even crash here last night

I shrugged, maybe she did and I was deep asleep to even notice, I came down from my bed getting comfortable with my fluffy slippers rubbing my eyes constantly and heading straight to the bathroom.

Strange the bathroom is cold, if Kiara slept over she would have at least taken a shower or something.

So she didn’t take a shower then

I went to take a bath instead, got watched and scrubbed myself clean till every inch of dirt evacuated my body.

After taking a bath I got wrapped in a towel on slamming the door shut, Kiara shut the door breathing heavily like she was running for her life.

She heaved a sigh of relief locking the door until she locked stares with me, my arms were folded across my chest obviously suspicious of her whereabouts.

“Where have you been.. ” I questioned as she tried to hide something on her neck which looked kinda odd at the mean time.

She wasn’t paying attention still probably in a state of shock from what the hell she was running from.

“Kiara… Are you OK.. ” I asked calmly and again she looks back at me but puts her ear against the door like a psycho.

She’s posses I need to call the rehab to make sure I’m safe, I reached out to my phone but she tackled me before I could get to it.

“What are you doing?? ” she growled clearly on top of me.

“What am I doing I’m supposed to be asking the questions, why are you acting you just escaped from the rehab and the cops are after you and why the hell did you tackle me??” I growled demanding for answers but then I noticed her collar fly and gasped in shock.

“is that a hickey..? ” I gasped as her cheeks burn red, that goes my answer.

She quickly got off me and head to seat at the edge of her bed.

“So did you use protection.??. ” I asked as she gasped in horror.

“What are you talking about??.. ” she finally spoke but In a high note.

“your hair looks rough, you didn’t check in last night and the last time I saw you you were crying and now you smell like mellow Lavender, Christians Cologne.. ” she looked at me in dismay.

“you know Christians Cologne?? ” she asked arching a brow.

“Yeah… But that’s not what we are talking about you had sex with Christian.. ” I said pointing at her as she jerked off her bed.

“We didn’t have sex are you insane.. ” she said getting up trying to register her motives.

“Then explain the Hickey.. ” her eyes widened in shock on the sudden outburst of my question.

A knock came on the door as we both froze.

“beat it.. ” I yelled at the top of my voice which got Kiara surprised.

“Evelyn, is in.. ” I heard Kion yell as Kiara welped silently.

“No… ” I lied, Kiara mouthed me a thank you.

“OK then I’m sorry..” he said, Kiara shot me a confused look, so did I, what the hell is he talking bout.

The door was trying to open and Voila Kion broke in I held tightly my towel as Kiara braces her neck hiding her unattended hickey.

“You just broke in without..”

“You lied, Kiara a word..” he said and she shook her head.

“Evelyn?? ” Kion looked up to me with a pleading pout, suggesting they don’t want me knowing what they plan to discuss.

“I’ll lock myself with the shower on, but be quick I’m not paying any water bill.. ” I said heading to the bathroom and shutting myself in and turning on the showers.


Evelyn left us locking herself in the shower, I sat down on my head with my head down, I just hope he doesn’t get to see the Hickey.

He sad down next to me not saying a word.

“Where did you get that Hickey from?? ” my heart dropped, Arrgh he noticed.

“How did you?? ” I tried hiding it but he just chuckled at my weak attempt but held my hand and pushed it down to the bed.

“You can’t hide anything from me Kiara it’s constant, like that time we played hide and seek.. ”

“You always found me.. ” I chuckled

“Yeah and I saw you enter Christians room.. ” he said and I almost choked.

“oh my God, you followed me.. ” I hissed in despair throwing myself back slumping on the bed.

“Yeah.. I’m sorry.. ” he said laying down next to me.

“So that girl you always talk about it’s actually me.. ” I said putting the pieces together.

“I’m stupid.. ” I said feeling remorseful and kept leading Kion on.

“That was always your problem you know, avoiding the fact that someone is always there for you… ” he said putting his hand beneath his head.

“problem?? ”

“Pushing everyone feelings away, I would have told you earlier but I knew I would have been pushed too so I just endured the time living a fantasy you’ll be mine which was wrong because I’m technically your uncle.. ”

“Step uncle.. ” I corrected as a smile we both faced each other on the bed.

“I get it.. You don’t have to rub it in.. ” he flashed me a smile.

“I’m sorry Kion.. ” I pouted, he brushed my chin with his hand.

“You don’t have to be sorry I knew this was going to happen but deep down I thought otherwise.. ” he flashed a sad smile looking directly at my lips.

“I never thought I’ll get… You know what let’s forget about it but do me a favor and be forward next time.. ” he said as my brows arched.

“Excuse me… ” I said, he let’s go of my chin putting his hands down my his side looking up at the ceiling.

“you only left Hartridge high because you can’t be direct to all those heartbreak, stalker and wannabe plus the Papparazi that’s why you’re Kiara and not red daughter but how long are you going to pull this off… ” he said and got up looking back at me.

“Are you trying to say I should expose my identity..? ” I Asked.

“Are you happy?? you might say yes but what happens when The Kiara that everyone knows is that stuck up red head on TV, how would everyone feel when they find out their Kiara is a famous pop star, eventually they’ll find out Kiara you can’t keep playing your game of Montana you have to take off those glasses eventually but it all depends if you want to keep playing everyone.. ” he said looking and staring back at me.

“I know you more than anyone and I’m proud I watched you grow and was given a chance to be with you as your brother I’ll love Kiara, feelings or not that’s why I don’t want you making same mistakes.. ” he said heading out of my room.

“Kion.. ” I called getting off the bed running up to him with a shy smile.

“Thank you.” I said embracing him and the shower went silent and we both looked back at the bathroom.

“Guys are you done?? ” we both heard Evelyn and chuckled to ourselves.

Later that day I sat on my bed biting my lip as Evelyn read a book to while away the time.

“OK spill it what did Christain tell you?? ” She shut her book finally uncomfortable with my silence.

“Nothing.. ” I whined pushing myself on my bed and she just jumped on my bed.

“What are you doing?? ” I asked

“poking my nose into your business.. ” she retrieve my phone to her grasp and I battled to get back my phone but she dominated me.

She swiped my phone going through my phone, I squealed because she had access to my contacts and immediately she squealed.

“What?? ” I yelped, she finally knows my secret.

“Christain asked you out on a date and it’s this evening.. and you’re here sitting like a dummy, get out of the bed now.. ” she said typing on my phone.

“What are you doing?? ”

“I’m replying, Duh??…” she said typing h*ell knows what and threw me back my phone.

◾️of course I’m coming babe meet you at the lounge in the next one hour◾️

I gasped in horror, my life is officially over I wouldn’t even write this unless I was dead.

“Evelyn what the hell?? ” I questioned in dismay.

She didn’t bother she already involved herself In picking out the outfits.

“Try out this one now.. ” she ordered and I gulped hard.

I looked back at my phone that just ding a few minutes ago.

🌸Will you go out with me??🌸

The recent memory flashed across my mind once more, she looked so unsure like she didn’t want to be with me, though she slept over we didn’t do anything except the hickey.

I’m so stupid.

I heard a knock on the door.

“get out.. ” I hissed but the person opened the door anyways it was Lindsay of course.

“I got you a present.. ” she giggled excitedly

“Get out…” I repeated

“is that the way to talk to a Lugat ??” my eyes widened in shock as two familiar faces stood against the frames of the door.

“Hello Little brother.. ” Harry waved giving way for the man in Black

“My apologies… ” I greeted.

“Is that the way I brought you up.. ”

“Hello Father, you’re well.. ” I greeted as he shares me a smile.

“And I see you brought that B@stard.. ” I hissed at Harry.

I looked back at Lindsay who was enjoying the family reunion.

“What did you do?? ” I shot at her

“we got reports from Lindsay, pack your bags Son you’re moving back to Spain with us and..”he ordered.

“No.. ” I declined

“Excuse me? ” he asked

“I’m not bloody going anywhere with you not after what you did you lying brute…”

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