“If you ever call me that again” I will let you know what it meant by h’ll” she pointed her finger at him and left his office..

Michael mouth went wide open with his hand on his face”

” He couldn’t believe the fact that a mere secretary had just sIapped him”

” He balled his fist and pvnch the desk angrily”

” Sam”! He shouted and his P. A barged in immediately

” Sir! You called for me?

” Who is that mad woman that just left here now?.

” Mad woman? I never see a woman whose clothes was torn nor look tattered leaving your office? Sir are you okay? ” Sam asked in alarm and Michael glared at him

” Are you probably talking about Miss Rihanna?” Sam asked and Michael nodded

” She is your new secretary” Sam replied and Michael eyes grew wide

“My new secretary?; He asked loudly and Sam nodded

“I think I will fire her since she is my new secretary”

” Am very sorry to say this sir” she can’t be relieved from her Job”

“What did you just say now? She can’t be fired? How dare you tell me what to do?

“Am really sorry sir” it’s just that Mr Smith said no one should sack her except he has given the order to relieve her from her job”

“Dad said that?

“Yes sir”

Knowing that he couldn’t go against his dad’s words made him more angry”

“Ok you can go and please tell my new secretary to see me in my office in a minute” failure to come will deduct from her salary”

Ok sir” Sam replied and left immediately..

“Sht!” He cvrsed loudly sitting down.

He smiled as a plan came to his mind, he stood up and walked to the shelf where the files are kept”.

“If I can’t fire you, I will make you do a lot of unnecessary work” he mumbled throwing all his files on the ground

“Hearing her footsteps he ran to his seat and sat down calmly

Rihanna walked in with a frown on her face”

“Why did you call for me mannerless mosquito?” She asked sitting on the couch and Michael almost burst out angrily but calm himself

“Clean my office” he ordered and Rihanna look at him like”WTF!”

*Should I repeat myself again?” Clean my office” he said aloud

“Am not deaf Man” I can hear you clearly” the last time I remember am a secretary not a cleaner” so if you need someone to clean your office, you can call the cleaners” Rihanna replied rolling her eyes

“I know that there are cleaners in the company but I want you to clean my office and that is an order”

“It seems like you have forgotten your brain at home” if you want to know about your schedule you can call for me then” rubbish of the highest order” She said and left his office


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