By Succie Brown


“Your necklace look so beautiful Barney” Nadine said admiring her silver sparkling necklace.

Barney smiles.

“Dylan got it for me” She said smiling.

“Really? But I thought he hates you, So why did he get you an necklace?” Nadine asked

“His mom made him to, You already know Mrs Cromwell likes me so much, and to top it all, my Parents has a huge shares in their hospital, which means I have Dylan wrapped around my fingers, since his parents have my back” Barney said smiling.

Nadine sighs.

“I’m so jealous, I wish I and Carding could be like you and Dylan…. His mom is not helping matters” Nadine said.

“Carding’s mom has no say, she was only in charge of this year’s students intake because uncle Vince is away for a business trip, if I were you, I’d get close to Carding’s Dad, have you forgotten he favours you alot?” Barney said.

Nadine looks at Barney and smiles.

“Thanks a lot Barney, this is why I chose you as my best friend”

“Anything for you Nadine… There’s a popular story am reading on website, is so fascinating and Thrilling, you gotta read it” Barney said.

Both Nadine and Barney might be a bit annoying, but they were lovers of books.

“Really?, What’s the title”

“FOREVER YOURS, the writer’s name isn’t known, but is darm so interesting, you should check it out” Barney said.

“I think I’ll” She said with a smile, and looks at Nadia, who was talking to some students.

“Gosh, I so much hate her” Nadine said and Barney looks at Nadia.

“Don’t let your twin get to you”

“I hate the fact that she’s my twin, she’s nothing compared to me, I mean why does she like hanging out with those stinking brats” Nadine said and glared at Nadia.

Nadia sees her glaring at her, and she quickly stopped talking to her friends. Nadine scoffs shaking her head.

Carding and Dylan entered the classroom and the female students got so excited on seeing them, commenting and drooling on their new outfits.

Barney brought out a gift wrapped in a beautiful design and went to Dylan.

“Dylan” She said smiling, but Dylan glared at her.

“Since you took me out for shopping, I also got something for you, you should take a look at it” Barney said, with her smile still on her face.

Dylan looks at the gift in her hand, and without saying a word to her, he puts on his headphone, resting his head on the table.

Barney went back to her seat looking so angry.

“Are you all right Barney?” Nadine asked.

“No I’m not, Dylan is so going to get it from his parents, when I report to them” Barney said and looks at Dylan, who was already talking to Carding, laughing.

The homeroom teacher enter the class with Paige and Desiree, and Carding smiles on seeing Paige, Nadine saw it, and anger boiled in her body system.

👤Is Miss Kung Fu Panda

👤 Wow never knew she’s in the art class

👤 She more beautiful in person than in the video

The homeroom teacher clears her throat and the students became mute.

“I see your already popular even if is your first day here” The homeroom teacher said.

“Is my nature to always get popular anywhere I go, cos I always leave an unforgettable memory” Paige said and the homeroom teacher smiles.

“Your ¢razy, both of you should introduce yourselves to your classmates” The homeroom teacher said.

Desiree clears her throat.

“My name is Desiree Anderson, also known as gossip Queen, if you’d like to know all the trending gist you can come to me, Cos I got all the latest gist” Desiree said and the students laugh.

“My name is Paige Castillo, you can also call me crazy noise maker, anyone who has the vibes can be my friend” Paige said and Carding smiles.

“How did you learn all those fighting skills? You were so good at it” A girl asked.

“I went for judo and Taekwondo class when I was growing up, if you want to learn I can teach you, but is not free, 100 dollars per person” Paige said.

And the class laughs.

“What else can you do?” Another asked.

“Everything that involves money, I love money a lot” Paige said

And the students laughs again.

“That’s enough, the both of you can sit at the extremely” The homeroom teacher said trying not to laugh.

“Paige! Desiree!” Stacey said waving at them smiling.

Paige and Desiree also waved back smiling.

“You know them?” Sabrina asked, she was sitting beside Stacey.

“Yes I do, I met them during the scholarship exam, they’re so fun to be with, trust me” Stacey said as her eyes looked for Angelo.

Sabrina looks at Paige who was already talking with some students and smiles.

“She seems lively”

Stacey sighs when she didn’t find Angelo in class.

“I wonder why his not in school today”

“Who?” Sabrina asked

“My crush” Stacey said with a pout.

“His also in the same class with us?”

“Yes, I won’t have struggled to pass, if he won’t be my classmate”

“Who is he? Do I know him?” Sabrina asked.

“I’m sure you do, is Angelo Dawson” Stacey said smiling.

“Angelo? One of the CAD members?” Sabrina asked.

“Yes Sab, his baby face is so cute, and am going to do everything in my power so he can notice me, his the reason I came to Empire High” Stacey said smiling.

“Good luck with your love life then” Sabrina said and Stacey giggles.

“How did that Paige girl and Carding know each other?” Barney asked when she sees Carding and Paige looking at each other smiling.

Nadine looks at them and frowns.

“I don’t know” Nadine answers.

“Seems like you got a competitor Nadine, this is the first time am seeing Carding look at a girl the way he’s looking at Paige” Barney said, and Nadine’s anger raised the more.

“I’m never going to let that happen, I’ll seek to it that she leaves this school” Nadine said glaring at Paige.




“Wow is so beautiful here, Carding’s dad must be so Rich” Desiree said looking around the huge cafeteria smiling.

“I know right, I won’t be surprised if this school worth trillions of dollars”

“And you’d get the chance to live like a princess if you become Carding’s girlfriend” Desiree said smiling and Paige h!ts her head.

“Stop rambling the impossible”

“Everything is possible if you give it a try, anyways let’s get something eat, thanks to Carding, people like us gets free food from the cafeteria attendances” Desiree said and Paige smiles.

Both got their orders and sits in one of the chairs in the cafeteria, they were about munching their food, when Stacey approach them, holding Sabrina by the hand.

“Paige! Desiree!” She said smiling.

“Stacey” Paige called with a smile.

“Can we sit here?” She asked, and Paige and Desiree nods smiling.

Stacey giggles and sits with them, Sabrina also did thesame.

“Meet my best friend Sabrina, the one I told you both about” Stacey said.

“Nice meeting you Sabrina” Paige and Desiree said at once.

Sabrina smiles.

“Same here, and I really admire you Paige, is your first day here, but your so lively and everyone knows you already” Sabrina said.

“That’s because am a noise maker” Paige said and the girls laugh.

“How about we all hang out together after school?” Stacey asked.

“I’m always in, as long as it doesn’t have to do with studying” Paige said and the girls laughed again.

Nadine enters the cafeteria with Barney and Paige hisses.

“Still don’t know why she’s a popular model”

“You know her?” Sabrina asked.

“Of course I do, and just looking at her, I feel like doing something ¢razy to her” Paige said.

“Do you know she has a huge crush on Carding?” Desiree said.

“She does?” Paige asked.

“Yes, she’s so much in love with him, I heard both are childhood friends, and the feelings she has for him started from childhood, she has a twin, her name is Nadia, but she so different from Nadine… And Barney is her best friend, whose engage to Dylan, but is already obvious that Dylan hates her” Desiree said.

“How did you know all of this, You just started school today?” Stacey asked.

“That’s why am called gossip Queen” Desiree said and flaunted her hair, Sabrina smiles.

Carding enters the cafeteria with Dylan and Paige could see Nadine drooling over him.

She smirks and stood up to her feet.

“Where’re you going?” Desiree asked.

“I want to look for trouble” Paige said and headed to where Carding was.

“What’s she going to do?” Sabrina asked

“When she said she’s the queen of craziness, she wasn’t jocking” Desiree said.

Nadine smiles and was about sitting in the chair close to Carding, but Paige removes the chair from behind and Nadine’s bvtt landed on the floor.

The students who saw what happened laughed, Desiree’s laugh was the highest.

“She’s so crazy” Sabrina said laughing.

“Hey!!!, Why did you do that to me!!!” Nadine asked.

“Cuz overtaking is always allowed” Paige said and sits on Carding’s lap.

“What the heck are you doing? Get up from his body!!!!” Nadine yells.

Paige ignores her ranting and coiled her arms around Carding’s neck who seems not to have any idea about what she was doing.

“I’m pretty, right?” Paige asked, acting cute, still sitting on his lap.

“Yes. Your very beautiful” Carding answers and Nadine could feel her legs leaving the ground.

“And your so handsome too” Paige said. She looks at Nadine and gives her a fk you sign, before pressing her lips on Carding’s own.

Nadine’s head spins immediately

“Someone is about to faint, call an ambulance” Desiree announce.


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