Written by Authoress Ti Fe 💞📚


“You asked me to get a dress from the loan but I refused. And now she brought the dress which means you ordered it from my salary.” Kim rapped and Landon sighed.


“Margaret, you are free to go now. Thank you.” Landon said looking at Margaret.
“Okay. Thank you.” She responded walking to the main exit.

“Wait! I am not getting the dress anymore. You can take it and then give me the money.” Kim told and Landon looked at her unbelievably.

“You should be happy for what you have.” She said and Kim furrowed her brows.

“For what?? What do…” She almost asked but Margaret walking out before she could complete the sentence.
“What does she mean?” Kim asked Landon.

“you should go after her it you want to know,” Landon said sitting on the couch.
“Why are you sitting? I am ready to go.” She said and he looked at her.

“Really? Cos looks like you want to get rid of the dress I got for you.” He said and she smirked.

“I am not okay? Let’s go. Father would have been expecting me.” She stated and Landon stood up.

He grabbed his car keys from the center table and threw them in the air, and he caught them in his hand.
He walked to the door and Kim spoke from behind him.

“Did you do that to impress me?” She questioned but Landon ignored her. He did it to impress her but he can never let her know.

He got to where the car was packed and pressed the keys with him opening the doors.
He walked to the driver’s side and opened the door.

“Won’t you at least help with the door?” Kim asked wishing he could even show any epitome of care for her.

“Are you paralyzed?” He asked getting into the car and igniting the engine. Kim quickly opened the door and was about to enter the front seat when he stopped her.
“What are you trying to do?” He asked angrily.

“Sit of course, what did I do this time?” She asked feeling frustrated.

“Who gave you the guts to sit at the front of my car with me?” He asked and Kim shut her eyes biting her lower lip.

“So that is it?” She asked shaking her head and walking to the back door. She opened the door and sat inside the car.
She shut the door and Landon drove out of his compound very skillfully.

“Nice.” Kim thought smiling at him from the back without knowing he was looking at her through the mirror.


“Are you sure she would come? What if she found out we just used Father to pull her down here?” Alex asked Kim’s mother Racheal.

“How would she find out? She can’t. She loves her father so much, she would be here soon. I just need you to go with the plan.” She said to him and he nodded smiling.

“Don’t you think I should call her? To know if she is still coming?” He asked anxiously.

“Don’t call her again. You need to be given the right impression. If you keep calling she would suspect you are playing games.” Rachael explained and he nodded.

“Okay.” He said and then he looked at the door and saw a car drive into the hospital compound.

He never thought it could be Kim, he almost looked away when he saw the door open and saw Kim climb down looking extremely beautiful.

“Is that Kimberly?” he asked as his mouth dropped open in shock.

“Kim?” Rachael asked and was also dumbfounded when she saw Kim walk to the door.

“Who did she come with?” Rachael asked not expecting a response from Alexander.
Kim walked in and she saw her mother and Alex staring at her.

“Isn’t this dressing too much for this visit?” Kim thought-feeling is uncomfortable with the way her Mother and Alexander glared at her.

Landon walked into the hospital with his hands tucked in his pockets. The ladies saw him and they all began to murmur things to themselves.

“She came with Landon Hernandez?” Her mother asked in disbelief.

“I don’t think so. They must have come separately.” Alex told himself.
“His mother,” Kim said with a smile on her face to her Lost and confused mother.
“Hey,” Rachael said staring at her from head to toe.

“Hi, Alex. Can I see him?” Kim asked looking at Alex.
“He is asleep.” He said looking at Landon who was standing next to Kimberly.

“Did he come with you?” Rachael asked.
“Yes.” She replied and a smile crept on Racheal’s face.

“Wow. I am so happy to see you, Mr. Landon Hernandez. I have heard so much about you.” She said and Landon bowed his head slightly with a smile.

“My pleasure Ma’am Johnson.” He responded and Kim looked at him arching her brows.
“So he can be this Polite? He must be pretending.” She thought.

“Your father is asleep Kim. You arrived late.” Rachael smiling at Kim. Kim knew she was all angelic because of the presence of Landon.

“I will have to wait? What does he want to tell me exactly? I am at work.” Kim explained.

“I thought you said you work as a maid.” Her mother replied nonchalantly.
“Yes Ma’am,” Kim said feeling embarrassed.

“She wouldn’t be able to wait,” Landon spoke up and they all looked at him.

“Okay. But can I at least have a word with you?” Alex asked.
“I don’t want to. I came here for Father Alexander.” Kim said as polite as possible.

“it won’t take your time,” Alex added and Landon got vexed.
“No, she wouldn’t.” Landon cut in again.

“Sorry to say this, but this isn’t your choice to make,” Alex said feeling a little pissed, he was trying to ruin his plans.

“It is. Kim and I made a deal, I am her boss and I tell her what to do and what not to do.” Landon muttered fighting the urge to punch him in the face.

He already knew her father wasn’t the one that called her, he knew Alex and her mother had planned it. Why is the forcing himself on someone that doesn’t want him? Isn’t it clear enough?

“He is right Alex. I can’t do anything except he approves it.” Kim said looking at Landon, who kept staring at Alex.

She loved the way he helped her. Though he never knew he had been listening to her phone conversation. She thought he was just at his annoying character again, but this time the character helped push Alex’s talk away.

“Since the father isn’t around, I would come back later,” Kim said and Alex looked at her mother waiting for her to defend him and ask her to stay.

“Okay. Once he is awake, I will let you know.” Her mother said and Kim smiled faintly.

“Here is some cash, please use it for Father, anything he needs. And Alex, I promise to pay back the debt I owe you.” Kim said and Alex scoffed after watching her mother collect some money from her.

“I want my money by tomorrow.” He ordered. He felt Racheal didn’t have his back anymore because Landon came with Kim.

“Alex, I don’t have that amount of money. I can’t give it to you by tomorrow, can’t you at least be considerate?” She asked in frustration.

She couldn’t ask Landon for money again. Where would she get that from?

“You have never been considerate about my feelings too Kim. I can’t be considerate.” He said and Landon scoffed.

He was getting tired of Alex’s stupid speech.

“That’s enough. Kim let’s go.” Landon said walking away.
“But…” She said and he looked at her angrily.

“He gave you till tomorrow? Do you want to sleep here till then?” He asked and Kim shook her head walking to him.

“Bye.” She waved Racheal and Alex before getting out of sight.

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