Rihanna stomped her feet angrily on the ground as she wait patiently for taxi”

“To heck with him what does he think of himself” if he comes back from the hospital am sure he will never dare to order me around”

“The ringing sounds of her phone made her

She brought out her phone from the purse and frowned seeing who the caller was”

📲Mom” she said answering the call

📲 Rihanna” her mom said impatiently

📲Mom what’s wrong? Is everything okay?

📲Rihanna, it’s Minnie

📲Minnie? What happened to Minnie?

📲 Nothing had happen to her but instead she had offended in her school”

📲 It’s none of my business if she offended” she can be punished if she is wrong. Rihanna answered rolling her eyes

📲You will have to ask for her offence first before you jumped into a conclusion”

📲Ok then” what’s her offence?

📲 She sIapped the owner of her school”

📲 What did you say? Could you please come again? Rihanna asked trying not to laugh

📲 I said Minnie sIapped the owner of her school”

📲 Hahahaha!! You mean she slapped the mother of the girl she fought? She is really a badass like me

📲 Shut up lady! Just go to her school and settled everything?

📲Mom why can’t you just go by yourself”

📲I would have go but am on business trip and young lady stop asking question do what I ask you to do” her mom snapped and hung up

” Sht! That little sister of mine” Rihanna mumbled angrily and stopped a taxi.

“To Crystal High school” she said entering the taxi”..



The cab man dropped Rihanna in front of Minnie school gate,

She knocked on the gate and the gateman peeped from inside”

“Who are you? The man asked

“Must you ask unnecessary question” am here for Minnie Edward

” Who are you to her? The man asked again and Rihanna scoffed

“Her elder sister” Rihanna replied rolling her eyes

“Ok come in, she is inside the principal’s office” The Man said opening the gate

“Rihanna walked in and glared at the gate man

“You Know questions are meant to be asked by young people with clean white teeth not by an old man with decayed yellow brown teeth like you. Rihanna snapped and walked away…..



Rihanna barged into the principal office without knocking

“Everyone looked up hearing the door open including Minnie who was kneeling down”

Eonnie (Big sister in Korea), Minnie called smiling

Rihanna frowned seeing Minnie on the ground”

“Get up! She ordered sternly not minding the people around

“Thanks babe” Minnie said with smile standing up

“Hey who are you to tell her to stand up? The fat lady holding a wounded girl shouted

“And who are you to question me?! Rihanna snapped

“I will tell you Big sis, she is the mother of bony shapeless body”. Minnie replied laughing which Rihanna badly wants to join in

” Bony shapeless body?! Who is that?! Rihanna asked laughing and Minnie pointed to the wounded girl

“Rihanna eye the wounded girl from up to down”

“You are really bony shapeless body like Minnie said” Rihanna said shaking her head

“Yeah she is” Minnie laughed in mockery

“Watch your mouth you two! The fat lady warned

“You should watch your mouth big woman” how dare you ask my little sister to knee down cos she fought your daughter? Aren’t you ashamed?! Rihanna shouted

“She can’t be ashamed because everything about her is all about food.

She has used all her life to eat all kinds of food. See how she looks like a dead donkey”. Minnie replied and the principal couldn’t help but to burst into laughter

“You! How dare you! The lady shouted and tried to stand up, mistakenly she missed her step and ended falling on the ground”

Everyone laughed hard looking at the lady on the ground

“Ouch my back” The lady shouted

“Serve you right fat lady” You should know this coming to school to support your children is not for fat people like you.

People like you should always stay at home to take care of themselves better still eating everything eatable”.

Look at her she looks like undigested potatoes”. Minnie said.

“Rihanna smile looking at her sister before walking to the woman

” You look like a dead leaf” Donkey family” Rihanna added walking out as well…

The principal watched the two leaving with mouth open

“Who are they?! He asked no one in particular”


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